Can I Please Catch a Break, Please?

Enough already. Uncle!

On top of all of the sources of stress and guilt and shit that are just making me feel terrible all the time, I now have crazy amounts of physical pain to add the proverbial cherry on top of my shit sundae.

Last night, just before I did my last 10 minutes of exercise for the day, I noticed that there was a little bit of pain in my right foot. It was sort of near the instep but also kind of on top. It was hard to place. I did my 10 minutes and everything was fine. A couple of hours later though, it was starting to really hurt. When I took off my shoes before bed it started hurting a ton. Now, the next morning… holy shit does it hurt like a mutha. It hurts like the end of the world.

I’m pretty sure it’s just my usual undiagnosed case of plantar fasciitis rearing it’s ugly asshole head again. I’ve been doing the stretching exercise that is supposed to help. It’s too soon to tell how it’s working though.

Can I please just catch a break? Pretty please? This insult on top of all of the other crap… How am I supposed to deal with it? Yes, I know it could be a lot worse, that doesn’t change the fact that the current situation Sucks.

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One thought on “Can I Please Catch a Break, Please?

  1. Sorry, but here’s my two cents. If it’s not near the heel, it’s not plantar fasciitis. Sounds to me (from experience) that it might be gout. (Don’t shoot the messenger!) I’ve had it off & on for years and so has Sherm. The best way to get rid of it is to either eat a lot of cherries, which I know you don’t like, or drink a lot of tart cherry juice. Nothing else seems to help. Good luck!

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