Rutsey’s Last Show

I stumbled across this on the tweeter yesterday.

July 25, 1974.

Centennial Hall in London, Ontario.

Opening up for Kiss.

The last Rush show with the late John Rutsey on drums.

Why, after all this time, is this interesting?

Because there are pictures.

I’ve been on this site a few million times before. It has a list of every show Rush ever played. Well, as complete as can be put together, at least. Check it out.

The list says they had another show booked for the next night but it was cancelled. Was it cancelled because Rutsey was leaving, or was there another reason and then Rutsey left afterwards. Whatever the reason, the next show was August 14th in Pittsburgh opening for Uriah Heep and Manfred Man. That was Neil Peart’s first show. My favorite band has had four members. Two drummers. They’re both gone.

Vaccine FOMO?

I spent a good chunk of this morning going through nearly every vaccine distribution center in Massachusetts trying to luck into booking someone else’s cancelation. No dice.

Is it possible that part of my frustration at not being vaccinated yet can be chalked up to FOMO? The Fear of Missing Out?

No. No, it can’t. Not getting an invite to the Dispo app is FOMO (even though the entire concept of that app is flat out dumb, I still want in damn it, let me in!), but not getting vaccinated is not. The frustration over not getting a vaccine appointment is due to not having a vaccine appointment. That’s all, folks.

Jen is working today and Harry is at his dad’s so I am on my own. I’ll think of a cleaning project to do for a while then I’ll mess with my amplifiers. I said Jen is working, but the cat just ran into this room and Jen followed. Sometimes the cat gets into “Timmy’s stuck in the well” mode and makes us follow her places. It almost always ends on the bed where she just wants us to focus all of our attention on petting her. Our cat is both smart and powerful.

I am also trying to cheer myself up over my lack of a vaccination appointment by listening to Rush. Clockwork Angels, to be exact. Allow me to say that “Seven Cities of Gold” is possibly the best song ever recorded. The music annoyed the cat enough that she left the room (and allowed Jen to leave as well) but to me it’s pretty much the pinnacle of human accomplishment. I mean, that and the moon landing, but mostly Rush.

Okay, now that “Seven Cities of Gold” has finished, I’m listening to “The Wreckers” and I need to correct myself. “The Wreckers” is the high point of human accomplishment. There, fixed that.

Neil Peart Article in Rolling Stone

For decades, Rolling Stone seemed to have a bias against Rush. On the rare occasions when they mentioned the band it was usually negative. It lead to most of us having a pretty bleak opinion of the magazine. Granted, there was a lot more to make Rolling Stone irrelevant and unreadable, but for a Rush fan there was that little irksome thing on top of everything else.

In the waning years of the band’s career that started to change. Rolling Stone started publishing articles on Rush that were positive and seemed to imply someone in the company “got it”. They were fair and seemed honest, but left me and my fellow Rush fans feeling good about the universe and that was a nice thing.

Yesterday, on the first anniversary of Neil Peart’s passing, they published this article. I would recommend you give it a read. It’s long, but worth it. They take a guy whose public image was one of a grumpy dude who didn’t want to deal with you or anything you cared about and turned him into a human. Good work. Thank you.


Happy Birthday, Neil

Today would have been Neil Peart’s 68th birthday, Notice how almost immediately after we lost Neil, society went down the shitter. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

I’ve got two Rush pins on my guitar strap. The Test for Echo pin was bought at a merch stand at a Test for Echo show in either 1996 or 1997… I think.

The Exit… Stage Left pin was purchased at a t-shirt store in the old Billerica mall probably in… 1982? Maybe? Can you say, family heirloom?

My Spot

Christmas presents were finally hung. The one on the right is the star chart for the night of our first date. The two on the left are Rush awesomeness. The top one is a clock. I love clocks. I love Rush. The bottom one is a metal plate and it’s awesome. There is no doubt who sits at that desk now.

Neil is Still Gone

Last night after work Jen and I went for a drive to nowhere. She put on some music. I didn’t ask for anything, I just planned to listen to whatever she wanted.

She picked some Rush. Clearly she’s brilliant with impeccable taste. Hold Your Fire mostly, but also a little Power Windows.

The song “Grand Designs” includes the line:

Some world-views are spacious

And some are merely spaced

That pretty much sums up our idiot world, doesn’t it?

The world sucks without Neil Peart in it.