I saw this while stuck in traffic this morning.

Do you think that’s really Steve Wozniak?

I was listening to a tech podcast yesterday that said Woz likes to play polo on segues. Is that true? Can anyone get in on that or do you have to be an 80’s tech legend?

I kinda wish I still had my old Apple IIe. Not because I would still use it, just because it’s legen-wait for it-dary, legendary.

Side note, the in the office migraine is still a thing, but it’s very much on the mild side, thankfully. There is a headache and some brain fog, but it’s manageable and it isn’t stopping me from working. The vision issues lasted about half an hour, and that was rough, but the pain isn’t debilitating at all. Here’s hoping it clears completely at some point today, or at least doesn’t get any worse.