A Couple of Pointless Musical Musings

I think I may have just broken the My Music page attached to this blog. Oops. I have a bandcamp.com page that I don’t promote. I just stick album-in-a-month type projects there. I haven’t updated it since finishing the bonus RPM Challenge thing from April 2020. Earlier today I set all of the projects there to private… forgetting that I had playlists embedded on the My Music page. Again, oops.

The reason I did it was that I am planning to put all of the re-recordings from the last year and a half or so up there and have those be the only thing visitors can see. That seems like a good move, assuming my attempt at having the new recordings be at least slightly better than the old ones. Better sound, better performances, and fewer crappy songs. I think it’s a good idea. I just have to do it.

The album-in-a-month internet challenge with the undisputed worst name of them all, NAtional SOlo ALbum MOnth (NASOALMO) is going to kick off on Monday. I’ll take it for another spin. I’m thinking of a gear swap. I’ve been using my Fender Bassbreaker 15 as my amp for the last four months or so. For November I am thinking of using my little Vox MV50 and it’s NuTube technology which is totally not a gimmick (wink, wink). I remember using it on an album-in-a-month once at some point, but it was paired with the Bassbreaker 15 and they were both using their direct out/speaker sims. I don’t think I’ve ever recorded anything with the MV50 through an actual speaker into a microphone. November seems like a good time to finally use it for reals.

Finally, Klon is going to start shipping the new KTR pedals in about three weeks. I absolutely do not need one. Still… let the Gear Acquisition Syndrome commence!

Granted, all of this depends on whether or not our furnace is working. They are still downstairs working on it. I have said it before (well, typed it) and I will say (type) it again… Heat my house!

One Day Down

The Facebook bookfayce exile has lasted more than 24 hours. One day down, six(?) to go. I reached for the phone to check for notifications two or three times and just put it straight down. Nope. No bookfayce there.

I say six days to go, but do I mean it? As in… is it six days or one eternity? I haven’t thought that far ahead yet. I am classifying this as a temporary experiment, but if I feel okay at the end of a week I will just continue to stay away.

Forever though… can I do it forever? Probably not. When the band starts up again we are going to be communicating through Facebook messenger. At least we always have in the past and I don’t think I can Spartacus all four of us into a revolution. I think I am at least going to be using Messenger. After that, what about gigs? I am going to have to play the promotional game. Not that promoting the band on Facebook ever had any real results in the past. You just do it because it’s there, right?

All of this talk is making me want to get the band together. Nope. Not until (at the very least) my house has it’s booster shot. Even that is probably not enough to lighten the Covid-19 lockdown rules. We’ll have to see. We are taking it seriously here. Still. Very serious. Still.

Speaking of guitar… when the new Klon KTR circuits hit the stores, I am getting one. I just want to state that publicly. My Ryra The Klone pedal is awesome, but when the new KTR comes out I am going to replace it with the new redesigned KTR. You heard it here first, babie.


I don’t know if the Klon Centaur is like this, but with the RYRA Klone, the magic happens when you goose up the high end. Woah!