I’m feeling weak today.

No it’s not a physical strength thing. I’m still freakishly strong (or so they say).

No… it’s… a Facebook thing. There’s a part of me that wants to just say duck* it and install the Facebook app on my iPhone and see what’s going on in the old guitar gear groups.

Yeah… weak.

*I thought it would be funny to purposely use the word duck, which we all know is autocorrect’s go-to fix for fuck. Unfortunately, when I tried typing out duck it somehow autocorrected to suck. I must have mistyped, but it felt like autocorrect was making fun of me for trying to make fun of it.

How Goes the Facebook Crusade?

I haven’t mentioned the old anti-Facebook crusade that I started a while ago in some time? How’s that going, Robert?

Well I’m glad you asked. It’s been three weeks or so since last I mentioned it and I’m sad to say I’ve actually been on Facebook twice in that time. It’s okay though, I can explain.

First, now that I’m off my father decided to create a new account. I don’t think the two things are related, but the timing is a little crummy for me. My sister mentioned that he sent a friend request. I logged in, accepted it, and logged out. That was it.

Second, I was listening to a podcast focused on cover bands. One of the hosts mentioned a music venue in Manchester, NH that I wasn’t familiar with. I Googled it and clicked on the first link to come up. It was their Facebook page. I wasn’t logged in but I still clicked off as soon as I saw the banner. Nope, no Facebook for this red head.

That’s it. So since the whole thing started almost two months ago I’ve been logged in twice and on the system without logging in once.

I think I can do better than that in the future.


Why does Ello hate me?  I requested invites using two different email addresses and nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  Zip.

I guess they hate me.  Remember when I wanted Google Wave invites and Google hated me?  There was another one too, was it Google Buzz?  I just want social media sites to accept me for who I am… a ridiculously tall red head with lots and lots to say about absolutely nothing of value.  Why does that rub these sites the wrong way?  Why don’t they like me?

I just want an invite.  Now I am a sad panda.

Antisocial Media

My beloved and I went out to dinner tonight. While we were in the car we heard a BBC story on NPR about a guy who wrote a book on the premise that the Romans invented social media. We had some good laughs at the story’s expense.

Then I realized something. If social media is the passing of news among a network of friends and family, what do you call it if you try to pass news but don’t have any friends? Antisocial Media! I have coined a phrase! Then I thought more, what if you make use of social media but no one reads what you share… kinda like this bloggie right here.

Holy Crap! I not only coined the phrase, but with all of my blogging I actually invented the very thing described by the phrase I coined!

I invented Antisocial Media!

Facebook Graph Search

I like Facebook’s Timeline.  Now I’m looking forward to this.


Facebook users, prepare for the onslaught of hate!  Prepare for weeks upon weeks of news feeds flooded with bitching and moaning and “I want the old Facebook back!”

Do any of the people who were furious three or four revisions ago honestly still wish they had the old format back?  I doubt it.  Timeline is cool.  Graph Search could be cool too.  It might suck to the high heaven, but it might be cool.

Let’s face it, the minute Facebook stops evolving it becomes Myspace.  Speak up if you want that.  >insert sound of crickets chirping here<

Change is good, people.  Embrace the new.