Half Day

I still have a ton of stuff going on at work, but I also have a half day today (dr. appointment in the afternoon). I’m going to have some time to kill and I want to try and fill it with something more productive than Netflix, although the second season of Black Summer* is out and the reviews are good.

I already started the laundry. I already started the dishes. I already took out the trash. I already made the bed. I already shaved off a week’s worth of facial hair and let me tell you it feels wonderful to not be itchy anymore.

I probably won’t have time for an eye exam. I don’t think I’ll have time to wait in line for a car inspection. If I could guarantee a quick turn around I could definitely do it, but if there’s a line… nope. Maybe I can sneak in a hair cut. That would help. It has been 55 days. 7.8 weeks. I am definitely due. Maybe.

Who am I kidding… I am going to watch stupid Black Summer, aren’t I.

*I watched the first season of Black Summer without knowing what it was. Had I known it was connected to Zombie Nation I would have taken a hard pass, but fortunately the tone of the show wasn’t stupid like Z Nation. Although two of the eight episodes were among the dumbest things I’ve ever subjected myself to. I swear the last two seasons of Fear the Walking Dead are a “hold my beer” response to the episode in the school and the one with the heist. The rest of the season was pretty good though, and a couple of the episodes were great.

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