I woke up with another headache this morning. This time it included that weird vision thing that signals migraines for me. The headache wasn’t as bad as yesterday but it’s lingering a little more this time.

Another day of this and I might start worrying. For now though, an oil change in the Mazda and a visit to Mom. Then what? No clue.

Bad Night

I went to sleep last night at a little after 11:00pm and woke up a little before 1:00am. My CPAP mask was slipping and sliding all over my face and it was leaking like nuts. I pulled the straps as tight as I could stand it and went back to sleep. I woke up again a little before 4:00am with a splitting headache. Were the two things related? I don’t know, but I couldn’t get back to sleep for a while. I got up and walked around for a bit (earning two stand hours! Bright side, babie!) and then managed to get back to sleep.

When I got up at about 7:00am my head was still a little funny, and I was extra tired, but as I started going through my morning routine I definitely felt better. I wouldn’t say I’m feeling 100%, but I’m getting there. I’ll probably take a Covid test this morning, just for paranoia’s sake. I’m sure I’m good though.

Harry has spent most of the summer at our house. Yesterday he went to his dad’s and he’s not coming back here until next Friday. Then he goes back to school on Sunday. We are effectively empty nesters again and we’re both feeling pretty sad about it. I need to play guitar this weekend to cheer myself up. I also need to play photographer this weekend to further cheer myself up. When I spoke to the psychologist during my pre-surgery prep time he asked if I had anything to use instead of food for reward behavior and cheering myself up. I said it would probably end up being guitars and cameras… now is the time, my reward behavior friends.

Also, I started a candle time lapse today because I am a total freakin’ nerd. Also…


Tough Day Ahead?

I’m a little nervous that I might be in for a tough day today.

Not long ago I wrote something about how I very rarely get migraine headaches and how they always start with a vision issue. It’s a really weird sensation, but I can only see with my peripheral vision. I can’t see things that are dead ahead of me.

When I woke up this morning I thought it was happening again. I sat up and put my glasses on but my vision was still pretty blurry. I sat on the edge of the bed, trying to take my morning pills, thinking my eyes were about to do that thing again. They didn’t. After 15 minutes or so my vision cleared up. I don’t know if that means I am going to have a mild case of whatever migraine thing happens, or if it’s something different, of if I was just still really tired and my eyes didn’t want to wake up.

I don’t really feel bad, but I don’t really feel right either. I’m trying to eat some eggs for breakfast but I’m not feeling great about it. Everything is just off. I seriously hope this passes soon. I don’t want to be sick on my second day back to work.

We have an exterminator coming this morning. The window is supposed to be 8am-10am. It’s 8:31 and I haven’t heard a peep out of them yet. We have some carpenter ants in the master bathroom and I want the exterminator to rain hell fire down upon their interloping asses before they damage our house. I also want them to be done before my work day starts but that is less and less likely by the second. Sigh.

Jen went to her office today for the first time so that she wouldn’t be around while they are here. She just told me that she’s not feeling well either. Is today just going to be one of those days? I’m also going to see my mother in the hospital after work tonight. I definitely want to see her, but she’s having a rough time right now and it’s going to be painful to see her that way. I’m afraid of what I might see. It’ll be okay. I haven’t seen her since before the surgery so I need to go tonight not just for her but for me too. It’ll be fine.

Fingers crossed I don’t get hit with a crushing headache this morning. Also fingers crossed that my beloved Jen feels better. Also also fingers crossed that my mother has a good day today. That’s a lot of crossed fingers.

I’m Exhausted

I’m so tired. Holy cow, is Robert tired. I mean, I am just completely out of gas.

The kids went over to their father’s house this afternoon and now I am sad. I’m pretty much as sad today as I was happy the last two days. Ugh. Also, I am exhausted and a little brain fried. Half my staff was out today and our biggest customer let us have it with both barrels. Well… that makes it sound like they were pissed at us. No, they just opened new tickets and escalated them all. Yippee. I think we’re leaving them in a good place tonight though so I am happy. I’m still super tired though.

I don’t feel good. Something I ate last night is disagreeing with me today. No clue what, but something. I’m also so tired that my eyes are super tired and now I’m getting a headache. Have I said yippee yet? Yippee.

13 minutes until I am clear to punch out for the day. I am going to make Jen dinner and then… pass out asleep? Maybe. We’ll see. I can tell how excited you are to see how this day ends up. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Two More

I’m up to eight songs completed now.  I just finished both of the songs that I had to go back and rerecord the vocals for.  Both songs have really been frustrating to me.  I thought I had the vocals done a week ago, but after a later listen I just couldn’t live with them… and give how bad most of the crap I leave in can be, that is really saying something.

This one needed the most work of the two.  It’s kind of a snooze.  I didn’t do a 12-bar blues this year, so this sort of takes the place of a slow blues tune.  I guess.

This next song was titled “So Frustrating” before it became a frustrating mess.  Sort of prophetic of me, eh?  Almost like I knew what was come.  I didn’t, but it seems that way now.  This is one of a couple of attempts this year to make 6/8 time rock.  I like this one, except for all the clipping.  Urgh.

I’m packing up for now.  It’s 5:22, I’ve been at this since about 7:00 or so.  My head is pounding, possibly from the headphones, and just as possibly from the fact that I have not had any caffeine today, and my fingers won’t play the guitar the way I want them to anymore.  I might sneak in another one later tonight, and I will definitely try to get one or two done tomorrow before work.  Only three days left.

I’m cautiously optimistic.

RPM Day 25

My head is pounding.  I have a five alarm headache to say the least.  Why?  From all the yelling, that’s why.  I wrote and recorded vocal parts for seven songs today, and completed recording the vocals for two others.  That’s it, kids, all of the RPM/FAWM vocalizin’ is done with.  Nothing but lead guitars left to record.

I even finished the big 10 minute piece of prog rock crap today.  That makes six songs complete.  Eight more to go to finish FAWM, four more to go to finish RPM.

Sickness Continues for Both of Us

Yesterday I felt like dung.  Today I feel like dung again.  Sniffles, sneezing, lots of coughing, stuffy head, post nasal drip, all sorts of garbage like that.

Still, it doesn’t measure up to what we feared about my wife yesterday.

Jen has had a rough time with antibiotics lately.  After stopping her course of antibody number two, she had a nasty headache on Wednesday.  Yesterday evening it came back, along with some weird sensations on her face.  The emergency room was recommended by her doctor’s office.  It turned out to be just another mild illness piled on top of the other nastiness she’s been fighting off for three weeks or so.  She’s okay, just not feeling terribly well.

They took her out of the room to do some tests and I fought my nerves by playing with hipstamatic… as usual.

I even took a creepy hipsta-selfie.

Today we get to see how the new antibiotic goes.  Her work schedule is very full today, so I haven’t heard anything from her.  I sent her a “how ya feelin'” email, but no word yet.  I take that as a good thing.  If she were feeling sick she’d tell me.

I love her.

I adore her.

I want her to be feeling better.