More Singing? But How?

I ended up getting a shit ton of 50/90 work done today. I think this is a list of everything I did, not in chronological order:

Recorded rhythm guitars for three songs.
Wrote lyrics for two songs.
Recorded vocals for EIGHT (8!!) songs.
Recorded lead guitars for three songs.

I got a little unexpected home alone time tonight and you can bet your sweet ass I took it. I had four songs ready to sing and I did them all, and then wrote lyrics and sang a fifth. My throat is absolutely killing me right now. Hopefully I will recover quick. I need to go into the office tomorrow, not that that makes any difference at all on the speaking clearly front, but whatever.

I did what I said I was going to do in the car music post this morning. I used the mic cable from this morning with my usual vocal mic. No issues at all. Thank whatever deity looks after bad singers* that the cable was the problem and not the significantly more expensive (though by microphone standards still very cheap) mic. Sigh of relief, babie.

If you could pick a deity to be the god of bad singers, who would you pick? It can’t be someone living, and it can’t be someone who was mediocre themselves. It has to be someone who was great so that they can be an inspiration, or some shit. I think I would go with Elvis. Or maybe Ray Charles. Roy Orbison would be a good choice but we was probably a little too good. Yeah, I’m sticking with The King.

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