Spoiler Free: So Far

Due to Nana sitting coverage last night we were not able to do our weekly Burgers and Marvel night. We have burgers and fries for dinner while watching whatever the newest episode of the current Marvel TV show on Disney+ is. Right now it’s Loki and this week is episode four out of six.

We will remedy the oversight tonight when I get home from Nana sitting and then shortly afterward Harry gets home from his totally kick ass new job (I am literally jealous).

That is all going according to the revised plan, but the revised plan leaves us open to a huge negative (apart from the given negative of me being away from home for 24 hours). What am I talking about?


I still have a couple of hours to go before we watch the new episode so I might be speaking too soon, but as of right now, 5:13pm on Thursday July 1, 2021, I have not had a single spec of the episode spoiled. How did I do this? I stayed away from Tweeter, and I mostly stayed away from BookFayce. I say mostly because lunch time included some surfing around various guitar playing BookFayce groups. One guy posted that he was pissed at the universe because he bought a $150 USB 2.0 cable to use with a USB audio interface, then upgraded to a new USB interface which has the nerve to run on USB C. Really. He was ignoring the massive performance improvement because he spent $150 on a cable that is probably the most obvious example of planned obsolesces in the entire tech industry. Damn… priorities, dude.

Anyway, I have not been spoiled, though now I expect the guy who was looking for sympathy about his obsolete $150 cable that likely had the same performance metrics as a $5.00 cable you could get at any Best Buy will come flying out of the woodwork to fire a cannonade of spoilers right into my idiot face.

Whatever. The theme of this post used to be Loki but now I think it’s run on sentences. Right?

13 minutes to go until I can punch out of work.

Pencil In Car Music for Tomorrow

I have four songs underway this month. They all blow chunks. I thought two of them were useable and two were disasters. I wrote lyrics for one of the better ones today and then tried writing for the second better one, only to realize it was garbage. I then listened to one of the disasters and decided it was awful but not too awful so I wrote lyrics for that one. The other disaster is still a disaster but it’s better than I thought. I tried putting lyrics to that one too but I’m kinda burned out.

So car music tomorrow should happen, even though there are only two songs ready to work on. That should be enough for now.

On a totally unrelated note, I just head that two members of the cast of the show Batwoman posted spoilers today that kinda make me want to catch up on season two. I am so easily lead. Baaaaah, babie. Baaaaaah.

Spoilers Avoided

Okay everyone.  As of last night at about 10:30 or so I have finished watching the season 3 finale of The Walking Dead.  You are all now clear to start talking about it around me.  There is no longer a need for me to protect myself from spoilers.  You may now carry on as normal.

It’s amazing.  I mean I never saw it coming.  Who would have thought that the Governor is actually Rick’s father?

A Dangerous Place

I am in a dangerous place today. I never watch The Walking Dead on broadcast TV. No one else in my house watches it, and I don’t want to cause nightmares for anyone. Therefore I bought the season pass from iTunes. After each episode airs, I can download it and watch it. I generally watch it on my iPad the evening after it airs, just after my beloved wife has gone to sleep.

That leaves me in danger of the dreaded spoiler. Facebook and work are the two places I must be most careful. A quick perusal of the Facebook has not caused any problems yet, but I did notice Wil Wheaton said something about Carl being right, but Carl is always right, isn’t he? A Facebook friend also posted that he was not pleased with the finale. If that’s all the spoiling I get then I will be pleased. Lets hope that no one blows it for me.

But even if someone does blow it for me, I’m still going to watch it tonight. In fact, it’s downloading onto my iPad at this very moment.