And I’m Spent

To quote the great Austin D. Powers, International Man of Mystery, when he finishes a photo shoot, “and I’m spent.”

I already wrote how I spent my lunch break cranking out vocal tracks. Tonight Jen and I had dinner and watched the girl from LA Story break up with the boy from Northern Exposure* and then she went off to the World of Warcraft and I went to the world of shitty guitar playing and shittier song writing.

I spent about two hours recording and was so into it that I forgot to eat anything ahead of tonight’s intermittent fasting time, or drink anything. I’m already hungry and I’m so dehydrated I have a sore throat.

I didn’t finish everything on my plate, but I did a ton. I put leads on the Record Every Month song. It’s ready to mix now. I put leads on the final re-recording vol. 5 song. It too is ready to mix. I put leads onto one vol. 6 song, and put leads and rhythm onto two more. All three are now ready to mix.

There was one more vol. 6 song ready for leads but I was so fried that I could barely move my fingers. I’m also not mixing anything tonight. My ears are toast too.

The four vol. 6 songs are all from before I started using GarageBand. Two of them are from the first RPM Challenge I did after moving into Chez Duplex with Jen. I didn’t finish the challenge on time, but I did finish it a couple of months late. There were only two songs worth listening to that year and I worked on new versions of both of them tonight. How’s that for nerd nostalgia? Is your heart feeling all warm and fuzzy now? Awwww.

*Sex and the City

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