May Music Update

Things are a little better than the last time I mentioned May Music.  When I lost a days worth of changes due to a backup snafu I didn’t lose the new lyrics.  Those were copied into my Trello card for each song.  The tracks with the melodies were gone for good so I had to come up with something new that fit the lyrics.  I was able to take care of that over the last couple of days, as well as add a couple more songs.

This morning I was able to record two songs worth of vocals.  Not much, but a good start.  Here’s where I stand overall.  Two songs have vocals and are ready for lead guitar.  Five songs have the lyrics and melodies written and are ready for vocals.  Three songs have all of the music written but need rhythm guitars.  One of those three have lyrics and a melody already.

Today is May 18th.  Plenty of time remaining.

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