My Spot

Christmas presents were finally hung. The one on the right is the star chart for the night of our first date. The two on the left are Rush awesomeness. The top one is a clock. I love clocks. I love Rush. The bottom one is a metal plate and it’s awesome. There is no doubt who sits at that desk now.

Neil is Still Gone

Last night after work Jen and I went for a drive to nowhere. She put on some music. I didn’t ask for anything, I just planned to listen to whatever she wanted.

She picked some Rush. Clearly she’s brilliant with impeccable taste. Hold Your Fire mostly, but also a little Power Windows.

The song “Grand Designs” includes the line:

Some world-views are spacious

And some are merely spaced

That pretty much sums up our idiot world, doesn’t it?

The world sucks without Neil Peart in it.

My First Rush Concert

This was posted to a Rush group on bookfayce today. It’s an ad from The Boston Phoenix for the first Rush concert I ever saw. December 3, 1987.

We were in the balcony so it was probably $15. We bought tickets at the door.

Widget Hope

The United States is literally crumbling around us. Americans are being murdered in the streets by law enforcement officials who have sworn to protect them, and the so called president is pledging to sic the military on those who speak out against it.

And yet there are glimpses of hope buried in the chaos. Americans have flown into space on American vehicles for the first time in a decade.

And earlier today the WordPress widget on my iPhone did this:

Attention all planets of the solar federation…

We have assumed control…

We have assumed control…

We have assumed control.

Free Books

I learned this yesterday and took advantage of it today.  If you are an audible member, Neil Peart’s books are currently on sale for… free.  This doesn’t include Clockwork Angels or Clockwork Lives as those are technically Kevin Anderson’s.  I think it’s a nice little treat for fans, but I hope audible/amazon is still sending Neil’s royalty checks to his family.

I am hoping Rush has a few live records in the can that they can sneak out in the years to come.  I want Neil’s family to be looked after.  I know they have been releasing anniversary, deluxe editions of some records.  I hope that continues.  I will probably buy them rather than just listen to them on Apple Music or Spotify.  I remember hearing people bitch about how Pink Floyd was always releasing compilations.  There was a reason for it that wasn’t obvious though.  All of those comps had at least one or two Syd Barrett songs.  They were always finding ways to re-issue his music so that his Floyd related income never dried up.  They were trying to look after him without interfering in his life.  Those releases never moved big numbers, but it was enough to help Syd and his family.  I hope so at least.  I’d hate to learn otherwise.

Anyway, if you’re an audible member I recommend Ghost Rider.  I know I’ve read at least one other book too, but I can’t remember which one.  I think it was Far and Away.  I bought it, started reading it, and realize I’d already read the whole thing.  Well, a lot of it at least.  Neil was a blogger and that book, if that’s the book I am thinking it is, was made up of old blog posts.

Someone pointed out the other day that we probably should have known something was wrong in the Peart camp because it had been a long time since he updated his website.  He had his blog but he also shared recipes and had a sort of book club thing, if I remember it right.  I hadn’t heard of any new posts there for a long time.  In hindsight it feels like he was circling the wagons.

Anyway, listen to his music and read his books.

I took my photo a day picture this morning.  It was another record player picture.  138/365, call it Moving, Moving Pictures.

138/365 - Moving Moving Pictures