Harry is Home

Harry is home and it’s glorious!

Not sure what we have on the agenda today. Jen and Harry are going to go shopping for desserts for tomorrow’s mini-thanksgiving. I am going to make short visits to both parents. Also, in film camera news, there are train tracks running behind the rehab facility that Dad is currently visiting and I have black and white film in the camera… cliche, anyone?

I did 30 minutes of faux running today already. My sort of plan these days is 45 minutes on weekdays and 30 on weekends to give my feet a little bit of a break. I haven’t closed my calorie/move ring, but it’s 2/3 closed. I’ll close it today, no sweat.

What else? I want to play some guitar today, but I want to hang around doin’ nuttin’ with Harry and Jen more so… National Solo Album Month may be dying on the vine this year. I might try to get up stupidly early this week and spend an hour or so recording using DI and amp sims rather than my Deluxe Reverb. That feels like cheating after all these years of only using a real amp, but what can you do.

I mentioned yesterday that I had a really bad time with lunch. The same thing happened with dinner. I dished out a little less than four ounces of food, took 2-3 bites, and hit the pain/nausea failure point. I ended up pausing dinner for an hour or so and then I was okay. I was nervous about breakfast today after two bad experiences in a row, but I am almost finished an I feel okay. Here’s hoping lunch and dinner go okay too.

All right, kids. Time to go get my shit together and go visit a couple of parents. We’ll talk later, m’kay? M’kay.

Flake Day

Today is the last day of my four day weekend. I’m thinking of making it a mostly flake kinda day. I have an errand or two to run, and I want to visit mom. It’s her 82nd birthday today. Join me in wishing my mother a happy birthday.

I’m going to bring my camera with me when I go out, but I am not going to go out of my way any where. If I am out of the house and in the neighborhood I might pull over and snap a pic or two, but no exploring for a while. It’s time to start focusing all of our financial efforts on the Disney trip in January. No more wasting gas for a while.

Other than that, it’s music again. Guitars, guitars, guitars, and writing crappy riff songs. That’s my thing for a while. When I start burning out, then I might go camera nuts again. Until that day, it’s shitty rock and roll time again.

My exercise is done for the day and my calorie goal is about 70% complete. It’s time to start exercising like a madman again. I had three days where I took it easy. Now we’re back on the wagon. Let’s go!

Also, with October starting this coming weekend, it’s just about hockey season. I am going to make an attempt to be a UMass Lowell hockey fan again, for the first time since 2003. I’m going to try and catch games on the radio when I can. I don’t think they are on my old station anymore (good, the athletics department is unworthy), but I think they are on Lowell’s AM commercial station, WCAP. The Lock Monsters and the Devils games used to be broadcast on that station. I wonder if it’s the same team? We’ll see.

Here’s the schedule. Unfortunately both games against Vermont are in Lowell, so no hockey road trip to see the kids this year. Bummer, though a part of me is thinking about going to one of the games and sitting in our old Lock Monsters/Devils seats. Section G, Row 19, seats 3-6. Maybe we’ll see if Boston University is playing at Vermont and use them as an excuse. Or maybe Merrimack College? Hell, I drive through their campus when I visit mom. That could be a good enough reason.

Guess Who Over Slept

No photo morning for this red head. I overslept. Now I need to do my morning routine and put together an office chair and go visit mom.

There is a park near mom’s place (cleverly named The Park. True story) and maybe I’ll stop and take a pic or two on the way home. We will see.

But first: shower and breakfast.

Shooting in the Morn?

Jen booked an appointment for early tomorrow morning so I’m going to be up with her. I guess that will give me a chance to go out and shoot me some pics.

I’m thinking of bringing the Nikon family over to the rail trail. I took dad’s Pentax there once but the film roll broke or jammed or some shit and the pics I took were ruined and chucked. I’ll try again while also maybe trying some digital black and white. That’ll be a fun way to kick off a photo-a-day thing, right?

It all depends on the whether. I think I have 15 or so shots left on the current roll of film. When it’s done I’ll have two rolls to develop. Then I want to buy a couple of rolls of the cheapest black and white film I can find. I want to use dad’s camera for the great black and white experiment. I think dad’s camera is just plain better than mine.

I’m still planning on turning our January Disney trip into the greatest film photography experience in human history, but I think I need to stock up on a few more rolls first. I’d like to try and get a couple of rolls of high ISO film to use at night, but that’s going to be on the expensive side so I need to save up a little first.

And that’s the film situation at this moment in time.

And now it’s bed time. Goodnight, Moon.

Another Try?

Thinking about going for some river pics in the morning. I have a ton of things to do before Harry wakes up tomorrow, including visiting my mother. If I get up early enough I might play at picture taking before Market Basket opens at 7:00 and the day starts rolling for really reals.

We’ll see.

Packed Up

Remember when driving in to the office wasn’t an ordeal?

I’m going in tomorrow. Tonight before bed I packed up my laptop, made lunch, filled up a water bottle, did the dishes, took the trash out to the street, put a new shower mat into the tub, and I think that’s it.

Now clearly most of those things aren’t necessary for me getting to my desk tomorrow, but they are all things that would happen on a normal post-Covid Tuesday that I won’t have time for tomorrow because I have to make the approximately 1.25 hour drive.

Will I get up early enough to do my exercise before I leave? That’s the question.

The Question

It’s quarter to 10pm. The question before me is this:

Do I hang out for an hour or so and then go outside in the dark and take a couple of long exposures of the sky to see how they’ll turn out, or do I go to bed.

Ask me again in an hour.

Nerd Overload

Two thoughts on things to do with any pictures taken with Dad’s camera that don’t suck ass.

First, an Instagram account that only posts film? Hmm, maybe.

Second, spin off a new WordPress page that only posts film? Hmm, maybe.

Bonus third thought…. Do both. Speaking as a total content whore, this one seems likely.

Assuming there is anything worth keeping when I get the results back. That’s a tremendous if.

Unrelated thought… Dad’s camera has a 50mm prime lens. I’ve been wanting one of those for my Nikon for years. Let’s assume I get one before we go to Disney. Should I then get a Nikon film camera that can use the same lens and bring that and my D90 to Disney in January and leave Dad’s camera home where it will be safe? Assuming I can get a super simple Nikon film model for super cheap, of course. I’m thinking one roll of film per day. When the day’s roll is finished, switch to digital. Maybe.

My Mind is a Blank

I promise I had something to write about this morning. I forgot what it was when I started talking to Jen about a bunch of Q nut jobs who went to Dallas to welcome JFK back. First, JFK would be over 100 years old. He ain’t coming back. Second. He’s dead. He ain’t coming back. Third, even if he was magically raised from the grave in a non-zombie fashion, why the ever loving fuck would he come back to Dallas? That would literally be the last place he would go. Also, there was a headline I saw yesterday (I can’t seem to find it now) saying something along the lines of if you get the Covid vaccine it will block whatever allows god to let you into heaven, or something like that. Meaning that god is a T-Rex and can’t see you unless you’re moving, or some shit like that. I don’t want to live on this planet any more.

I haven’t played my guitar in nine days. I haven’t done any recording either. My MacBook is currently on a fact finding mission to Guyana. I’m sure it will be fine. Without the MacBook though, there is no GarageBand and there is no November music project. Here’s hoping I can get back to it over the upcoming, glorious long weekend. I should end up with enough music to call it a finished project. It’s just not going to be good at all. Not even a little bit.

The kids are at their father’s house today. They come back here tomorrow afternoon some time. I wonder if there will be a Hawkeye viewing and maybe some hamburgers or something? There are things already on the agenda for tomorrow so I don’t know if we’ll be able to squeeze the first episode in before bed.

Thanksgiving is in two days. The prep work has been coming along for a while now, but it’s going to start ramping up today. Gobble Gobble, boys and girls. Two work days left before the long weekend… and I have so much work to do. Okay, I’m depressed again. Blah.


Lunchtime on Friday. This is about where the last couple of Fridays have blown up in our faces. It’s been very quiet today (too, too quiet) and I am optimistic that the quiet trend will continue for another three hours and 45 minutes or so (I hope).

It really hasn’t been a long day, but somehow it sort of feels like a long day. I might just be overly tired but I can’t quite put my finger on whatever it is I am talking about. I think I need a weekend. Preferably a long weekend, but I don’t have one of those on the books until September. I’ll have to settle for a normal weekend.

I think I have four more cans of Diet Pepsi flavored caffeine in this house. That should be more than enough to get me through the work day. I have a meeting at 2:00, and the next round of meds is also at 2:00… so I guess she’s getting her meds a couple of minutes early.

I’m here at my parents today. I will be home around 7:00. Then tomorrow evening I come back here and stay until Sunday evening. Then I am working in the office on Monday. Then I come back here on Tuesday evening. Shit, man. I need this to end. I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday, but that falls squarely in the none-of-your-business file for now. Maybe someday I’ll mention that again. Nothing bad, just not shareable at this time. It’s all part of needing my father to be well enough to come home and then figuring out how to move forward from there. Plans are being fabricated. Actions are being researched. You know, the whole drill.

I wanna go home.