One Tiny Missing Detail

It just dawned on me that Covid-19 has taken something away from me that I used to look forward to. It’s a teeny tiny detail, but I didn’t get to experience it this year. Note: this is not a complaint at all, just a comment.

I’ve mentioned on this blog (one or two thousand times) that I have a long, painful commute to work. Thanks to the Covid lock down I haven’t had to make that commute in over nine months. This is a good thing. The silver lining to our personal Covid nightmare, if you will.

Traditionally speaking, there is only one day each year in which my horrid commute is actually pleasant. One day out of the roughly 260 business days over the course of a year where I don’t really mind the drive to and from work.

That one day is the last business day before Christmas. On that day, there is never any traffic. I get in the car, hit the highway, and I’m in the parking lot in record time. It’s brilliant.

Today is the last business day before Christmas. Again, I’m not complaining. It’s just another little thing that I always looked forward to (on the rare moments that I actually thought about it) that I don’t get this year. Obviously my commute today was better than any other year. I just sat down and started working. I’m just saying, okay?


I’ve never been one to claim that I have any particular rhythmic skills beyond the barest minimum, but I need to ask this question.

I’m listening to some music as I wrap up my Friday at work. Deep Purple, Made in Japan. Strange Kind of Woman is playing as I type this. It dawned on me a minute ago that I kinda type in time to the music. Not every letter, but things like space bars and returns, they tend to fall on a beat. It’s far from perfect, but it’s close enough that when I do it I notice it. Also, I think I type a little slower when slower tempo songs are playing in the background.

That’s weird, right?

Am I the only one who catches that?

Am I the only doofus?

Vacation Time

There is no end in site to the working from home.  There is no end in site to the social distance.  Even when the end comes, will we be willing to risk a new outbreak?  Will we be willing to venture out into the world of groups and crowds again?

Given that there is no difference, logistically, between a day at work and a day at home, and because there are no other alternatives to those two states of being, what good would taking a vacation day be?

The answer is, probably… none.  It wouldn’t be any good at all.  It would be a waste.

I just put in for a vacation day on my birthday though.  I mean, fuck it.  Why not?

Screw Up

The president is supposed to address the nation and declare a state of emergency.  He should have done that at least a week ago.  Instead he was trying to stop cruise ships from docking in US ports because he didn’t want the number of infected people to go up.  That’s the kind of cunt he is.

He gave a speech the other night where he detailed some new policies.  The White House immediately followed that speech with corrections to the policies he had announced just minutes before.  The ban on air travel to Europe wasn’t across the board like he said it was.  It doesn’t effect citizens and permanent residents.  Insurance companies did not agree to waive copays for treatment as he said, only for testing.  Little things like that.

If he gives another speech what will he get wrong this time?  It’s fun to speculate.  It’s also fucking terrifying to speculate.  This man is so insanely stupid that he can’t even read a speech off of a teleprompter.  Worse, he can’t hire staff who will fact check his speeches before he gives them in front of the entire globe.

Fuck that guy.  I mean really, just fuck that guy.

We’re still waiting on word for how my step son’s school system is going to respond to this global pandemic.  They sent out a statement today saying they were looking into it.  You know, they were doing things that the rest of the region did a week ago.  Way to stay ahead of the curve there.

Why do we have to be surrounded by such stupidity in a time of crisis?

It’s been a quiet day at work today.  I hope it continues.  We were told that we have to clean off our desks so that the operations staff can spend the next couple of weeks disinfecting the shit out of the office.  I really don’t have that much stuff to hide, but I also don’t have many places to hide it.  We were told we could take our desktop computers home with us to ease the telecommuting pains.  I normally remote connect to my desktop from home, but it will be nice to not have to do that.  I still have to figure out how to setup the VPN, and I will need to…


I connect to the network at work via an Ethernet connection.  I just spent some time with the Google to figure out how to tell if my PC can connect to a wifi network…

It can’t.


Looks like I’ll be visiting Best Buy for a USB wifi thingie.  Crap.

Telecommuting five days a week might sound like fun on paper, but I am pretty sure that by Tuesday I’m going to be sick of it.  Every minor hiccup in the system is going to be magnified a million times based on the fact that I can’t over hear other people talking about it.

I had something else I was going to write about but I got distracted by the wifi thing and now I forget.

In closing: Wash your hands.

The Telecommute Call

The telecommuting call for my company has been made.  It will be for at least two weeks and it will start Monday.  That’s actually good as there is something I need to do at my desk tomorrow.

In our house, Jen is already telecommuting.  Bellana will start remote classes on Wednesday.  I will start telecommuting on Monday.  All we have left is Harry’s high school.  What’s it gonna be, high school?  Are you going to jump on the resource management bandwagon or are you going to keep insisting you know better than all of the experts who actually study how to handle this sort of situation?  Are you going to make a small sacrifice that might make life easier on our soon-to-be-overtaxed health care industry, or are you going to keep letting large groups of people meet and contribute to the infection spike which will potentially put our soon-to-be-overtaxed health care industry into a state where there are more patients than beds and supplies?  What’s it gonna be?

It Continues

Am I still sick?

Oh yeah, you betcha.

I feel about the same as yesterday. Cough, sneeze, stuffy, runny, the whole kit. I am going to work today though, but I’ll work from home. We are always short handed on Friday afternoons so I was going to be punched in this afternoon even if I was in the hospital. I figure I can suck it up for the full day and then go back to bed when I punch out at 5:30.

I slept a little during the day yesterday, and then went to bed about 8:30. I was planning on just putting the Bruins game on the radio and vegging until sleep claimed me, but they were playing so poorly that I switched to music. I was still awake when the kids went to bed at 9:30, but not much after that. I woke up a few times during the night, but only for a minute here and there.

I expect this weekend to be a washout. I hear it’s supposed to rain the whole time anyway. I suppose getting sick during bad weather is preferable to getting sick in good weather. Probably not, but let me have this delusion at least.

Speaking of the Bruins. They played a generally sucky team last night and lost. They also lost Zdeno Chara for 4-6 weeks with (I believe) a knee injury. I was worried that the lofty expectations were going to bite us on the ass, as they did with the Red Sox, and here we are… a 4-5 record and our best defenseman out for a month or more. It’s going to be a long year.

Hopefully I won’t be sick for the whole thing.

Missed Opportunity

My work schedule is screwy this week. Telecommuting was today instead of tomorrow. I missed my chance to get some serious music done. I haven’t been able to get more then four hours of sleep a night this week and this morning after my wife went to work I just went back to bed. Then during lunch I did laundry.

No musical progress was made tonight. Missed opportunity indeed.