Lunch Break

I failed to get out of bed early enough to go out for some car music today. It’s been a while. I need to keep on this. I want the re-recordings done before RPM starts on February 1st. Get on it, fat boy!

My hair is so long that it keeps covering my glasses. When I am wearing my sit-at-the-computer glasses and I have to look somewhere else, I try to look over the top of my glasses. I can’t do that today because there is 20 pounds of hair sitting there. I keep thinking my glasses are dirty because there’s smutz on them. The smutz, as you can probably guess, is actually my hair. If I don’t get my hair cut tomorrow I am going to lose my shit. At the same time, I really don’t want to get my hair cut tomorrow because I really don’t want Covid. Damn it!

Yesterday was Dr Martin Luther King, Jr day in the USA. Was it also a holiday in the UK? Why is the That Pedal Show live show happening today instead of yesterday?

I just did something I haven’t done in ages. Instead of chasing my lunch with some junk food, I had some fruit. I am sharing that information not because it’s interesting to you, my loyal and much loved readers, but because if I happen to look back at this a few days or weeks or years from now I want to know that on at least one day I did at least one thing right. I am encouraging/guilting my hypothetical future self.

My step son is taking a jazz piano course. Just a one credit thing. He had his first lesson today. He’s very excited. He said he popped a 9th on top of a Dominat 7 chord. Yes. Next stop, Chick Effin’ Corea babie!

Right, back to work.

And So This is Monday

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been permanently suspended from Twitter.
Devin Nunes has left Congress.
Monday has arrived and the holiday season is over. Back to work with us.

That’s the news and I am outa here.

I don’t want to go to work today. I am sitting at my desk, looking at my computer and just thinking over and over again, I don’t want to go to work today. Really, once I punch in I will be over it and everything will be normal again, but right now? Damn it, I don’t want to go to work today.

There isn’t much else going on. I think we’re a little burned out from Christmas/New Years and are sort of ready to settle back into life. Not work though. I don’t want to go to work today. The kids will be going to their father’s tonight and staying there until some point on Wednesday. Bellana leaves for her study abroad program next week and Harry returns to school the following weekend.

For me personally, I have super shaggy Covid hair again. Back when the pandemic started, about 22 months ago, my hair was in need of a cut. Everything shut down though so I had to deal. After a month or so it was so long it was insane and Jen cut it for me. Now here we are, two years later. I was planning on getting a hair cut at the beginning of December, but that little omicron bitch came along and messed that up. I know I have three vaccine shots and everyone will be masked up, but I still don’t want to risk getting something and passing it on to the kids and screwing up their plans. Once Harry moves back to school I’ll get a hair cut. Until then… super shaggy Covid hair. Again.

There is only one other item of blog-worthy note today. It feels like it’s kicking off quite a bit early this year but…

I’ve signed up already.

Prepare yourself for the obnoxiously boring posts.

Half Day

I still have a ton of stuff going on at work, but I also have a half day today (dr. appointment in the afternoon). I’m going to have some time to kill and I want to try and fill it with something more productive than Netflix, although the second season of Black Summer* is out and the reviews are good.

I already started the laundry. I already started the dishes. I already took out the trash. I already made the bed. I already shaved off a week’s worth of facial hair and let me tell you it feels wonderful to not be itchy anymore.

I probably won’t have time for an eye exam. I don’t think I’ll have time to wait in line for a car inspection. If I could guarantee a quick turn around I could definitely do it, but if there’s a line… nope. Maybe I can sneak in a hair cut. That would help. It has been 55 days. 7.8 weeks. I am definitely due. Maybe.

Who am I kidding… I am going to watch stupid Black Summer, aren’t I.

*I watched the first season of Black Summer without knowing what it was. Had I known it was connected to Zombie Nation I would have taken a hard pass, but fortunately the tone of the show wasn’t stupid like Z Nation. Although two of the eight episodes were among the dumbest things I’ve ever subjected myself to. I swear the last two seasons of Fear the Walking Dead are a “hold my beer” response to the episode in the school and the one with the heist. The rest of the season was pretty good though, and a couple of the episodes were great.

Happy Halloween

In early May my hair was lock down long. Jen cut it for me. It was wonderful. One month later it was getting shaggy again and Jen cut it again and it was wonderful. Today it was back to super lock down long and Jen cut it again and it’s wonderful.

I have never had a buzz cut before. At least not since I was old enough to tell everyone I didn’t want a buzz cut anymore. My hair has never been this short before. My 1992 hippy long hair past self is in shock, but I love it.

Thanks, Jen!

Happy Halloween, everyone!


Hair During Quarantine

Twice since the lock down started my beautiful wife has cut my hair. Today, for the first time, she cut her own hair. She found a how-to video on youtube and this morning she went for it…

…and it looks GREAT! She’s not all that happy with it, but I think she looks fantastic. I am really impressed. There is literally nothing she can’t do.

Haircuts, or My Wife: My Hero

All those right wing scum bags arming themselves to the teeth and storming into their state houses like the terrorists they are, demanding their hair stylists risk their health and go back to work so that they can get their hair cut.

Screw those terrorist pricks.

Back on May 8th my hair was longer than it had ever been. It was so long in the front that it was funny as hell. My wife gave me a glorious birthday gift when she cut it for me.

Fast forward to today, the three month anniversary of my last day in the office before my company shut down the buildings, the love of my life gave me another haircut. This time there was no messing around. She lopped off the places that were too long and then buzzed it like you’ve read about. Amazing.

It’s not quite high and tight, but it’s as short as I’ve had it since I was a little kid. It’s perfect. Bring on the summer.

Thank you, my beloved Jen. I know you were nervous about it, but you did great and I appreciate it so much. I love you!!!


Amazon delivered this yesterday:

Today is the day. When I woke up this morning I looked like this:

Eight weeks into quarantineland and I couldn’t take it anymore. Apparently neither could Jen because she volunteered to take care of it.


I feel like a new man. At last I can see what is in front of my face again.

Thank you, Jen. I love you so much!

The Stir Crazy Files – Episode 29

Hair hell.

I have styling foam (is that what it’s called?) in my hair.

My hair currently is not in my eyes, but it isn’t quite holding in place from where it was when I got out of the shower 90 minutes ago.  So far so good, I guess… but it’s only been an hour an a half.

Change of subject, and speaking of crazy: Alex Jones.

Given that he publicly threatened to murder and eat his neighbors, would they then be legally justified to put a bullet into his useless, idiot brain if he put a toenail onto their property?  I will never advocate for violence, but to me this sounds like any of his neighbors would be perfectly within their rights to blow his brains out without any additional provocation.

Just saying.

The Stir Crazy Files – Episode 28

It’s going to be a couple of weeks before this post pays off…

Jen and I had a pretty heavy conversation about a pretty heavy topic today.  When I say heavy I mean that literally… we were talking about… my hair.

First, we discussed hair care products.  Specifically, is there anything in the house that I could use to keep this bastard of a hairdo out of my eyes.  Yes, there are a couple of styling products that I could try.  I will experiment over the weekend.  Just note… I hate product.  Hate.

Our discussion included the subtopic of how everything we talked about is likely to fail in a big way.  Jen offered to cut my hair.  She’s offered a few times before but today I asked, “do you want to cut my hair?” and she answered, “yes.”

A kit with scissors… would you call it a grooming kit, or is that just for pets?  Whatever, quality scissors have been ordered.  Also, a set of clippers has been ordered as a back up in case something goes wrong with the actual hair cut process.  By “go wrong” I mean either it can’t be done or it comes out really bad and needs to be fixed.  There is a statistical probability that I may be in for my first ever buzz cut.  At least I will be able to see where I am going, right?

Jen is nervous that it’s going to come out bad.  I am not.  For two reasons.  One, I don’t care.  Two, we are likely to be in lock down long enough that I will need a second haircut by the time we get out anyway.  What difference does it make?  Another reason, though unofficial, is how funny it is going to be.  We are going to laugh our asses off all the way through this and it is going to be awesome.

The sad reality hit at this point though.  Mother Amazon will not be delivering the scissors or the clippers for a couple of weeks.  That means you’re going to have to wait for the hilarious selfies.

Patients, Padawans.