Lots of fulltone Free Guitar

I put rhythm guitars on three songs and leads on two. I used my new Black Lives Matter overdrive pedal on all of it and it is soooo sweet. The Dan side of the D&M Drive is a good alternative to an OCD that doesn’t include any racists bullshit, but it was never quite equal. Now that issue has been resolved. The hole in my life that opened when I trashed my fulltone pedals has been filled by an OCD clone that is racists bullshit free and it is glorious. My OCD was a version 1.7, and the Black Lives Matter pedal is based on a version 1.2, but if this is how it sounds then I would have been just as happy with a 1.2 as a 1.7.

The pedal is on the big board, but it’s not velcro’d yet.

Most of what I did tonight was just the BLM on its own. I did use the Phase 90 and the Crybaby here and there, but it wasn’t until I started doing leads that I stacked the BLM after the KTR and it was just as glorious as I’d hoped. I still have to try it out at gig volume, but for now I’m willing to say that I am really, really happy.

This puts me at 19 songs finished, two ready to mix, and seven ready for lyrics/melody/vocals for a grand total of 28. I need to get to at least 34 by the end of August to stay on pace for 50 songs in 90 days.

How about the pain in my injured left thumb? I took a fist full of Tylenol about an hour before I started playing. I was in some pretty serious pain on the first song or two, but it eased up quite a bit after that. Something is wrong. I’m thinking of going to a doctor on Tuesday. I’ve got this really maddening little rash on my right arm too. I am literally falling apart before my own eyes.