Nana Sitting Wrap Up

I’m still at my mother’s house. I’m not sure what time the change over is happening tonight, but it’s probably soon. Let’s wrap up what we accomplished.

Four meds deliveries, three today and one last night. Three loads of laundry. Three song ideas, all of which are in 7/8 time which is glorious. One movie, Joker. Holy shit was that good. Two episodes of The Handmaids Tale. Holy shit is that show good. An episode and a half of That Pedal Show mostly focusing on Uni-Vibe effects but also Harmonic Tremelo. Uni-Vibes are cool. Harmonic Tremolo is cool too, I guess, but I’m not really a tremolo guy… though the amp I’m recording with this month has one (volume based, not harmonic based) built in and I’ve been sort of looking for a place to use it. Three bags of recycling taken out. Three calls from Dad. The last couple of cans from the 12 pack of Diet Pepsi that I brought over last week finished. Sleep… not so much.

Is that everything? It’s all I can recall off the top of my head.

Night Off

This week is my turn to stay with my mother while my father does his volunteer work at his church.  I go there straight from work and hang out until he comes home, usually around 10:15-10:30 or so.

He called me today around lunch time.

He’s taking the week off.

That means I am taking the week off.

That means I can go home after work and spend the evening with my wife, celebrating her birthday!  WOOHOO!

Unless Jen made plans for after work, which means I will wait patiently for her to come home so I can wish her a happy birthday again.