Look at My Cat, Again… Again

Okay, I’ll stop this gimmick now. For a while at least.

I just watched Venom. I don’t know why. It was okay. Probably better that a 30% on rottentomatoes.com. Not by much though. Decent but forgettable.

I just checked the MLB scores. The Red Sox won and the Mariners are losing. If that holds then we have the last AL wild card spot. please let it hold.

Okay, bed time. Here’s hoping I get some guitar in tomorrow.

Sick Burn

Brah, that’s a sick burn, brah. You need some ointment for that sick burn, brah?

Minor cooking injury. As the good Doctor Channard once said, “I recommend…. Amputation.”*

*Hellraiser II. Nowhere near as good as the first movie, but the one liners are among the best in movie history.

Triumph Doc

Triumph was the first band I ever saw in concert. I think it was early 1986 (maybe late 1985) at the Worcester Centrum. My Uncle Johnny took me. It would have been better had it been the other three piece band from Toronto, but this was pretty awesome anyway. It was only a couple of years after that show that they were gone. I thought I would be able to keep following the guitarist’s solo career but… well… it wasn’t very good, at least not at first, and he lost me. The other two guys came back after a while with a new guitar player and again… not that good. Better, but still not good enough for me. Also, the 80’s had become the 90’s by then and my tastes had changed. So maybe not bad, more like too late. Whatever.

When I listen back to them now some of it stands up. Some of it… not so much. They were a killer 70’s band that sat at the point where the 70’s morphed into the 80’s and at first they handled it, but the glossier and cheesier (and hairier) it got the less it worked. Even if it isn’t as good now as it was then, “Fight the Good Fight” is still one of the best rock songs ever written.

This documentary is made by the same team that made Rush Beyond the Lighted Stage which was fan-friggin’-tastic. My only complaint about that doc, and based on this trailer I’ll have the same complaint about this one, is the effin’ clown from the band Skid Row. I really don’t give the faintest shit about what that guy thinks about anything. Other than that… bring it on.

It’s debuting at the Toronto International Film Festival soon. This week, I think. The first showing is going to be in a drive in because of Covid and I don’t know about the rest of you, but that sounds absolutely awesome to me.

Saturday Morning

I slept in my own bed last night. Actually, I slept in A bed last night. My wife was with me. My step son was down the hall in his room, my cat was crawling all over us and purring like a purr machine.

We watched The Suicide Squad last night. It was awesome but too gory for Jen and she had to bail. Sorry sweetie. We then watched the episode of Parks and Rec where Letters to Cleo played the Unity Concert and Kay Hanley winked at whatshisname and Jen and Harry thought it was funny because me and Larry and Mike would have KILLED for a sliver of attention like that back in the 90’s. I bet Mike still has that water bottle that he took from the stage after a show at… The Paradise? Was it a solo show at The Lizard Lounge? I forget. I just remember that show at Merrimack College when she eviscerated the schmuck who was trying to slam dance (pick your spots, moron) and she stopped the show to tear him a new one and the three of us all simultaneously concluded that she is in fact the greatest front person in all of rock and roll past, present, and future.

Today I cleaned up the trash off the yard after the rodents knocked over the barrels again. Harry was nice enough to do it yesterday and all his hard work was ruined by a family of plague and rabbis infested squirrel pricks. Then I vacuumed up Lake Asshole in the cellar which has been forming for much longer than I ever let it form before, and it’s still smaller than it was regularly getting… so that’s good? I guess?

And while doing all of these chores I was just so friggin’ happy that I was doing them at my house for my family and not doing them at my parents house.

It is so good to be home.

Date Movie

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, AZ came out just after Jen and I started dating. We saw it together in the theater a bunch of times. It’s like the official date movie.

We are watching it tonight because love.

There Can Be Only One… Again

I am listening to this week’s Fatman Beyond podcast and Mr. Kevin Smith and Mr. Marc Bernardin just had a conversation about a movie that is still in the writing/casting phase that may redefine the entire universe.

Henry Cavill To Star in Lionsgate’s ‘Highlander’ Reboot From Chad Stahelski

Wait, what? Huh? Who? How? Really?

I didn’t want it. I never even considered it. It’s probably going to be an epic failure…


Movie #2 and More Bad TV Writing

The Godfather II was a success. The kids were more into the Vito story than the Michael story. The question now is, do we eventually watch Godfather III too? Undecided. I honestly feel that if that movie was called Random Old Mafia Guy instead of Godfather, then it would be considered a classic. It’s good, just not good enough to live up to the name. We’ll see.

Bellana asked if we could watch the first episode of Indestructible. I didn’t know anything about the story, but I did know that there is a twist at the end of the first episode that was surprisingly violent. Jen and Harry did not know that. Bellana waited until the scene in question started before she gave the warning. What a stinker, eh? It was a good episode. I’ll watch more.

So that’s the good movie/TV part of the story. Now for the bad. I’m watching last night’s Fear the Walking Dead. Why do I do this to myself? Season six episode 14 features the second appearance by this season’s big bad. That’s right. The bad guy has now been in two episodes. All of the other episodes were apparently just filler? Much like Stairway to Heaven it makes me wonder (get it? hehe)… Is this guy the big bad for season six, or is he really the big bad for season seven? Are they going to let this stupid, stupid story line go for another year? Good lord, please no!

I’m sure John Glover is a nice guy. I’m sure he has a family and loves them and treats them well. I’m sure he gives a little money to charity when he can. I’m sure if the opportunity arose he would help an old woman cross the street, and I’m sure he would never kick a puppy. I just think maybe… just maybe… it’s time for him to put the bad acting to rest for a while. Maybe it’s time to move behind the camera, or get an office job, or open a fast food restaurant franchise or something.

Movie #1: Complete

They liked The Godfather and I didn’t even need to make them an offer they couldn’t refuse. Also, everyone stayed off of their phones for the whole movie.

Godfather II will happen after dinner. The 3.5 hour movie is the better of the two, but it will be tougher to stay off of all internet connected devices, especially when the Bruins game starts at 7:00. looking at you, Robert, aka me.


The plan for today is to introduce the kids to The Godfather. The original this morning and the sequel after dinner.

I have to resist the temptation to look at my phone during the movie. I need to set a good example. Everything In this movie is visual. You miss it all if you’re distracted.

Music Plans and Weekend Plans

I failed to play the guitar last night, but I did come up with some kind of running order for Quarantine Tunes Volume 4. I can sense your bliss.

I have one song for May that is close to being finished. There are a few more that I might be able to get done by the end of next week. I also have a potential batch of songs for a fifth round of re-recording, but I am seriously at the bottom of the barrel. So far I have tweaked a song lyric here or there, and one song had the lyrics rewritten. I think I’m going to have to do that a few more times. Of the 10 songs on the new list, three are actually written about the RPM Challenge. That’s no good. I see some new lyrics in my future.

Plans for the next few days include:

  • Finish watching this week’s episode of The Bad Batch (nine minutes to go)
  • Work
  • Nana sit overnight tonight
  • Nana sit tomorrow until around dinner time
  • Hang out with my family tomorrow night. If time allows, maybe play some guitar.
  • Sunday, celebrate Bellana’s birthday by watching The Godfather and The Godfather II and cooking a steak dinner on the grill.

Not a bad weekend.