May Music: Finished

Well, February, March, April, and May all have 10 song RPM Challenge style recording projects (February and April actually are officially RPM Challenges) that were all finished on the 29th day of the month.

May has 11 songs. I just finished mixing the last two.

Is it good?


Do I care?


Bad Bad Bad

I put lead guitar onto the three songs I put vocals on this morning. I played bad. Three songs, three bads, hence the title of the post.

I got tired really fast too. It was odd. I did play the 335 and found a spot on the neck where the buzz makes it nearly unplayable. So I guess I have another reason to get it worked over.

Let’s get through COVID-19 first, shall we?

May Music Update

Things are a little better than the last time I mentioned May Music.  When I lost a days worth of changes due to a backup snafu I didn’t lose the new lyrics.  Those were copied into my Trello card for each song.  The tracks with the melodies were gone for good so I had to come up with something new that fit the lyrics.  I was able to take care of that over the last couple of days, as well as add a couple more songs.

This morning I was able to record two songs worth of vocals.  Not much, but a good start.  Here’s where I stand overall.  Two songs have vocals and are ready for lead guitar.  Five songs have the lyrics and melodies written and are ready for vocals.  Three songs have all of the music written but need rhythm guitars.  One of those three have lyrics and a melody already.

Today is May 18th.  Plenty of time remaining.



My new Klone pedal has been added to the May music project.  I put rhythm guitars on three songs and used my birthday-present-to-myself on all of them.  It sounds so good it’s silly.  I needed to goose the treble knob up a little higher than I do on the KTR to get a nice sweet spot, but I haven’t been able to use it on a high watt amp at volume.  It will all change when I use it for real.

I did something else with one of the songs that’s also silly… and fun… and awesome.

The rhythm part is just hit a chord and let it ring for two bars, more or less over and over.  After I finished the actual recording (double tracked, one panned left and one panned right) I added the first of two extra tracks.  First I recorded an additional take of the last eight bars of the song.  I then reversed the track.  That was a guide.  Next I muted the bass and actual guitar tracks so that all I could hear was drums and the backward guitar.  After that I used the second extra track to record myself trying to play along with the backward track.  It wasn’t easy and it came out pretty wrong, but at least I had the same chords playing on the two tracks.  One was forward and the other was backward but they more or less rang out correctly.

The last step was to delete the first of the two tracks, reverse the second track, and pan it right in the middle and unmute all the muted tracks.  Now when I play it back I have the normal parts and an additional backward part kinda playing along with each other.

It didn’t work out as I had planned it but…….

Coolest thing I’ve ever done.

May Gear

I finished my April music project last night so obviously I’m sitting here thinking about what gear to use for May.

In February I used all three of my Gibson guitars, both Bassbreaker amps, and my full Lizardfish gigging pedal board.  Basically I used everything I had in the house.  In March I restricted myself to just the SG and the 15 watt amp.  No pedals.  It was awful (not really, just being an overly dramatic pedal nerd).  For April it was the 15 watt amp for everything with the SG and the low gain side of the D&M Drive for rhythm parts and the Les Paul and the high gain side of the D&M for leads.

I think I might be tired of overly restricting myself.  For May I want to use the gigging pedal board again.  I miss my wah pedal.  For the amp… I don’t think I can get the 18/30 watt Bassbreaker to play quiet enough to not annoy the crap out of everyone in the house.  I might try it though.  I think I might plan to use the 30 watt channel until someone complains, then switch to the 18 watt channel until someone complains, then switch back to the 15 watt amp.  Either that or I’ll just use the 15 watt amp.  I’m starting to really miss my Deluxe Reverb.  It’s at Mike’s house and it would sure be fun to play with right now.

I’m going to have to change my strings on both guitars at some point too.  Yikes.