Still Going

The RPM Challenge is over, but I still managed to play some guitar today. I’m up to three new song ideas. I was thinking of trying to do two songs per month for the rest of the year, but I just had to keep going today. I don’t think I am going to do 10 songs in March, but will I? Who knows. It’s just good to play.


2023 RPM Challenge – Day 19 of 28

Again, posted to tumblr:

I failed to record any vocals today. I’ll try again tomorrow. I did write lyrics to two more songs (I have seven now) and I added two more songs, complete with rhythm guitars. One of the new songs is in 11/8 time, which is a first for this prog nerd.

Vocals in the car in the morning or die trying. Not literally, or course. We buried my mother last Tuesday, I don’t even want to think about death for a while.

And now for the obligatory Les Paul pics:

So the continuous auto focus zeroed in on the mic stand. Okay.

Making Progress

I have rhythm guitars on six songs now. I had two done the other day using real amplifiers. I’ve done four today with amp sims. The Amplitube sim of a Fender Deluxe Reverb costs $30. The sim of the Mesa Boogie California Tweed costs $40. I don’t see me moving beyond the free app any time soon. Sorry.

My fingers are killing me so I am taking a break. I am going to finish season two of The Mandalorian, eat some lunch, maybe have a protein bar, go grocery shopping, and then come back for some more guitar.

Sound like a plan?


Everything Works, Now Do Something


The signal path has been tested. I plugged in this morning and made sure the guitar was getting to both amps, and the mics on both amps are getting into the interface and from there into the computer. Check.

Now I just have to learn how to play the new songs and record them. The downside of not playing since November though is that it took about two seconds for my fingers to start hurting. It’s going to be rough over the next 18 days.


This is What Avoidance Looks Like

If you ever wanted to see someone distracting himself from a painful situation and thus being a textbook case of avoidance, this post is it.

As someone who owns two Les Pauls and an SG, this is the single greatest video ever made.

I watched it yesterday before things went south and I was going to post this then, but instead I am doing it now as a form of deflection. If you don’t like it, you can suck it.

Film vs Digital Exercise

I did this recently and today I did it again, while suffering through stomach pain because I don’t know how to eat food anymore.

I put my DSLR onto the tripod, set the ISO to as close as I could get to the new roll of film, zoomed in to a point that is similar to the lens currently on Dad’s camera, used the light meter on my iPhone and set the aperture and shutter speed manually, manually focused while basically laying on the ground (I’m tall), and took a picture.


Then I put the DSLR away and did all of the same steps with Dad’s film camera. Assuming I didn’t mangle the film while struggling to load the camera earlier today, then I have one picture down and 35 to go.

Some day in the distant future I will get this new roll developed and then I will compare the results. the focal length won’t be the same because the lenses don’t match up exactly, and the ISO on the film is 100 and my DSLR only goes down to 200 so really the two pics won’t have much of anything to do with each other… but so what.

I did notice that even with the aperture set the same, the depth of field was massively different. I couldn’t get the guitar and the amp both into focus with Dad’s camera so I focused on the guitar. We’ll see if it comes out… someday.

Also, just to note, I had to move my guitar nook to the other side of my office because of something to do with work that I don’t want to mention. This is how it looks now.


Digital vs Film

I did a little comparison experiment today. Just cause.

I took this picture of me gitter using my DSLR. I set the ISO as low as it goes, put the camera on my broken tripod (it doesn’t tilt) with the legs closed all the way because otherwise I would have had a picture of the wall above the top of me gitter. I then used the light meter on my iPhone to figure out the aperture and shutter speed, used the auto focus and snapped.

I then put Dad’s film camera on the tripod and did the same. The ISO of the film in the camera is 100, which is lower than the DSLR goes so it’s not an exact duplicate test. I did set the aperture the same on both cameras but the shutter speed was a smidge lower on the film version. I manually focused and compared the light meter in the camera to the app and they were very similar. I then snapped the pic. The shutter was open for one second but it felt like 15 years.

Someday I will get the roll of film developed and in theory I will compare the two images. I say in theory because I can pretty much guarantee I’ll forget all about this by then and will never compare them at all. Oh well. I have a photo for the photo a day thing though, so that’s good.

70/365… a smidge over exposed?