#RPM2021 DAY 21

One week to go. I did a lot of work today and most of it was dumb.

The smart work was putting lead guitar onto three songs. I still have eight to go.

The dumb work… As if finishing 14 songs isn’t enough, I stupidly added a ton of work for myself. With all of the vocals done I guess I got over confident. I had eight files in progress from January. None of them had any actual recording, they were just MIDI Garageband instruments. Three of the eight had the song form worked out. The other five didn’t. Like I moron, I brought most of those songs into this month’s project. First I took the three songs with the form worked out and redid everything. They were all just drums and bass, but they were recorded in January so I had to replace everything. After that was finished I went to work on the five that didn’t have the form. On two songs I replaced the bass and drums for the fragments I had and then finished off the form. Of the three remaining, one was too crappy to keep, one was just me humming into an audio track so I dumped that, and the other one was literally an empty file. There was nothing recorded on it at all.

So at this point I’m up to 19 songs. Well, 19 isn’t good enough. If I have 20 I’d be able to have two full RPM Challenge albums. So like a doofus I came up with a 20th song. Call it February #15. When I was last working on car music it was raining out. When I was finished for the day I took a couple of minutes and just pointed the microphone at the sun roof and recorded the sound of the rain for about two minutes. I used that as a background for the extra song. I am such a nerd.

Oh, and if all that isn’t dumb enough, while I was all setup to record lead guitars I decided to warm myself up by putting rhythm guitars on two of the January songs.

What an idiot. Now instead of the end being in site, I have a shit load more to do with only seven days to do it. Moron.

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