This Week Has Sort of Sucked

Between me feeling sick for a few days and my mother going into the hospital with pneumonia and me dropping the ball on something at work for which I will never forgive myself and our new cat being very anti-social, it’s been a pretty crappy week. It’s only Thursday so you’d think there would be time to straighten everything out and salvage the week, but we’re going to a wake for a 20-something year old on Saturday and that is not exactly a day brightener, you know? We are picking up our new cat’s four month old kitten this weekend so hopefully that will lighten the mood a little. The cats were named Disco and Boogie but we are changing them to Robin (or Robin Sparkles) and Lily after two characters on How I Met Your Mother. Robin is mom and Lily is kitten, even though Robin and Lily were not related on the show. Give me a break, okay? It’s better than Disco and Boogie. I mean, I don’t want a kitten named for a synonym for snot.

I’m not sure what the issue was that made me feel sick. It was definitely stomach related, but it was different than the usual post-surgery stomach problems. I wonder if it just had to do with my eating schedule going down the crapper starting on Saturday and not clearing up until Wednesday. I had two stomach problems on Wednesday but they were the usual you-ate-too-fast-and-your-stomach-couldn’t-handle-it problems. Not a stomach ache that gets worse when you’re standing or laying down and gets better when you are sitting up straight. Yeah, I don’t get it. Hopefully that goes away and stays away.

My mother will be in the hospital into the weekend at least. They are giving her antibiotics for pneumonia and a UTI. On her second night they found that she was a little anemic but as of yesterday they haven’t figured out why yet. It’s all really scary and stressful, but we know she’s in good hands. We just need to put our faith in the hospital. I’m still worried though. My brother spent the day with her yesterday, and my sister will visit her today. I’ll be going back tomorrow. After that, I don’t know. There’s a chance she could be going back to the nursing home on Saturday. I don’t know how good of a chance, but there is a chance.

As for the cat, the two year old cat I mean, Robin Sparkles, she spent the first few days hiding, but she’s starting to do a little exploring now. She was very friendly to me for a while, but now she seems scared to death of me. I don’t know why, but I hope she gets over it. She’s more friendly to Jen, but still not too friendly. I want to give her a month or so to adjust before I pass judgement on her behavior. I’m curious to see how she behaves when the kitten gets here (on Sunday… or maybe Saturday if the stars align). When we first met them at the shelter, the kitten was the friendliest feline I’ve ever seen. Here’s hoping that hasn’t changed in the intervening week.

Okay, it’s 9:00am. Time to get to work. May your Thursday go better than my Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday have gone. Thumbs up, brothers and sisters.

Running Out of Gas

I haven’t written about all of the “fun” I had last night, but let’s summarize by saying yesterday ranks as one of the shittier days I’ve had of late. I was feeling sick, then the cat was looking sick, then after four hours at the vet hospital the cat dashed out of it’s carrier and hasn’t made a public appearance since, then I started feeling REALLY sick and the clock struck 3:30 with no relief in site.

I mentioned yesterday that I needed to work because I had a mountain of paperwork to do. I didn’t get to any of it until 8:00am this morning and I’ve maybe done 33.3% of it. It’s all due tomorrow morning. I would say that I am going to need the whole night tonight to get through it, but I still have 2.25 hours left in the work day and I am seriously running out of gas. I told my boss that if I did not have this mountain of stuff to do I absolutely would have called in sick. He told me to call in sick anyway. I didn’t because I don’t want to dump all of this stuff on him.

Oh yeah, and the cat has pink eye and needs medicine but she’s hiding and we can’t find her. I think she drank some water. I think she might have eaten a little. I think she might have used the litter box, just a little. Those are good things, but really I am ready for her to stop being scared shitless of everything in the house. She had had two episodes of cuddly, lovey, sweetness, one of which was at the vet while I was in a waiting room alone with her and the other was at 2:30am on Sunday morning when Jen got up for some reason and the cat was super affectionate to her. Other than that, she’s been in hiding ever since we took her home and it’s frustrating as hell and pissing me off. At least come out and eat some food, cat.

Okay. I need to push through more of the paper work. Let’s get through it tonight, shall we?

Back Under the Vanity

Well, the new cat is back under the vanity. Jen tried to coax her out of the bedroom and she got spooked by a noise from the dishwasher and back to the vanity she went. I am about to go and sit with her and try and get a response. I think we just need to be patient, that’s all. She’s a good kitty but she needs time to adjust. Poor little thing.

I took my father to see my mother today. It was rough. She was completely unresponsive. He held her hand for a while but she didn’t stir, not even a little. It’s heartbreaking and gut wrenching. I miss my mom.

I haven’t done any work today. I will, but I just can’t dredge up the motivation to get anything done. My stomach is bothering me. Sometimes when I feel this way having some food straightens me out for a while, but that doesn’t seem to be working right now. Crud. Also, it’s starting to snow.


Turkey? No. Traffic Jam? Yes

Well that was a kick in the scrotum.

No turkey for me. They closed down the gift distribution system at 2:00 without ever telling us whether the small turkeys had arrived or not. I take that to mean they did not. If they tell us to come in another day to pick up our turkeys I am going to blow it off. Any unclaimed gifts get donated to a shelter, so that works for me. I really love me some xmas turkey though. I’m a little ticked off. Hooray.

What was even better? I left the office at 2:00pm. Waze told me I would be home by 2:45. Well, 2:58 is what it ended up being. You see, I hit me a traffic jam on route 93 North. Yup, pre-3:00pm traffic jams. Oh yeah. The accident I was stuck behind wasn’t the cause of the traffic, it was a symptom of it. Hooray.

I tried blindly taking a picture for my photo a day thing as I was crossing the Merrimack River. All I got was the upper left corner of my passenger door frame. Oh well. Hooray.

Turkey Blues

As mentioned in a post earlier today, I am in the office for holiday gift distribution day. My company gives out food for xmas. Turkey, ham, lasagna. It’s your choice. This year they gave us multiple turkey options. Big, small, or kosher. I signed up for small. Our freezer is little and I wanted it to fit.

The announcement said the distribution would start at 9:30. At 10:30 they announced the small turkeys haven’t been delivered yet.

Oh, come on.

Packing Up

I’m heading to the office again today. This makes five times this month. Crazy! My company hands out holiday gifts each year. The last two Covid flavored years they’ve mailed it to us. This year they are going back to handing them out, pre-pandemic style. I prefer the mail method.

Today is trash day and Poland Springs five gallon water bottle delivery day. I put the trash barrel on the street last night and our empty bottles at the base of the steps so it would all be ready today.

After my shower, at about 7:04am, I looked out the window and saw the trash truck pull up. Woah! Glad I did it last night! I also saw one of our water bottles out in the street. Either it was windy last night or the deer decided to mess with me.

It would be more dramatic to say that the trash truck nearly ran over the bottle, but it wouldn’t be true. The scene was not that wild. Oh well.

I’m all packed up and ready for the commute. I just need to go… but I don’t wanna. Nope. I’m hoping they do the gift distribution early so I can head home during my lunch break at about 1:30. I usually break at 1:00, but someone booked me into a 12:30-1:30 meeting. Ugh.

Happy commuter Tuesday, my loyal readers and only friends.

Musical Desks

I don’t have a desk in the office anymore. Now when I need to go in I have to reserve a desk through our scheduling system. It’s not a bad deal, really. I just pick a desk location at random, show up, sit down and go. I can see the desks’ names but not a map of where they are, or who else has signed up around that spot. Today I had a desk in the Foxborough building for the morning, now I have a desk in the Westwood building that is closest to home. There are a few people sitting within ear shot of me right now. No one is close enough for Covid-discomfort, but I can hear them when they are on the phone… and they are all on the phone… and have been for over an hour.

Worse? I forgot to pack some headphones today. I have a headset mic I use for conference calls, but nothing that I can use with my iPhone. My solution? I installed iTunes on my work laptop for the first time in 100 years. I had to take multiple updates and reboot once before I could get it to run, but it’s working now. I’m listening to a photography podcast and I’m thinking about switching over to some Boston based 80’s punk rock. Moving Targets, maybe? Overall my impression of iTunes for Windows in 2022 is, wow does this application SUCK. It really does. Oh well. It’s working and I am okay with that.

On a personal “Duh” note, I have been sitting here for nearly two hours and just happened to notice that my laptop battery was down to 40%. I have a power strip that I brought with me and I plugged it into the wall when I got here, and my laptop is 100% plugged into the power strip. What the hell? Oh… there’s a little on/off switch that I didn’t see at all. The power strip was off. Oops.

Unrelated, I am hoping to take Dad’s film camera out around town tomorrow before work. I’ll freeze my ass off, but I still want to do it. I’m not sure where to go, I just know I need to finish the rolls in both of the film cameras, Dad’s Pentax and my Nikon, before Disney. Both cameras have black and white film in them and Disney needs to be in color, you know? Also, my Nikon is a test case, using Dad’s 50mm lens via an adapter. The lens/adapter combo worked perfectly on my DSLR, but I’d like to have some proof that they work on film too before I take them to Florida. There are only a few weeks left. I need to get on this. the light is supposed to be crappy tomorrow morning, but I’ll do what I can.

Another unrelated topic. On the way home tonight I need to stop somewhere and buy a winter coat and some gloves. We have snow in the forecast this weekend, though it looks now like it might be mostly rain, and I need to be ready. I also wonder if I should get a couple of extra t-shirts for the Disney trip. I only have three that fit me correctly. Maybe if the weather holds this weekend I might go to a thrift store and see if I can get some 2x shirts cheap. Hmmm. Interesting thought. Maybe I could look for some camera gear while I’m there. Heh heh, ain’t I a stinker?

Okay, back to work with you.

Lucky Guess

Who is the luckiest sonofabitch in town?

Wordle 542 2/6


Having a weird day in the office today. We had an xmas party thing this morning which was nice except that one of our extended group has Covid and was in the office with a bunch of us last week and who knows if last week will forever be known as a super spreader event which would make today a mini super spreader event. Crud, I hate covid so much.

Anyway, the party included pizza. I didn’t have any. My team member who lives in Minnesota did because I DoorDashed him some Pizza Hut. Order entered in Massachusetts, order delivered in Minnesota. Like a Boss, as they say.

Like I said, no pizza for me. Can I have pizza? Probably, if there is no sugar in the tomato sauce. I just haven’t tried it and I really don’t want to. I brought some chicken salad. Meals have been tough over the last few days. Not terrible, but I have been stopping myself early due to signs that stomach issues may be coming forthwith. I prefer to dish out a certain amount of food and then eat it all as it makes tracking protein counts easier, but if I have to stop I have to stop. Today I had to stop. I ate a protein bar in the car on the way in for breakfast, and then maybe an ounce and a half of chicken for lunch. Round about 3:00pm my stomach, which was no longer upset over lunch, started getting upset over being empty.

I am sitting in a conference room with a couple of co-workers. It’s a smallish room but we’re spread out okay. No covid transmissions here. It’s quiet though, and that means everyone can hear my stomach moaning and groaning. It’s super embarrassing and it’s yet another reason why working from home is better than coming into the office. My stomach can sing and dance all it wants when I am alone at my desk at home. Here? Now? Today? I just want to hide. No one has said anything. Everyone is being super polite. I just wish my stomach would shut the fuck up.

ADDENDUM: I should say, in the interest of accuracy, that I am not positive one of my co-workers has covid. It looks that way, but it has not been confirmed.

In the Office

Today is our work Xmas party. I got a coffee mug in the yankee swap. It was a pretty cut throat game. One of my staff members lives in Minnesota. I just ordered lunch for him via DoorDash. The app kept yelling at me for being in Massachusetts and placing an order in Minnesota. Come on, app. I know what I’m doing.