Quiet Night

It was quiet here last night. No pain complaints. I made her soup for dinner, then an hour later I saw her bringing food into her bedroom. Did she forget that she ate? Did she not like the soup? Should I have given her more? Who knows. I’m just happy she went to sleep without issues.

Rick and Morty was good. Better than last week (Sticky!). World of Warcraft Burning Crusade never installed on my Mac. Jerk. I’ve been playing on a PC at home. The times I’ve played in the past I was always with Jen and just followed her around. I never really learned how to do stuff on my own. The goal this time is to get up to a decent level and then meet up with Jen and go on an online fantasy killing spree. You know, like you do. It’s love, yeah?

I’m working a half day today and then taking my mother to a doctor’s appointment. The hospital has valet parking. Here’s hoping it’s close enough to where we need to go to help. Also, here’s hoping the rain eventually stops (it never will, ever).

Okay, off to work.

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