Uncover the Secrets of the Scoop

Yesterday I wrote about the existential crisis I faced when trying to mix up my first protein shake. I had been lead to believe, by my own eyes, that the huge bucket of protein shake powder did not come with a scoop. Today, day two of the new shake world order, I took a tablespoon and tried to dig out about 32 grams of powder. While digging in the huge bucket I found the scoop buried inside.

Now, knowing what the shake tastes like with the exact correct milk to powder ration, how’d it taste? Okay. I promise I won’t be drinking it for fun, but I also won’t be turning my nose up at it. I’ll put it into the weight loss surgery win column.

What else is going on today, no the first business day of vacation? I tried to watch The Walking Dead on my iPad while sitting in the living room with Jen and Harry last night, but they were watching Rick and Morty and I had to join them. I mean… Mr Nimbus, right? I am watching the new episode on AMC’s website and the stream during the commercial breaks is screwing up left and right. I’m not very optimistic that it’s going to let me get through the whole episode, but amazingly I just heard one of the new bad guys use the phrase, “mother puss bucket” in what can only be thought of as a verbal tip of the hat to Ghostbusters but given that I use that phrase as a verbal tip of the hat to Ghostbusters I am feeling seen and acknowledged right now.

So what’s the music plan for my vacation week? I mentioned doing an album in a day, but I am not going to go through with it. Instead I will just try to come up with a couple of song ideas for Record Every Month. I was also thinking of hitting up Guitar Center and trying to trade in my Strat. Instead I might get back into the idea of finding someone to overhaul my Les Paul Custom. Like everything else, it all depends on money.

What about non-musical plans for the vacation week? Well, I’m glad you asked. We are thinking about getting back to figuring out the ways and means of upgrading out kitchen. We’re going to do some research tonight. You know, do some interviews. Ask some questions. Rattle some trees and see what shakes out. We’ll let you know.

Okay, this morning’s zombie watch is now past the point where I stopped last night. I’m going to pay more attention now. Talk to ya’ll later.

Mutha Puss Bucket.

Two Firsts

Isn’t it a lovely morning? Doesn’t the sky look a little brighter? Doesn’t the air feel a little fresher? Doesn’t the grass look a little greener? If I didn’t know better I would say the Red Sox eliminated the Yankees from the post season or something. If I didn’t know better, of course.

Two weird things happened to me just now.

Tuesday is trash pick up day in our neighborhood. Today is Wednesday. I should have taken the barrels in from the street yesterday, but I didn’t so I took them in this morning. We had a shit load of trash go out this week so there were four barrels. Two of them have their covers attached and two of them don’t. The attached guys are much bigger than the others so I figured I would grab those two first and walk them back to the side of the house where we store them.

One of the lids was closed. The other was open. When I went to flip it closed I noticed we had a stow away. There was a chipmunk in the barrel. The barrel was otherwise empty, but he was just hanging out. I figured I’d be nice and not give the little bastard a heart attack by carrying him away and I tipped the barrel onto it’s side. Run away, Chip or Dale, be free! He didn’t run away. He just sat there. What the hell, rodent? Get out of my damn barrel. I then started to tip the barrel upside down and that did it. He dashed out at full speed. So long, friend. I hope you don’t get hit by a car or anything.

So the two big barrels are now properly stowed away and I went back to the street to get the smaller barrels. I put the cover onto one and was reaching down to the ground (given my girth, that must be pretty funny to watch) to pick up the second cover and right where my hand was about to grab I see fur. It was a mouse. A little grey looking mouse, snuggled against the cover. He probably saw me coming and tried to hide under it, but I bumped it a little and he was exposed. Poor little guy. He was clearly scared shitless and didn’t know what to do. He started to go for the cover again, but I kicked it out of the way. The last thing I want is to actually reach down to get the cover and have mickey freak out and bite me and give me rabbis that turn me into some kind of Cujo. You know how it is, I’m sure. Mighty mouse, in his fear started burrowing. I reached down for the cover and startled him again so he ran a little ways away and started burrowing again.

Two trash barrel related rodent incidents within seconds of each other. I have never had either of those things happen to me before. What is going on with the universe? Is this the start of some weird, lame, doomed to fail, rodent uprising? Were they just Yankees fans who tried to drink their misery away and were too hung over this morning to run away when the gigantic human came stomping around?

We may never know the truth. At least there weren’t any squirrels. I’ve seen Rick and Morty. I know better than to mess with squirrels*.

*From Morty’s Mind Blowers:

Lunch Break

Twice in the past when my foot was hurting like hell I had two different people suggest a stretching exercise that should help.

  1. Roll up a towel
  2. Put your foot on the center
  3. Take the ends in your hands
  4. Keep your leg straight
  5. PULL

It has worked for me in the past. I am not sure if it is working for me today, or if the fist full of Advil I took about five hours ago is working, but one of those two is working and my foot feels a lot better. It still hurts, but it’s manageable.

I’m on my lunch break. I’m listening to podcasts discussing Rick and Morty. I’m eating a bowlful of M&Ms*.

What to do, what to talk about.

I have a candle burning. It is going to burn out soon. Does that mean that I’ll start a new candle tomorrow and do a time lapse from the very beginning? Wait a tick… what if I did a time lapse on a new candle and didn’t shut if off until the candle burned out. It would take days, but the iOS app would reduce the whole thing down to less than a minute. How epic would that be?

There is a new episode of Marvel’s What If…? today. Last week we were able to do a watch party with Harry. I don’t know if we’re going to try that again. Partly because I heard a rumor that tonight’s episode will be Marvel Zombies and Harry doesn’t do zombies. He’s also in his second week of college and by this point he should probably be dealing with 3+ hours of homework each night.

Okay, time to start the dishwasher, check on the dehumidifier in the cellar, and go back to work. Maybe do that stretching episode for a minute or two too, then back to work.

*Does anyone else take bags of M&Ms, pour them into a bowl, and then eat them one color at a time? Am I the only one? Is that a sign of a defective brain? AbyNormal, as the movie implied?

Quiet Night

It was quiet here last night. No pain complaints. I made her soup for dinner, then an hour later I saw her bringing food into her bedroom. Did she forget that she ate? Did she not like the soup? Should I have given her more? Who knows. I’m just happy she went to sleep without issues.

Rick and Morty was good. Better than last week (Sticky!). World of Warcraft Burning Crusade never installed on my Mac. Jerk. I’ve been playing on a PC at home. The times I’ve played in the past I was always with Jen and just followed her around. I never really learned how to do stuff on my own. The goal this time is to get up to a decent level and then meet up with Jen and go on an online fantasy killing spree. You know, like you do. It’s love, yeah?

I’m working a half day today and then taking my mother to a doctor’s appointment. The hospital has valet parking. Here’s hoping it’s close enough to where we need to go to help. Also, here’s hoping the rain eventually stops (it never will, ever).

Okay, off to work.

Up Late

For the second night in a row I have stayed up late. Last night it was to kick off 50/90 at midnight. Tonight it was to watch Rick and Morty with Harry.

Tonight’s was a very good decision.

Rick and Morty Night

Today is Fathers Day. Did all the fathers out there have a good day? I hope so. It was a good day here but allow me to remind everyone that Stepfamily Day is September 16th.

Today is also important for another reason. Today is the premier of Rick and Morty Season Five. Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network at 11:00pm. I had to check and make sure that I can stream Cartoon Network using the FiOS app on my iPad, but I sure can. We’re about 2.5 hours away from the episode and I already have the stream running… just in case. We’re lucky there’s a Family Guy, you know?

Happy Fathers Day
Happy Rick and Morty Day

In the Before Time

Back in the before time, in the long long ago… I used to play baseball here.

Correction: The team I was on played baseball. I played a pathetically unskilled, downright poor facsimile* of baseball.

*I am literally in a state of shock. I spelled facsimile correctly on the first try. No spell check needed. In the immortal words of Luke Skywalker, I… I don’t believe it.

Addendum: Also, you got the Rick and Morty reference, right? I hope so.

Quarantine TV Update

Thanks to 50/90 and the return of some pro sports, my quarantined TV watching has fallen off the cliff. At least prior to this past weekend.

The second season of The Umbrella Academy came out. I liked the first season, so I popped on the first episode. It started with a quick recap of season one. While watching that I had two thoughts. The first was, wow, I had kinda forgotten a lot of this. The second was, wow, that season might have been a whole ton better than I remembered, and I did really like it.

I was planning to watch one episode, and spread the season out for a couple of weeks. Nope. Once I started watching I was hooked and couldn’t stop. I started the season on Saturday and finished it on Monday. Yikes. It was so good.

Prior to the start of 50/90 I started watching The Watchmen on HBO. I was only a couple of episodes in, but I was enjoying it quite a bit. I started up again last night. The second season of The Boys is coming on Amazon in a few weeks. I’ll be jumping back into that. I’ve also been picking my way through a Rick and Morty rewatch. When I’ve got 25 minutes or so to kill before work I’ll watch an episode. I’m in season two. I just watched the Unity episode where Rick creates a life form just to test out his chosen method of suicide. Is that the most colossally depressing thing you’ve ever seen or what? The show is so good.

Then there is the 800 pound gorilla in the streaming television room…. The Handmaids Tale. It’s out there. Its supposed to be amazingly good. I want to watch it. I haven’t watched it yet because I am afraid of it. I know it’s going to hit too close to home. I don’t want to find out how that show is going to make me feel.

That and sports. There’s a Bruins game at 4:00 today. I have a meeting at 4:00 today. Damn it.