What’s Next for the Cellar

I am on a late lunch break right now, posting a late lunch break bloggie post. So what, you ask? Well I’m doing it from the cellar, the new location of my home office.

This morning before work I brought my desk and filing cabinet along with both computers (one for work, one for not-work), my gigantic monitor, all of the hardware I use for work (camera, headset mic), and a few other things. Most of it is setup now. I have a podcast playing on my MacBook, airplaying through an old HomePod, and a few lamps with internet connected light bulbs. It’s nice and bright down here and everything is working fine.

There is just one hang up, and it’s one we saw coming a mile away. It’s a little cold down here. Not too bad, but a little chilly. I have a light jacket on. I’m fine and dandy. We have a little space heater upstairs that isn’t being used. I’ll probably bring it down here at some point.

So what’s next for the cellar? Tonight we’re going to mount the new TV in the little living room space. There are a few more things to bring down from upstairs, like the exercise bike and the guitar nook. We have some pictures to hang and some signs and things like that. There’s a shelf we want to put on one wall, and a curtain we want to hang in the one little cellar window. We have a bookcase coming and another little cubbyhole looking storage thingie.

After all of that? Just sit back and relax and watch a movie and have my internal organs hacked up and stapled back together. Yeah, that.

Hanging in There

My second day back in the office is about half over. Lunch will be wrapping up shortly. Once again there are not many people around today, but there are more than I feel comfortable with. We are all safely distanced from each other and everyone here is vaccinated. We’re about as safe from the dreaded One Nine as we can be. Still… I’d feel more comfortable working from home. Part of me wants to book a conference room and hide there for the rest of the day. No, I will put my trust in the two vaccine shots and the one booster shot. Hang in there, kiddos!

Speaking of not feeling comfortable, this chair sucks. I have been seriously spoiled. Not only is the chair at my desk at home 1000 times better than the chair at my desk at work, but the chairs at the building we worked out of for the five years or so prior to the pandemic were also 1000 times better. My back is killing me in ways that my back usually doesn’t kill me. Normally my back issues are in my lower back, but today it’s up between my shoulder blades. I blame this sub-par chair and I wanna go home.

I also forgot to open the blinds on the bedroom window that gives Bertha the plant clipping all of her sunlight. I am such a terrible plant dad. Bertha may never forgive me. I’m sorry Bertha.

Back to Reality

Show me an American adult who isn’t day dreaming about week long Christmas vacations and I will show you someone who is either lying or took this week off because they were day dreaming about week long Christmas vacations at some other point in the recent past.

Damn it. As it turned out I could not have taken any time off this week. There are too many pressing things at work. Still… I really wish I had.

Back to work at 9:00. Until then I am moving some of my desk back to the bed room from the office. I think we’ll keep the extra desk in the office for weekends and stuff. I don’t want to try to work in there while Jen is working. We did that at the start of the pandemic and we just distracted each other all day. Nope. Separate rooms is professionally good. Outside of work though, I really liked being in the same room with her even when we weren’t actually doing anything together.

So that’s my first post-Christmas workday morning. I can see how fascinated you all are. Have a good first day back, folks. Hopefully everyone’s jobs are nice and quiet today. HoHoHopefully.

Catching Up

One hour of bad sleep on Saturday and six hours of bad sleep on Sunday. Yeah… it’s catching up with me. I am one sleepy red head right now.

15 minutes to go until I log out of my work computer. I’ve been logged in since about 4:00pm on Saturday and it’s 5:16pm on Monday. Well… I was out for a bit as I rebooted once this morning. I figured the lappy needed it after all the work I made it do this weekend. Have you tried turning it off and on again?

I took tomorrow off to recover from the weekend. What should I do? Besides sleeping of course. Well there was mystery*… no, that’s not right. How about well there is music. I need to do car music. I have eight songs that need singing. Actually, I have 11 songs that need singing. I added two new song ideas to the list yesterday in a very not successful attempt to calm my ass down. There is also one little music memo thing that I added to the song list but it’s not very good so I will probably drop it. So…. eight songs ready for vocal tracks, two songs that still need to have their vocal parts written. Maybe car music in the morning and then more car music in the afternoon? Is that possible?

What else? Well there’s my desk. I have made the (likely temporary) decision to keep my work day desk setup in Harry’s room, but move my MacBook back to the desk in our bedroom. I like it better in our bedroom, but I have also found I really like working elsewhere. It was starting to feel like I never left that room. Now I will definitely be leaving it for 8.5 hours a day, five days per week.

Okay, work time is up. Time to go cook dinner for my love.

*There is a song by Bill Bruford’s fusion band, aptly called Bruford, called Fainting in Coils. It opens up with a quote from Alice and Wonderland where Dr Bruford reads the passage with his voice sent through a harmonizer and lowered an octave or so. There’s some other sauce on there too. Someone else reads some narration and then the good doctor’s voice comes in louder and right up in your face and the first thing he says is, “well, there was mystery.” In my massively sleep deprived state, that’s what I was thinking of as I was typing that paragraph. There. You’re in the know now.**

**Am I the only doofus who puts footnotes into meaningless blog posts? Yeah, I thought so too.

Home Workspace Update

I had to go in to the office and swap my little desktop computer for a shiny new laptop. The guy in charge of the process was kind enough to bring the new box out to me so I didn’t have to go into the building. I did, however, have to drive an hour each way. Yikes!

I straightened out my desk a little. It definitely doesn’t meet my wife’s very high workspace standards, but it’s okay for me. The headset, mouse, keyboard, and GIGANTIC monitor are all Jen’s and I’m just using them during the lock down work from home zaniness. The closed laptop underneath the laptop stand is actually my pre-Covid work-from-home box. These days it’s my watching Netflix while doing my 30 minutes of exercise box. The iPad is not for work use. It’s for listening to music or podcasts (not books) and sometimes youtube streams (like when trump’s terrorist mob attacked the US Capital two days ago) while I work.

How long until I go back to the office? Who knows. Do I want to go back to the office? Nope.

Desk Craziness

Forgive me, but I am going to reuse a picture I posted yesterday.

Working from home has caused some desk setup questions that I didn’t want to deal with, but I think I finally have.

Prior to social distance I had two laptops on my desk in our home office.  I used my MacBook Pro along with a second monitor for all but the eight hours I was telecommuting on Thursdays.  While telecommuting, I switched to a second laptop, running Windows 10.  I used the same second monitor.  I have a 3-1 adapter that has a USB 2.0, HDMI, and USB C input into a single USB C plug.  I had my USB dock, my monitor, and my power all running into it.  When I switched from Mac to Windows I’d just pull the adapter out of one machine and plug it into the other.  Done.

Once the lockdown started I brought my work PC home from Waltham and used that instead of the Windows laptop.  I couldn’t use the same monitor cable for both machines, and the desktop doesn’t have a USB C port, so I was pulling plugs in and out twice a day.

On top of that, Jen and I are both working from home, both in the same room, and both having to join meetings at the same time.  To deal with this I moved my Windows laptop to our bedroom and jokingly called it the conference room.  At first I was using a dinner tray table as a desk, then I setup one of Jen’s old desks instead, and then Jen brought a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse out and turned the spot into an actual work station.

Yesterday Jen and I both had meetings scheduled for the better part of the day so I bit the bullet and moved my Waltham desktop into the bedroom and spent the whole day in there.  I was planning to move it back to the office this weekend, but instead I talked it over with Jen and we decided to keep a Windows desk in the bedroom and an Apple desk in the office.

Now I am a two desk crazy person.  Certifiably.



The minute the lock down ends, my Waltham machine goes back to Waltham and I move all my stuff back to the office. This is temporary.