10 Month Weigh In

Today is March 4, 2023. It has been exactly 10 months since my gastric bypass surgery. I am having a tough time accepting that that much time has passed. 10 months? That’s insane. It feels like yesterday.

I weighed myself this morning when I woke up. I am down 1.4 pounds since Wednesday’s weekly weigh in. I weigh 216 pounds exactly. My BMI dropped from 26.5 to 26.3. My weight since surgery has gone down 215.4 pounds, and the loss since the first weigh in is now at an astonishing 236 pounds.

I finished my exercise a few minutes ago. I jogged in place (yogged) for a faux five miles. I haven’t been feeling well for the second day in a row. I have been dealing with the lightheadedness quite a bit today. I need to go make myself some lunch and put a lot of salt on it and see how that goes. Air fried potatoes, maybe?

On an unrelated note, I put in for some time off from work in the fall. There may be another vacation to someplace warm and sunny later in the year. I’ll let you know. I don’t know if I will be able to hold the traveling jones at bay until fall though. New York and Mountains and other places within driving distance are seriously calling to me.

Today is the Day

Today is the day! We’re starting our epic Disney World trip this afternoon. The epic trip starts with the epic road trip for me and Jen. The kids fly down later in the week and we hope to be there to pick them up when they land. The airport is something like 1400 miles away, but I think we can get there with time to spare.

The digital cameras, the Z5 and the little Coolpix point and shoot, are charged and ready but they aren’t packed yet. I think everything else camera related is packed. I still need to pack a few more things into my backpack, including my laptop, which I’m typing this post on. I brought some envelops and some pre-paid shipping labels (also tape to tape the labels to the envelops! Almost forgot about that) in case I want to send some film off to the lab before we leave for home. My pill caddy is full, but it’s not in the backpack yet.

What else? Let me check the packing list…

I have to pack up the CPAP machine. I got a shipment of new components two days ago. Everything I take, except for the machine itself, will be new. Last time I did that I forgot to pack one piece. I will never make that idiotic mistake again.

I added one item to the packing list this morning. Something key. Something I can’t travel without… My Red Sox hat!

One other thing that I can’t let myself forget, so I won’t. I will not forget it. My little food scale. That needs to come with me everywhere I go where there will be food. I watched a bunch of videos shot on the resort where we are staying and noticed the quick stop restaurant had a sign saying the kids menu was only for ages nine and under. Now that could be a problem because surgery boy over here was seriously considering only ordering off kids menus because the portions will be smaller and the food is likely to be more plain and straightforward. We’re going to have to see if I can game the system a smidge and get around any age restrictions. I mean, I’m 51 years old but my digestive system is only about eight months old. That’s gotta mean something, right?

I’m eating some eggs for breakfast right now. When that’s done I want to clean out the car, take out the trash and the recycling, put away the load of laundry I already did this morning, and do a load of dishes. When all of that is done, the house will be clean enough to not be an issue when we eventually come home. Also, the car will be ready to load up. I’m planning on putting all of the suitcases in the trunk and anything in bags that we might need to get while we’re on the road into the back seat. That stuff can be loaded right away. The bags need to wait for the kids to get here, sometime around noon.

No troubles.

Okay, kids. Lots to do, lots to do. Updates will come as the day and the trip roll on.

Happy Epic Road Trip Day!

The Last Work Day Before Vacation

It’s Friday. Tomorrow is New Years Eve. Monday is New Years Day (celebrated). Tuesday is the first day of my two week vacation. That means that I am officially on vacation at 5:30pm today. Nine hours and 13 minutes from now.

I haven’t started packing yet, but I have done some pre-pack preparations. We have a dining room table full of toiletries that are ready to pack. Last night I went to a department store and bought three pairs of jeans. I’ve been buying new clothes every 5-6 weeks or so, and it was about time anyway. The new jeans are, shockingly, TWO sizes smaller than last month’s jeans. I’m not sure, but I think my waist size is 16 inches smaller than it was a year ago? something like that. I really cannot believe it.

This morning I wrote up a packing list that (hopefully) is ridiculously thorough so that I don’t forget anything. It was so over the top that Jen actually suggested I drop a few items because they were overkill. That’s okay with me.

Plans for the weekend are mostly up in the air. The kids are with Dad for New Years Eve, but they said they would come over for a visit in the afternoon. I am so happy about that. I was thinking maybe we could sneak out to the city after they leave and pretend we are not afraid of Covid and stuff like that. The temperature is supposed to be super warm, but it’s also supposed to rain all day and night. So much for that plan. I want to visit both of my parents before we leave. I need to do a little more travel supply shopping, but mostly just for protein supplement stuff. The kids are coming to our house on Monday before we leave. Actually, when we leave sort of depends on when they get here. We want to spend a little time with them at home before the chaos commences. There’s also a little NHL Winter Classic game happening at 2:00pm that includes the Boston Bruins and Fenway Park. If we’re home, I’m watching. If we’re on the road, I’m listening on the radio.

Jen and I just added our Disney passes to our Apple Wallets so that we can use our phones and watches in place of the Magic Bands we used on the last couple of Disney trips. That’s pretty cool. We’re both hoping we can leave all of our various cards behind and do anything we need to do through Apple Wallet via Apple Pay and what not. It’s time to embrace the future!

I punched into work a smidge early today, just to get a jump on stuff on my last day. At this point I am eight hours and 35 minutes away from my two week, epic vacation. May today be a quiet day at work while still managing to not drag. Fingers crossed on that. Happy Last Work Day Before Vacation, everyone!

Driving Means More Obnoxiousness

We were going to fly to Florida for our nearly two weeks at Disney World. Now we’re driving. This means a few things. Obviously it means we’re leaving earlier and getting home later and it also may mean cutting the last day at the parks a little short. It means we’ll have a car with us for the whole time which implies we can leave the resort if we need to (as in, we need to buy protein bars or something). It also means gas money. We are going to do our best to leave the car in the parking lot for the whole trip. Disney provides transportation between everything on the resort so we will be able to travel all over the place without using our car. That’s the goal, and it’s worked fine the two times we’ve stayed on the resort in the past.

There are other things that driving allows too, and for me it means I have the opportunity to be WAY more obnoxious. Heh Heh.

I was planning on taking two cameras, the new Z5 and the film FG-20. I was planning on taking one lens for each camera. I was also planning on leaving some of my film behind, just the two rolls of ISO 800 film that I picked up from Amazon not too long ago, out of fear of X-Ray/CT scans at the airport. I was also planning on bringing some envelops with me so that I could ship film off to the lab a couple of times, rather than fly home with them and risk a second X-Ray/CT scan.

Now that we’re driving? All of the lenses are coming. All of the film too. No more worries about luggage space on the plane. We’re taking the Mazda because it’s the bigger of our two cars, and with just me and Jen on the drive we can fill up the back seat as well as the trunk. That means we can take the kids’ suit cases so they don’t have to check their bags, and it also means nerd boy can take his big camera bag rather than just putting the two cameras into his carry on backpack. Oh yeah, babie. Robbie is going to be photographically insufferable. Insert maniacal laughter here.

Driving also means we will have to load up on protein meal replacements for the drives down and back. I was likely going to do that anyway, but this just adds an extra couple of days to consider. It also means Jen and I will need to do laundry more often, though possibly the same number of times but needing to do the first loads earlier in the week. Something like that.

What else does it mean? I’m thinking! We might end up listening to an audiobook during the drive. Something like that. Maybe I’ll put together a Rob’s driving while Jen is sleeping music playlist. I once made a playlist of favorite guitar moments from the Big UK Three, Clapton, Beck, and Page. I shuffle it and let it go. It runs for a few hours. I only get the urge to use that playlist on long drives. Maybe it will get some use.

That reminds me! Total change of subject.

On Monday Jen, Bellana, and I went car shopping. We were in our second dealership and we found The Car. As we sat down in the office to start the purchase process, the classic rock station playing in the background (it was a Boch dealership. Ernie Boch, Jr is a rocker. Jen and I saw his band play at the Brad Delp Memorial concert back in the stone age. Ernie and the Automatics. Two ex-members of Boston were in the band. Or was it three ex-members… I can’t remember if Fran Sheehan was in the band or not, but Barry Goudreau and Sib Hashian [aka Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s father in law] were) played the Golden Slumbers medley by The Beatles. Pretty much my favorite thing in the entire Beatles catalog. I took it as a sign from the music gods that we were buying the right car.

Not long after that the radio played Trampled Underfoot by Led Zeppelin. I haven’t heard that one in years. The next song they played was Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton. I thought to myself, two songs by two of The Big Three in a row. If they play something by Jeff Beck next it will be more proof that universe approves of the car purchase. They did not play a Jeff Beck song next. Oh well.

But wait, there’s more!

Last night we went back to the dealership to pick up Bellana’s new car. The song that was playing as we walked in the door? I’m a Man by the Yardbirds… with Jeff Freakin’ Beck on guitar. Holy Shit Nuggets! They weren’t consecutive, but the universe gave me all of The Big Three. Woah!

Anyway, back to planning the trip and being obnoxious… I can’t think of anything else right now. I’m sure I will later, and I am sure I’ll write a 50 page essay describing it. Until then, go listen to some Jeff Beck and then maybe go buy a car.