Got it in Two

Remember what I said the other day about what I am going to do when I get Wordle in two guesses? Remember?

Wordle 479 2/6


Oh yeah.

After not getting to sleep until 1:00am-ish on Sunday night/Monday morning can you guess what time I fell asleep last night? That would be 1:00am-ish, yet again. I wanted to get up super early to run some errands while still having time to get all my exercise in. Nope. I slept late. I had to run a little during my walkies to make sure I got the distance in before work started. The workout lasted 33 minutes (instead of the 38-42 it has been taking me to get up to 3.2 simulated miles lately) and I ran for about 11 of it. In the immortal words of Austin Danger Powers International Man of Mystery… ouch, babie. Ouch.