Why is it Still Snowing?

That sound you heard off in the distance at about 8:15am Eastern Standard Time was me screaming in frustration. Why is it still snowing? Why?

Saturday night into Sunday morning we got some snow. An inch or so of the really light fluffy stuff. Not enough to cause problems, but enough to cock up my car music plans. I shoveled the driveway and brushed off the car on the outside (we’re still locked down so we haven’t needed both cars for quite a while and that leads to snow removal laziness) and moved on with my life.

The snow kept falling, but it didn’t stick, and while the air was well below freezing, the pavement was able to warm up enough to melt what little snow I missed.

And the snow kept falling. Round about sunset the snow started sticking again. Just barely. When we woke up today there was about an inch or so of the really light fluffy stuff. Not enough to cause problems, but enough to cock up my car music plans. I shoved the driveway and brushed off both cars this time and moved on with my life.

The sky is brightening up. The sun is trying to break through the clouds.

It is still snowing just a little bit.

First Post of the Day?

It’s almost half past noon and I haven’t posted anything yet? What’s wrong? Did Robbie fall down a well? Did I go into the witness protection program? Did someone tell me that you can catch Covid from wordpress.com so I locked it down?

Nope. Just busy.

I paid that dude $20 to shovel the driveway and, while it was money well spent and I would do it again, the dude did a pretty crummy job. That plus the additional snow that fell after he left means I had to shovel everything again. It’s all done, but my back doesn’t work anymore and the pain is borderline shocking.

Sooooooo I think I am going to sit here at the alternate desk in Jen’s office for a while. Ho hum.

I’ve been able to work on a little music between last night and today so far. I did some drums and bass stuff on two re-recordings. I hope to play some guitar tonight and do some car singing in the morning. I have one song ready to mix as well, so maybe I’ll get to that today? Who knows. It all depends on the pain level.

I still need to mop the kitchen floor, and there is a grocery delivery coming that I’ll need to put away. The rest of the day will be sitting here trying not to let my spine fall off.


One Crazy Friday

It’s 3:59pm and I am more or less free to break for lunch for the first time. What a day!

The kids are back to their dad’s for the weekend. It’s sad. Bellana will be coming over for some of the weekend so that’s good, but she’s off to study abroad next week so that’s sad but it’s also happy. This empty nest stuff just messes with my head in the worst ways.

I did a little shoveling this morning. Bellana did more. She was able to make it to her appointment and everything went safe and well. I expected that she and Harry would have to do some shoveling so they could get out to head to dad’s but wouldn’t you know it, some guy was going door to door asking to shovel driveways. If he wants to do it, then go for it. I had enough cash on hand to pay him, so off he went. He didn’t do all that great a job, but every snow flake he moved is one that I don’t have to move so it’s a win for me regardless. Also, who still carries cash? What’s the matter with you, Robert? Get with the 21st century, would ya?

91 minutes until the weekend. I can make it, I know I can. Here’s hoping I get to play a lot of guitar over the next couple of days. Every time it snows I feel like I should play to balance out the snow hate with some music love. Just keep me right in the middle, like lukewarm water*.

*If you haven’t seen This is Spinal Tap then we really can’t be friends. I mean, we can still relate on some level, but we really can’t be besties or anything like that.


Snow… shit; I’m still only in snow.*

We got a few inches last night and we’re supposed to get a few more today. I saw a news report that said Norwood had six inches before 6:00am, but that’s about 45 miles from here. That’s practically a different ecosystem.

I haven’t even put my coat on and my back is already killing me. I just took some Tylenol. Somehow I doubt it will save me. Bellana has an appointment this morning, and at some point later today both kids will go back to dad’s for the weekend. I am not going to be able to shovel everything before work, but maybe I can give them a head start.

Oh and yes, by writing this I am stalling like a boss. You readers are smart cookies. You all saw right through my little ruse.

I Don’t appreciate your ruse ma’am

*Saigon… shit; I’m still only in Saigon.

You knew where that one came from too. Ya’ll are smart cookies, just like I said.


The forecast is calling for about six inches of snow tonight and tomorrow. I hate snow. I may have mentioned that before. I really hate snow.

There are shovels on the steps under the overhang. The trash has been taken out. The cars have been arranged in the driveway. Bellana has an appointment in the morning and she’s going to borrow a car and we have the car with the best snow safety record on the outside.

Did I mention I hate snow?


Wanna know what the worst thing in New England is?

Having to get up before sunrise to shovel.

There wasn’t a lot today, just a couple of inches of very light and fluffy snow. I didn’t clean off the cars, but I did do all the shoveling and it only took half an hour or so. A successful morning, apart from the back pain, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck ass.

—Subject Change—

Our cat is traumatized. Our new robot pet (DJ*) Roomba kicked off at 3:00 AM again. It woke me up but didn’t keep me up, which is nice, but the cat…. oh the cat doesn’t like (DJ) Roomba at all. We’re not sure why but it kicks off a second time around 5:00 AM and as soon as it woke up Patches dashed into our room and hid under our new bed. The upside is that there is a lot more room for cats to hide under the new bed than there was under the old bed. So Ms Patches has that going for her.

*For those who aren’t in the know…

The Magic Failed

Backstory: I was reading through some old blog posts the other day, playing This Day in History, and I found one where I had my step son Harry help me shovel the driveway. I made a big deal out of telling him to jump into the shower as soon as he got back inside because it would be the best shower ever. He did, and he agreed with me. Best. Shower. Ever.

Current story: We got a shit load of snow last night and it’s still coming down. I’m guessing there is at least a foot of snow, and the snow bank at the end of the driveway is probably more than double that. I went out this morning to shovel a path from the house to the street for the mailman or any potential delivery folks who might not be getting shut down for the weather. When I finished I came back inside and jumped right into the shower and….

It didn’t work. The magic is gone. I felt just as sore and awful after the shower as I did before. I’m so sad. Maybe it’s because I didn’t do the full driveway, so I didn’t qualify. Maybe it’s because I’m just too old for this shit and it takes more than a roaring hot shower to set me right again. Crud. I am sad. Sad enough that we just booked someone to come and shovel the rest of the snow later tonight. I am fail.


We didn’t get a lot of snow yesterday. It fell all day and started sticking as soon as it started, but all combined there wasn’t very much.

Unfortunately, it rained buckets before the snow, and then it rained again after the snow. The result of that is heavy, frozen solid, blocks of ice. I just finished shoveling and it was no fun at all. We’re good to go as far as walking from the house to the street goes. Obviously, thanks to Covid-19, we aren’t driving anywhere, or going anywhere, or anything.

Snow: I’m not a fan.

I’m Pretty Smart, I think

I’m pretty smart… I think.  At least I always thought I was.  My grades in school were always good.  In college I blew a curve on a test in Calculus II, and I got an A- for the semester in Calculus III.  I’m not saying I’m some kind of rocket scientist or anything.  Don’t expect me to do anything Earth shattering like building the better mouse trap, okay?  I’m not dumb though.  I have a decent brain and it usually gets the job done.

Taking that as truth… why the hell do I still live in a place where it snows?  I mean… I thought I would be smart enough to know better.  My wife, now she’s super smart.  She’s gotta be the smartest person any of us have ever met and yet she still lives here too.  My step kids?  Smarter still!  If anyone is going to build that better mouse trap it’s absolutely going to be one of them.  Yet… the four of us all still live in a place where it snows.

I just think that maybe after all this time we would have done something to fix this little snow falling problem.  Something like… move to Southern California.  You know, something like that.

Who is Watching Me?

I was outside shoveling tonight. I had been digging and digging for about two hours. It was never ending. My arms could barely lift the shovel, but I was soldiering on. I scooped up some snow, turned around, and threw it as hard and as far as I could…

And noticed that there were two deer at the tree line of the neighbor’s yard that were standing stone still watching me. I kept shoveling and they kept standing there. It seemed like it lasted for maybe 10 minutes. Every time I turned around they were there. They stayed perfectly still, always watching me. It was so cool. I started talking to them. They didn’t run away. Not that I was close to them or anything, and there was a mount everest sized snow bank between us. They had no reason to be spooked, and neither did I. It was just really cool. Eventually one of them calmly walked off into the woods, and a few minutes later the other followed. It was so cool.

Shortly after that I got called into the house for dinner. My beautiful, charming, beloved wife made an awesome chicken dinner and it gave me a nice break from the snow and the freezing cold. I had maybe 30 more minutes of work to do. Most of the heavy snow bank at the end of the driveway was gone, but there was still enough to worry about. I also had to do the fire hydrant. At about 8:00 I stood up to go back outside and finish and what did I see? Our next door neighbor and his snow blower. He had just dug out the fire hydrant and he was starting on the little patch of snow left on the driveway. Woah! Thanks, neighbor! Clearing the hydrant is a big help, but I look at that as him helping out the entire neighborhood. I feel good about myself when I do it, because I know it’s a potential life saver. If one of my neighbors wants a piece of that good karma then have at it. Our driveway though, that was above and beyond the call of duty. Our neighbor is once again a hero of our household! Thank you!