Mom’s Second Day

My mother’s having another rough day. She’s still in the hospital. Last time we went through this it took five days before they discharged her. My sister was with her yesterday, my brother today, and I’ll be there tomorrow. I had to juggle some things at work but everyone is being very helpful. I appreciate it. I work with good people.

The contractors are working like crazy in the kitchen. The end is in sight. At least for the stuff we contracted out. There’s stuff that we’re planning to do on our own and we haven’t been able to start yet. That should be fun and chaotic and fun.

I have two Record-Every-Month songs ready for car vocals. One of them is pretty bad. The other is really bad. I also started on volume seven of the ol’ Great Re-Recording Project of 2015 today. Bass and drums for one song. Bring on the guitar.

I learned something about the protein shakes I’ve been having for breakfast. Normally I make a shake in the morning using my little single serving electric mixer. When it’s done I put the mixer and the glass I drank it out of into the dishwasher. The next morning they are both sparkling clean. With all of the kitchen fun, we currently don’t have a hooked up dishwasher, or a hooked up kitchen sink, or a hooked up kitchen faucet. So I used the mixer on Monday and then didn’t get around to washing it until this morning. I tried washing it in the bathroom sink, but I couldn’t. The dregs of the protein powder had morphed into a cement like solid. Note to self, get that thing into the dishwasher each day, Stat.

Okay, back to work.


Last Friday I burned my hand on one of the racks in the oven. I posted a picture. That night the burn blistered over. It wasn’t too gross, just a little unpleasant to look at. Jen said to me, “don’t pop that blister.” and I said in return, “no, I won’t pop that blister.”*

The next morning the shower had other plans. I took the band aide off, got into the shower, and next thing I knew the water had ripped that blister right off. Well that’s too bad. It looked pretty grody after that. I tried to keep it covered but somedays the band aides just wouldn’t stick. Yesterday was one of those days.

When I woke up today it had blistered over again. Finally. Heel, you sucker! Then I took a shower. Once again the water pressure ripped it off. Once again I didn’t see it happen. This time though… I looked down at my hand and it was covered with blood**.

I cleaned it up. Reverted to Boy Scout training and applied direct pressure until the bleeding stopped. I put some medicinal goop on it and got a new band aide to stick. All is well now.

Come on, you stupid injury. Scab over and heel, ya creep.

*Those may not be exact quotes. I tried to capture the spirit of the thing.***

**When I say covered in blood, that’s probably an exaggeration based on the fast approaching end of September and the imminent start of the month long Halloween season. Halloween is getting all like Christmas these days. Every year it starts earlier. HoHoBooHo.

***That is a direct quote. Dickie Dun, sports journalist covering the Charlestown Chiefs in the movie Slapshot.****

****Yes, I did put footnotes into my footnotes.

One of the Worst Things

This isn’t the worst thing ever, but if Billboard ever put together a top 200 list of things that suck, this would surely be on it.

You’re scooping out the cat’s litter box at the crack of dawn because it’s trash pickup day and you want to get it out before the truck arrives. You take a giant scoop full of nasty, go to dump it into the trash bag and… miss. Damn it!

I don’t believe in omens, but that sure feels like one, right? It’s going to be one of those days, isn’t it.

Classical Kitty

Patches, our cat, would have felt right at home in ancient Rome. Specifically, she would have been a natural in the vomitoriums.

Yeah, that specially-designed-for-sensitive-stomachs cat food we’ve been giving her has really worked well. She only barfed twice yesterday, and the pile of puke the second time weighed nearly as much as she does.



During our first nice-weather family gathering in our new house (it was my step daughter’s birthday) my niece caught herself a tick. Her parents found it when they got home. Everyone else at the party checked for more, and no more were found.

Until today. I knew there was a chance, seeing as the kids and I all went outside to do some spring cleaning. This morning I found one of the little bastards digging into my gut. Yippee. Did it fall apart as I was pulling it off of me? Oh fer sure it did. Do I get to go make an appointment to get checked for lyme disease now? Ah hells yes I do!

Effin’ parasite.

Coffee is Gross

I took my laptop and a microphone to the kids’ karate tonight so that I could do some singing/writing in the car while waiting for the class to let out.  I drove over to the far side of the parking lot, set everything up, picked the song I wanted to work on, and started hiccuping.  Sing a line, hiccup.  Sing half a line, hiccup.  Sing a syllable, hiccup.  I couldn’t stand it anymore.  

Bill Nye the Science Guy taught me that the way to get rid of hiccups is to take five quick sips of water.  That always works for me.  I didn’t have any water (nothing is worse than needing to take a leak while waiting outside in 17 degree weather) and the only drink available was an 11 hour old cup of dunkin donuts iced coffee.  Damn, I grabbed it and sipped it five times. 

That was the single most disgusting moment of my life.  Never, ever, have I been that grossed out by anything.  I wanted to vomit.  I wanted to hurl.  I wanted to blow chunks all over the front of the car.  

The hiccups stopped though, and I was able to get a whole vocal done on RPMarch01.  Granted, it’s awful and I’ll have to do it again, but I got it done for now.

Weekend To Do List

I’m three hours and 39 minutes away from the weekend. This has been a hard fought week. Being the first full week in a while, thanks to holidays and sick days, it has seemed nearly endless. The end is in sight though.

There are a few things I want to get done this weekend. Here’s my list.

First: Do everything humanly possible to make my beautiful wife Jen feel better. She’s had three doctors look at her in the last eight days and still she doesn’t feel any better. I want so bad for her to get over this. I want my sweetie to be all better.

Second: Stop coughing all the time.

Third: Get a haircut ya hippie!

Forth: Take down the Christmas decorations. It’s time.

Fifth: Get the damn tire fixed.  It was time six months ago.

Sixth: I found out why the cat runs away anytime she gets caught in the cellar.  There is a little rug we have in front of the couch.  We very rarely sit on that couch, so this has been slipping past us for a while… but there are at least three places on the rug where little miss kitty lost her lunch.  That rug has got to go away now, bye bye.

Seventh: Does the cat have a similar hiding place in one of the closets?  I need to empty it and find out.

Eighth: Relax and enjoy a full weekend with the kids.

Hopefully I’ll get at least a couple of these items done this weekend.  We shall see.