Lunch Break

Twice in the past when my foot was hurting like hell I had two different people suggest a stretching exercise that should help.

  1. Roll up a towel
  2. Put your foot on the center
  3. Take the ends in your hands
  4. Keep your leg straight
  5. PULL

It has worked for me in the past. I am not sure if it is working for me today, or if the fist full of Advil I took about five hours ago is working, but one of those two is working and my foot feels a lot better. It still hurts, but it’s manageable.

I’m on my lunch break. I’m listening to podcasts discussing Rick and Morty. I’m eating a bowlful of M&Ms*.

What to do, what to talk about.

I have a candle burning. It is going to burn out soon. Does that mean that I’ll start a new candle tomorrow and do a time lapse from the very beginning? Wait a tick… what if I did a time lapse on a new candle and didn’t shut if off until the candle burned out. It would take days, but the iOS app would reduce the whole thing down to less than a minute. How epic would that be?

There is a new episode of Marvel’s What If…? today. Last week we were able to do a watch party with Harry. I don’t know if we’re going to try that again. Partly because I heard a rumor that tonight’s episode will be Marvel Zombies and Harry doesn’t do zombies. He’s also in his second week of college and by this point he should probably be dealing with 3+ hours of homework each night.

Okay, time to start the dishwasher, check on the dehumidifier in the cellar, and go back to work. Maybe do that stretching episode for a minute or two too, then back to work.

*Does anyone else take bags of M&Ms, pour them into a bowl, and then eat them one color at a time? Am I the only one? Is that a sign of a defective brain? AbyNormal, as the movie implied?