We made it home last night. Barely. It was after 11:00pm. We drove for over 17 hours yesterday alone. There were two major traffic jams in Virginia that messed up our scheduling in a huge way, but we pushed through and made it home.

I feel like a total mess today. I slept through the night without issue, but today my eyes are so tired I can’t focus without effort. I have body aches and a headache and a rash on my right elbow and another rash on my left hand. I woke up with those yesterday. Maybe I was allergic to the sheets on the bed in Thursday night’s hotel room? That would be lovely.

It’s cold here, which sucks after a week plus in Florida, and we got a little sprinkle of snow over night. Hooray.

We’ve already started unpacking, and I’ve already started all of the laundry. I did a lot before we left, so it’s not the end of the world, but there’s still quite a bit left to do. I want to have actual food for breakfast, but I’m not sure if anything in the fridge is still good. I’ll check that next.

Pretty sure today and tomorrow are going to be sucky days, but at least the four of us are home safe and sound. That’s all that matters.

In closing…