I Think I’m Done

The second round of guitar playing didn’t last quite as long as the first, and I’ve reached the point where my hands just won’t do it anymore. I think I’m done for the day.

The progress tally is five songs got all of the rhythm guitar tracks, four got their lead guitar tracks, and one got both. I am leaving things with five songs ready for vocals (car vocals in the morning, maybe?) and four ready to mix. There are seven songs still waiting for rhythm guitar, and one that doesn’t have a song form yet. All of that on top of the 21 that are already mixed and uploaded and counted on the 50/90 site. That puts my current total at 38 out of 50 with a couple of days less than half the project still to go.


I’m going to go make dinner and then play some World of Warcraft with my Bride.

And on an unrelated note, I just read that Don Everly died. Rest in peace, Everly Brother.

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