Friday Morning

Friday. 8:42am. I’m on my work computer but not connected to the VPN or punched in yet. I got about 6.5 hours of sleep last night. The cat did try to steal my spot every time I rolled over or got up to go to the bathroom or whatever. She also tried to sit on Jen’s head once.

I’m going to be shorthanded at work today. At least for part of the day. Here’s hoping the customers take it easy on us. The customers… the universe… existence… you know.

I haven’t done any exercise yet. Doesn’t look like that is going to become a habit just yet.

Okay, I guess I will punch into work now. Hope you all have a good day. Talk to you later.

Sort of a Tough Day

This has not been a tough day, but it has sort of been a tough day. I can’t explain it. I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around stuff. I couldn’t get out of bed this morning, I couldn’t deal with the few morning chores I wanted to do. I took out the trash and found the critters had taken down one of the barrels and scattered crap all around. I just couldn’t come to terms with raking it all up and getting it back into a barrel. My brain just balked. Mentally speaking, I’ve been in that state pretty much all day. Is this the negative backlash of a four day weekend? Probably.

Example: The first thing I did this morning was put my CPAP mask onto the table next to the bed. It immediately fell off and in doing so knocked over the stand I keep my iPhone on as it charges over night. Clutz central, eh? That’s the way the whole day has felt.

Meetings Meetings Meetings. I just can’t get my feet onto the floor to hold myself up. Ugh! Speaking of meetings, why do instacart deliveries always happen when I’m on conference calls? Always. I have the worst luck with timing.

I really had something interesting to write about… I promise I did… I don’t know what happened to the idea though. It’s just gone. Poof, all gone. Maybe it will come back to me later, but until then you are left with this literary triumph.


Feeling Lost

I feel so weird right now. I feel lost, somehow. At home, I had a huge music project that I was completely wrapped up in and now it’s done. At work I got flattened by a runaway train that is now back on the tracks.

Now what?

Those two things have kept the CPU in my head running at close to 100% capacity for most of the last month. Now that I’ve moved on from both things my CPU is down to a much more normal operating level and that is all kinds of good, but the rest of my brain is less occupied than it was and doesn’t know what to do with itself.

I had an idea to take the 10 least awful songs from the last three months and redo them in the hopes of improving them. I listened through everything and picked the songs I want to try, but I’m already losing interest.

What should I do? Part of me wants to just spend a few weeks watching TV, but I should do better than that, shouldn’t I?

I just don’t know what to do with myself.

I found a bag of Hershey’s Kisses in the junk food closet. I just ate a bunch of them and now I feel sick. I guess I ate too much. Somehow that is symbolic of my mental state. Blah, barf.

Back at Work/Still at Work

I stayed logged in at work until midnight last night. I sent out a note saying if you need me please call me and then I plopped my fat ass down on Harry’s bed and fell right to sleep. From about 7:00am on Saturday morning through 12:00am Monday morning on one hour and ten minutes of sleep. I honestly did not think that was physically possible. I would like to thank the academy, caffeine, Diet Pepsi, and copious amounts of adrenalin. I couldn’t have done it without you folks and I do love you all.

My watch tells me I got about 6.5 hours of sleep last night (6:25 to be exact). I did not have my CPAP machine though and it absolutely shows. I woke up three times and I don’t felt like the sleep I had was terribly restful. Granted, part of that was caffeine and another part was worrying about the customer I was working with. Still, I bet if I had that mask glued to my face I would have slept straight through. Who knows.

I just gave my boss all the news from the weekend. I told him I was putting in for tomorrow off. Yeah, you betcha.

Happy Monday, boys and girls!

Addendum: Oh, I haven’t watched last night’s episode of The Walking Dead yet. No spoilers, blah blah blah I can’t hear you blah blah blah!

A Downside of Weekend Work

So there is a hidden downside to working around the clock over the weekend.

There are a bunch of podcasts that I like to listen to during the work week that release new episodes over the weekend. This week I’ve listened to all of them. Now I have nothing to listen to during my actual work shift tomorrow.

Bummer, dude.

Unrelated to work, there was good news today. First, we got to see Bellana for about five minutes. She was passing through town and stopped in to say hello. Second, we had a FaceTime call with Harry! Both kids on a random Sunday! If only I had had a chance to shower and change out of yesterday’s clothes! Also, if I don’t get a haircut soon my head is going to collapse under it’s own weight. Keep an eye on the news. The headline will likely be, “Red Head’s Head Implodes. News at 11:00.”

Second Wind

When I was young and foolish and in my 20s I would occasionally pull an all nighter. I never really had a good reason to do it. I wasn’t a party guy who would stay out until the sun came up. No, I was a guy who had a part time night job who would sometimes come home and just not go to bed.

I can probably count the number of one nighters I have experienced on one hand. Maybe two hands. No, probably one hand. I’m trying to think of what my record is. I’m pretty sure I topped 30 hours once. Did I top 36? There’s a little part of my memory that is whispering 39 to me but that’s probably not accurate. I clearly remember getting to 29 once and being pissed I didn’t reach 30. When I remember 39 I’m probably just misremembering the 29. I wanna say I did 32 once but I’m not sure. 29 is definite, so let’s say that’s my record.

I did not pull an all nighter last night. I got up out of bed a little before 7:00am yesterday and I did go to sleep around 3:30am today. It’s just that as a 50 year old old fart, getting one hour of sleep is about as close to an all nighter as I will ever get again. I am hoping to take a nap at some point this afternoon, but I won’t know if I can definitely get one until I actually get one, you know?

I have been awake for 26 of the last 27 hours and I am in that weird second wind stage. You know, when you’re too tired to think straight but you somehow still feel energized? I just stepped away from work long enough to clean the cat’s litter box. She was giving me that, “clean the litter box now or else I kill you in your sleep” look so I figured I had better make the time. It’s no problem when you’re in the weird second wind state.

Check out the old guy, acting like he’s all young and shit. What a doofus.

Sleep is for Suckers, Boom!

I finished up the routines I needed to run last night at a little before 3:00am. I wanted to go to sleep right away but I was too wound up. I knew a call was going to be coming to start the next phase of the process but I didn’t know when. I wanted to get at least some sleep so I spent about half an hour cooling down and I was able to finally conk out at a little after 3:30.

The text messages asking us to log back in started at about 4:45.

I didn’t actually go to bed. At least not to my bed. My work setup is still in Harry’s room after the quarantinie adventure so I just dimmed the lights a little and laid down on his bed. I messed up his pillows a bit. Sorry about that.

The SleepWatch app tells me I got 70 minutes of sleep. 55 minutes were deep sleep, so I have that going for me. I reached 14% of my nightly goal. Kick ass.

I’ve got a feeling today is going to be one of those “do not operate heavy machinery” kinda days.



I just had an unsettling parent sitting flashback. It probably has more to do with being really tired than anything else, but here’s the story…

There are exactly two drinks that I chose to drink at home. One is Diet Pepsi because regular Coca~Cola (my personal drug of choice) is the primary reason why I am as grotesquely fat as I currently am. The other is grape flavored water. We have a Poland Springs cooler which is amazing. I fill up a water bottle with spring water and then poor some of that liquid flavoring stuff into it. Fruit Punch is good. Lemonade is all right if you get the right brand. Grape flavoring rules all. Unfortunately it’s expensive and I am trying to cut down on how quickly I blow through bottles of it by just sometimes drinking plain old, boring spring water.

That’s the first back story. Here’s the second. During the parent sitting adventure I would take a water bottle full of the delicious grape flavored water. I would also bring a second water bottle, but it would not be drinking water. It would be distilled water for my CPAP machine.

(Pause for a second to check on work. I’m still working. We were supposed to start around 4:00pm on Saturday. We instead kicked off our piece of the puzzle at 11:00pm. It’s 2:10am on Sunday and I’m still going strong.)

Here’s the flashback moment. Since dinner time I have had two 32 ounce water bottles full of the delicious grape flavored spring water. I don’t think I am going to bed any time soon and I was dealing with a little dry mouth so it was time for more water. I decided to go without the grape goop this time and just have boring plain water. I wanted to use a clean bottle though so that I didn’t get that little hint of flavoring left over from the last go-round.

I went out to the kitchen and opened up the cabinet to get a new water bottle. The first one I saw is the one I used to keep the distilled water in on parent sitting nights. I saw it there on the shelf and thought that I can’t drink out of that, it’s for the CPAP machine. Woah, wait a tick. I’m not parent sitting tonight. Sure, I am overly tired and my brain is starting to slip into autopilot, but that was weird. I was 100% positive that I could not use that particular bottle because it wasn’t for drinking.

In protest against the way that the parent sitting experience made me feel I took that bottle, filled it up with clear, clean Poland Springs water, and then chugged the fucker.

(Pause to check on work again. The two current utilities are still cranking along. Good good good)

On a totally unrelated note: I finished Saturday’s 30 minutes of exercise before work took off at about 11:00. Knowing that a lot of what I am doing tonight involves kicking off programs and then waiting for them to finish, and knowing that some of them would likely run for an hour or so, I decided to start Sunday’s exercise as soon after midnight as I could. I’m already up to 21 of my 30 minutes. When one of the two programs running completes I am going to kick off another one, and after I do that I am going to walk that last nine minutes. Well, some of it at least. It would be cool to have my 30 minutes in before the sun comes up. It would not be cool to make that a regular thing, but just this once? Groovy.

Weekend Work Live Blog

Should I live blog my Saturday evening work experience?

No. No, I shouldn’t.

I logged in and did about an hour and a half worth of prep. I’ve been waiting for the go ahead to actually start for almost two hours, and it’s probably going to be another good chunk of time before I can actually start.

I just watched this week’s episode of What We Do in the Shadows and it was freakin’ hysterical. Now I’ve said before that I am willing to consider the idea of naming Matt Berry the funniest man in the universe. That’s still true. (he was so freakin’ funny on The IT Crowd that it is hard to describe) However, I am starting to think that Colin Robinson is the best character on that show, and maybe on all of television. He’s a vampire but he isn’t a normal vampire. He’s an energy vampire. He doesn’t drink blood like the rest of the gang, he feeds off of other peoples’ life force. Basically he feeds by boring the crap out of everyone. Just watch the show, you’ll understand.

What else, what else, what else……..

I just queued up a bunch of podcasts to listen to on my iPad. I have a couple of songs for 50/90 ready to mix. I didn’t do any car singing today even though I should have. I had a shitty night sleep last night and I just couldn’t get out of my own way when I got up. If things continue as they are right now I will probably be oversleeping tomorrow too. Not sure, of course. Should I try to mix one of those songs while I wait? Should I try to wait until I sign out of work? Oh boy, the questions.

Oh yeah, and I still have to do all 30 minutes of today’s activity app exercise. Yay!

Okay. I am going to post this now. I am not Live Blogging my work night, but I am likely going to get pretty bored while I wait and when I’m bored I tend to blog… or something.

Hooray, babie.

Ready to Go

I’m just about to punch into work for a while. Working on Saturdays is the pits, but there is a chance I can help a customer through something huge so I don’t mind it.

I checked the cellar. The bucket under the leak is empty. So is the wetvac and the dehumidifier.

Jen just did some massive upgrades to our wifi and the down and up speeds are through the roof. Thanks, Jen!

Okay. Time for some work. Wish me luck.