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Triumph was the first band I ever saw in concert. I think it was early 1986 (maybe late 1985) at the Worcester Centrum. My Uncle Johnny took me. It would have been better had it been the other three piece band from Toronto, but this was pretty awesome anyway. It was only a couple of years after that show that they were gone. I thought I would be able to keep following the guitarist’s solo career but… well… it wasn’t very good, at least not at first, and he lost me. The other two guys came back after a while with a new guitar player and again… not that good. Better, but still not good enough for me. Also, the 80’s had become the 90’s by then and my tastes had changed. So maybe not bad, more like too late. Whatever.

When I listen back to them now some of it stands up. Some of it… not so much. They were a killer 70’s band that sat at the point where the 70’s morphed into the 80’s and at first they handled it, but the glossier and cheesier (and hairier) it got the less it worked. Even if it isn’t as good now as it was then, “Fight the Good Fight” is still one of the best rock songs ever written.

This documentary is made by the same team that made Rush Beyond the Lighted Stage which was fan-friggin’-tastic. My only complaint about that doc, and based on this trailer I’ll have the same complaint about this one, is the effin’ clown from the band Skid Row. I really don’t give the faintest shit about what that guy thinks about anything. Other than that… bring it on.

It’s debuting at the Toronto International Film Festival soon. This week, I think. The first showing is going to be in a drive in because of Covid and I don’t know about the rest of you, but that sounds absolutely awesome to me.

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