Nerd Overload

Two thoughts on things to do with any pictures taken with Dad’s camera that don’t suck ass.

First, an Instagram account that only posts film? Hmm, maybe.

Second, spin off a new WordPress page that only posts film? Hmm, maybe.

Bonus third thought…. Do both. Speaking as a total content whore, this one seems likely.

Assuming there is anything worth keeping when I get the results back. That’s a tremendous if.

Unrelated thought… Dad’s camera has a 50mm prime lens. I’ve been wanting one of those for my Nikon for years. Let’s assume I get one before we go to Disney. Should I then get a Nikon film camera that can use the same lens and bring that and my D90 to Disney in January and leave Dad’s camera home where it will be safe? Assuming I can get a super simple Nikon film model for super cheap, of course. I’m thinking one roll of film per day. When the day’s roll is finished, switch to digital. Maybe.