We made it home last night. Barely. It was after 11:00pm. We drove for over 17 hours yesterday alone. There were two major traffic jams in Virginia that messed up our scheduling in a huge way, but we pushed through and made it home.

I feel like a total mess today. I slept through the night without issue, but today my eyes are so tired I can’t focus without effort. I have body aches and a headache and a rash on my right elbow and another rash on my left hand. I woke up with those yesterday. Maybe I was allergic to the sheets on the bed in Thursday night’s hotel room? That would be lovely.

It’s cold here, which sucks after a week plus in Florida, and we got a little sprinkle of snow over night. Hooray.

We’ve already started unpacking, and I’ve already started all of the laundry. I did a lot before we left, so it’s not the end of the world, but there’s still quite a bit left to do. I want to have actual food for breakfast, but I’m not sure if anything in the fridge is still good. I’ll check that next.

Pretty sure today and tomorrow are going to be sucky days, but at least the four of us are home safe and sound. That’s all that matters.

In closing…


Epic Road Trip Part 2: Day One in the Books

I really wanted to get us across the state line into Virginia, but I didn’t get us that far. We’re in the middle of North Carolina somewhere. North of Fayetteville, but still maybe 100 miles from Virginia. The kids are in the air, flying home, as I type this. They got to the airport, through security, and onto the plane without issue. Here’s hoping things continue to run smoothly.

I was able to musically mourn the passing of one of my heroes on the day’s drive. Jen let me listen to a playlist I created that I titled Jeff Beck Memorial. It is meant to be shuffled, of course. I know I once said I was done with Spotify, but I guess I am a hypocrite. Enjoy this is you can.


I’m sad.

I’m sad because we are leaving Disney World today.

I am sad because the Grand Floridian hotel canceled our breakfast reservation this morning.

I’m sad because I have to live in a world that doesn’t have Jeff Beck in it and I never saw him live.

I’m sad because I spent my last night in Disney World in bed with what might have been a migraine, my second of the trip, and I missed out on an evening with the kids.

I am not sad though that the trip was pretty fantastic and we all had a great time.

Disney World at Last

We’ve made it to the Disney World resort. We took a detour to visit the ocean in Daytona Beach, but we are at the hotel now. We won’t be able to check in for a while though.

The kids are in the air. We will head to the airport to pick them up shortly. The epic road trip (part 1) is over. Time to start the epic vacation!


We crossed the state line into Florida and immediately stopped for a hotel. We’ve been on the road for about 15 hours today. It’s time to sleep. Talk to you all in the morning. Good night.


The traffic getting through Baltimore was okay, but we were beyond it before 7:00am. Washington, DC was another story. It was bad, but not as bad as DC traffic was when we took the same road during our honeymoon. That ride took hours to go about 10 miles. Today was slow, but manageable.

Now we are a little South of Richmond, VA. Less than 100 miles from North Carolina.

Still a long way to go, but getting there.