I knew it was supposed to be warm and raining today. Did we know it was supposed to be stormy? It’s like a hurricane out there. Our Poland Spring delivery is today so I put out our empty bottles. I have to believe that once the wind gets hold of them they are going to end up in Maine*. I’m glad I drove to work yesterday and not today. It’s nuts out there.

When I came home from work yesterday there was a new wireless Apple keyboard on my desk. Santa came early! The one I was using was old and well loved and whatever coating they put on the keys was long gone. This one actually feels knew under my fingers. Sweet. It also has a finger print scanner and that’s pretty cool too. Welcome to the 2020’s babie!

I’m hoping for a quiet day at work today. I doubt I’ll get it. One of our buildings has a power outage already. I think some of our Inhouse environments live in that building. It might be weird for a while. Hold on to your butts.

Happy Friday.

*I live in Massachusetts and the New Hampshire border is in the woods behind my house. I wrote Maine as an exaggeration. Had I said New Hampshire it would have been because it is a literal possibility.

Lights Out

We had a black out tonight. The lights flickered once and then went out. It only lasted about a minute and then everything came back on.

I don’t know if it was just our house or the whole neighborhood. I wonder what happened? Do you think we will find the crispy remains of a squirrel on the street? A squirrel that had a low IQ and gnawed on the wrong power line?


Power Outage

The thunderstorm that tore through town today took out a bunch of trees and power lines and for the first time in the 10 years since we moved here we have an extended power outage.

So we are sitting outside in the muggy evening air and it’s kinda wonderful.

Oh, and I filled the bird feeders for the first time in a week. Just thought you should know.

Power Outage

We woke up a few minutes ago to find that our power is out. Bummer. One forgets how much one relies on electricity until one tries to go pee in the dark. Fortunately, iPads, like the one I’m using to write this post, make passable flashlights.