Nana Sitting Wrap Up

I’m still at my mother’s house. I’m not sure what time the change over is happening tonight, but it’s probably soon. Let’s wrap up what we accomplished.

Four meds deliveries, three today and one last night. Three loads of laundry. Three song ideas, all of which are in 7/8 time which is glorious. One movie, Joker. Holy shit was that good. Two episodes of The Handmaids Tale. Holy shit is that show good. An episode and a half of That Pedal Show mostly focusing on Uni-Vibe effects but also Harmonic Tremelo. Uni-Vibes are cool. Harmonic Tremolo is cool too, I guess, but I’m not really a tremolo guy… though the amp I’m recording with this month has one (volume based, not harmonic based) built in and I’ve been sort of looking for a place to use it. Three bags of recycling taken out. Three calls from Dad. The last couple of cans from the 12 pack of Diet Pepsi that I brought over last week finished. Sleep… not so much.

Is that everything? It’s all I can recall off the top of my head.

Zombie Double Feature

Why did I watch two zombie movies today? I don’t know. I’m staying at my parent’s house for a couple of days and I’ve had some time to spend with ye olde streaming services.

First choice was Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and I don’t know why. No idea. It was really stupid and I am never getting that hour and a half of my life back again.

Second choice was The Girl With All the Gifts. I read the book a while ago. The movie was very faithful and very good. The kids were creepy AF, but any zombie movie with kid zombies is going to be creepy AF.

Now I have to decide what to watch next. It probably won’t be until tomorrow, but there will be time. Tarantino movies? Marvel movies? Star Wars movies?

On an unrelated note, Taylor Hall had two goals with Buffalo this season. In three games with the Bruins he has… two goals. Now we’re talking, Taylor.

Important Question: Answered

I’m not sure what possessed me to do this, maybe some alien virus or something, but I have learned the answer to one of life’s more important questions.

Are the zombies in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies fast zombies or slow zombies?

Fast. The answer is, fast zombies.

You’re welcome. Now you don’t have to watch the movie yourself.

The Greatest Story Ever Told

I just learned some shocking news. The greatest movie ever made… the highest cinematic moment in the history of cinematic moments… the high water mark of western civilization’s artistic expression………

Is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter is on Amazon Prime Video. Holy shit, Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter is on Amazon Prime Video!!!

Brain Candy

Apparently today is the 25th anniversary of the release of the Kids in the Hall movie, Brain Candy. Enjoy my favorite quote from this cinematic masterpiece of a cinematic masterpiece:

Now, because that was only 18 seconds long, here’s a classic from the TV show. Girl Drink Drunk.

The Sunday Night Movie: Addendum

Jen, my love, just commented that Harry Potter #5 was the first movie we saw together on a date. Also, tomorrow is the 14th anniversary of our first date. We didn’t actually go to the movies on our first date, but the connection is solid none the less.

14 years tomorrow and I’m still nuts about her.