Misery Porn

I am up to date with season four of The Handmaid’s Tale. I listened to a podcast today (House Podcastica) where they discussed the first three episodes. One of the hosts referred to the show as misery porn.

All through the first three seasons I was looking for the words to describe the show, and that was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, House Podcastica!

Nana Sitting Wrap Up

I’m still at my mother’s house. I’m not sure what time the change over is happening tonight, but it’s probably soon. Let’s wrap up what we accomplished.

Four meds deliveries, three today and one last night. Three loads of laundry. Three song ideas, all of which are in 7/8 time which is glorious. One movie, Joker. Holy shit was that good. Two episodes of The Handmaids Tale. Holy shit is that show good. An episode and a half of That Pedal Show mostly focusing on Uni-Vibe effects but also Harmonic Tremelo. Uni-Vibes are cool. Harmonic Tremolo is cool too, I guess, but I’m not really a tremolo guy… though the amp I’m recording with this month has one (volume based, not harmonic based) built in and I’ve been sort of looking for a place to use it. Three bags of recycling taken out. Three calls from Dad. The last couple of cans from the 12 pack of Diet Pepsi that I brought over last week finished. Sleep… not so much.

Is that everything? It’s all I can recall off the top of my head.

Almost Bed Time

The Red Sox lost, I did a load of laundry, my mother sat up for about an hour before going back to bed, I watched an episode of That Pedal Show that is making me want to go into cellar storage and find my cheap uni-vibe pedal, I wrote the music for another song that could possibly make good use of a cheap uni-vibe pedal, and the first episode of season four of The Handmaids Tale has some seriously dark shit in it.

I’ll be turning in soon. Here’s hoping my mother sleeps through the night. She was asleep when I got here. She woke up a couple of hours later thinking it was morning. I asked her if she wanted dinner as she was fishing out a package of instant oatmeal for breakfast. Hashtag, le sigh.

Prep for a Binge Watch

I’m Nana sitting at my parents’ house tonight. I just gave her dinner and her evening pills and we had a quick phone call with my dad. Dad seems okay tonight but Mom is having a rough day. I left my house at a couple of minutes past 6:00 tonight and I will be here until around dinner time tomorrow night. I’m trying to think of what I am going to do with my time while I’m here. The Red Sox are on right now and they just coughed up a lead to the Rangers in the third inning.

I’m thinking about some May music ideas. I’m doing the RPM Challenge record one song each month thing. In March I started five or six songs and then waited until the last minute to finish anything and as a result I only finished one. I have four more ready to mix but I haven’t gotten around to them. In April I started one song early in the month and then waited until the last week to do anything. I started a second song and that’s the only one of the two I finished. In May I am thinking of getting back onto the album-in-a-month bandwagon and seeing if I can crank out 10. No promises, but here we are on May 1st and I’ve already got one underway.

I could work on music while I’m here, but let’s be realistic. I’m probably going to watch TV on my iPad. I have one episode of The Flash to watch but I’ll wait on that one and watch it with Harry, if he wants. There are a couple of Supergirls to watch but I’m kinda not feeling it. (note: The Red Sox just tied the game at three in the top of the fourth inning) The fourth season of The Handmaid’s Tale just started on Hulu and they released a few episodes on the first day, I need to watch those. I’m into the third season of a rewatch of Community so I could try some of those. There’s one other idea that popped into my head earlier today.

Harry was humming the theme from the second episode of WandaVision. Hmm… If I’m going to be here all day tomorrow, and the chances of me sleeping much tonight are somewhere between slim and none… might I be able to watch the entire season of WandaVision in one extended sitting? Nine episodes, roughly 30 minutes each… I might do it. If for no other reason then to hear the Agatha All Along song in context one more time.

It might happen.

Way Too Close to Home

Yesterday I wrote about how I watched the first episode of The Handmaid’s Tale and how the dystopian future of a religious police state felt a little too close to home in today’s socio-political climate?

I just watched the second episode.

The show takes place in Boston.

My home town.

Now it’s politically too close to home and LITERALLY TOO CLOSE TO HOME.

Holy shit snacks.

Television Mistake

I’ve been putting it off for a long time, but I just did something insane in terms of television viewing and personal mental health.

The Handmaids Tale on Hulu. I read the book. I saw the original movie. I didn’t watch the new show though. Why? Because knowing the story and living in a country with trump in the white house was just too much to deal with. The dystopian story hit a little too close to home.

Well the fascist is gone so I decided to give it a go. I watched the first episode. It is still too close to home. Holy shit is that an ugly story. It’s terrifying and I am still only one episode in. Crap.

I started rewatching Community too in an attempt to lighten the mood. We started binging that show with the kids ages ago but they sort of left me in the dust. I’m on episode five and I already don’t remember ever seeing this one… so there you go. As a graduate of a community college allow me to state publicly that they got everything exactly correct. Like… exactly correct.