Today is the Day

Today is the day! We’re starting our epic Disney World trip this afternoon. The epic trip starts with the epic road trip for me and Jen. The kids fly down later in the week and we hope to be there to pick them up when they land. The airport is something like 1400 miles away, but I think we can get there with time to spare.

The digital cameras, the Z5 and the little Coolpix point and shoot, are charged and ready but they aren’t packed yet. I think everything else camera related is packed. I still need to pack a few more things into my backpack, including my laptop, which I’m typing this post on. I brought some envelops and some pre-paid shipping labels (also tape to tape the labels to the envelops! Almost forgot about that) in case I want to send some film off to the lab before we leave for home. My pill caddy is full, but it’s not in the backpack yet.

What else? Let me check the packing list…

I have to pack up the CPAP machine. I got a shipment of new components two days ago. Everything I take, except for the machine itself, will be new. Last time I did that I forgot to pack one piece. I will never make that idiotic mistake again.

I added one item to the packing list this morning. Something key. Something I can’t travel without… My Red Sox hat!

One other thing that I can’t let myself forget, so I won’t. I will not forget it. My little food scale. That needs to come with me everywhere I go where there will be food. I watched a bunch of videos shot on the resort where we are staying and noticed the quick stop restaurant had a sign saying the kids menu was only for ages nine and under. Now that could be a problem because surgery boy over here was seriously considering only ordering off kids menus because the portions will be smaller and the food is likely to be more plain and straightforward. We’re going to have to see if I can game the system a smidge and get around any age restrictions. I mean, I’m 51 years old but my digestive system is only about eight months old. That’s gotta mean something, right?

I’m eating some eggs for breakfast right now. When that’s done I want to clean out the car, take out the trash and the recycling, put away the load of laundry I already did this morning, and do a load of dishes. When all of that is done, the house will be clean enough to not be an issue when we eventually come home. Also, the car will be ready to load up. I’m planning on putting all of the suitcases in the trunk and anything in bags that we might need to get while we’re on the road into the back seat. That stuff can be loaded right away. The bags need to wait for the kids to get here, sometime around noon.

No troubles.

Okay, kids. Lots to do, lots to do. Updates will come as the day and the trip roll on.

Happy Epic Road Trip Day!