Red Eyes

Someone on twitter mentioned a Throwing Muses song called Like a Dog.

I was immediately transported back in time to the mid 90’s and the Bright Yellow Gun single on CD. The best b-sides in single history. Crayon Sun (which was a cover from… I want to say Los Lobos, but is that right?), the previously mentioned Like a Dog, and possibly the best b-side in recorded history, Red Eyes…

Nothing Constructive

I didn’t play guitar tonight. I did play about an hour and 10 minutes of World of Warcraft and with the exception of the last five minutes or so when I died repeatedly I had a nice stretch of slaughtering bad guys and monsters so I guess it was okay. I know we said we weren’t going to play World of Warcraft anymore, but it’s still my wife’s all time favorite, and it is also the only game I have on my PC and my subscription hasn’t run out yet so… yeah.

Star Wars: Old Republic is downloading, so there’s that.

There’s a Pixies song in the soundtrack to The Suicide Squad. Hey, off of Doolittle. Yeah… that set off the old Boston rock fan zaniness in a big way. I had already started listening to a lot of Throwing Muses prior to watching the movie but now we’re just up to our eyeballs in the music of the city of Boston from the late 80’s through the late 90’s. Pixies have been the soundtrack to tonight’s video game violence. I’ve blown through Come on Pilgrim and Surfer Rosa and I’m about 3/4 of the way through Doolittle. For my money, Pixies Doolittle, Throwing Muses House Tornado (or the first record), and Mission of Burma’s Vs are enough to justify the entire god awful decade of the 1980’s. Throw in a handful of Rush records and just dump the rest of the decade down the crapper and you’re good to go.

Did I mention that Betwixt is getting back together for a few shows soon? There’s your 1990’s justification right there.

You know, I wish I had something constructive* to add to the electronic conversation tonight but I just don’t. Go give Doolittle a spin and you’ll feel better. Try Betwixt’s Moustache album too. Also, if you can find Smackmelon’s Space Shot play that too. Trust me.

*Twice through the course of this post, once in the title and once in the body, I have misspelled constructive as constructed. I blame society for my spelling short comings. The Pixies playlist just moved on from Doolittle to Bossanova. We should be Digging for Fire shortly.

Addendum: When I logged out of World of Warcraft, the Steam app said I had 10 seconds to wait before I could play Star Wars: Old Republic. Groovy, thought me. Then when I hovered my mouse over the Start button it changed to 8 seconds, and then to 4 hours and 50 minutes. It’s currently reading two hours and 56 minutes. Okay. I guess we won’t play tonight. It’s all right. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be a Jedi or a Sith to start with anyway.

Addendum #2: We watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory tonight while we ate dinner. In it, Sheldon played a Theremin. Did anyone else completely forget that there is a Theremin in the Pixies song Velouria? The world is a small place, and music makes time travel possible.

I’m a Thief

Okay, I just finished another song. As I was listening back to the final mix I brought up the original alonetone post from 2015 to see what I wrote about it back then. I had completely forgotten about this, but back then I wrote that as I was wrapping it up I realized it was brutally ripped off of a Throwing Muses song. Argh! Now I’ve ripped them off twice and didn’t even realize it either time!

Here’s my song, the thief that I am:

And here’s the song I ripped off:

What an asshole!

Half Way Through

It took me half a day, but I am finally digging into the new Throwing Muses album. I’m only on track five but I had to post that it is utter bliss. Creepy, aggressive, Muses bliss.

This couldn’t be more different from the last album, Purgatory/Paradise, if it tried. Well, maybe they did try, I don’t know. If I had to compare it to previous stuff I’d say it’s spooky like House Tornado is at times, and heavy like the self titled first post-hiatus album was, but at the same time it is absolutely nothing like either of them. It’s just really good so far. Like, really good. Like I am so happy I could throw up all over myself with glee good.

I’m on track six now, “Upstairs Dan” and it’s my favorite cut so far. Either this one or Dark Blue, but I have been listening to Dark Blue so maybe I’m biased toward this.

Go listen to it! Go listen to it!