#RPM2021 DAY 23

This morning before work I wrote lyrics and melodies for two of the January songs. They both suck, hard.

After work I cooked dinner for my beloved bride, called my both of my parents, watched a little youtube to learn about remodeling kitchens, had a lovely Facetime call with my step daughter in Vermont, ate a little bowl of chocolate ice cream because stress, and then recorded the last two rhythm guitar parts and added leads to one other song. I then wrote the last two sets of lyrics and melodies.

All the rhythm guitars are recorded. All of the melodies are written. All of the lyrics are written. Tomorrow I am planning on pre-work car music to put vocals on the last four songs. Outside of that I have four songs ready to mix, and nine songs that are waiting for lead guitars (it will be 13 once the vocals are done).

Holy shit snacks, I have a lot of stuff left to do and only five days left to do it.

Uh oh.

On a sort of unrelated, but still very much related, note, the sound I got out of the Ryra The Klone overdrive pedal pushing the Wren and Cuff Super Russian fuzz pedal tonight was bordering on magical. I just hope the recording was able to capture it. I had the gain on the overdrive pedal all the way down and the gain on the fuzz down to about 9:00. It just worked. It was one of those fall in love with Big Muff style fuzz pedal moments. Sweet.

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