We went to IKEA tonight for absolutely no reason. Allow me to share some highlights…

It is a long drive, after all.
Enter, if you dare.
Comfy couch, but too deep for me.
My beloved Jennifer loves her some kitchen design.
This office chair may have accidentally come home with us.

And that, dear readers, is my Pointless Trip to IKEA photo essay. I hope you enjoyed it.

Earth’s Largest Couch

The largest couch on the planet Earth is moving to a new home tomorrow. I was kinda hoping I could break it down into more than two giant pieces, but two giant pieces appears to be the best we’re gonna get.


Here’s hoping she fits through the door because I don’t know what’s gonna happen if she doesn’t.

No Photowalk or Covid-19

Did I get up in time to go out and take some bad photos of random spots in the Merrimack Valley? Yes. Did I do it? No. I went back to bed. Who didn’t see that coming! Tomorrow, for sure… assuming the weather holds.

Today we are scheduled to get a couple of pieces of furniture for the living room. Small upgrades to the décor. They initially told us they were going to be here during my morning meetings and I was not looking forward to having to step out. A few minutes ago they updated their expected arrival time and it’s right after my meeting so thanks, folks.

When I did eventually get out of bed I had a little bit of a sniffle. Huh. Unusual. Given that we were going to have people in the house I took a Covid-19 test. Negative. Oh yeah, my Covid-Free streak remains intact!


I’m thinking of some ocean pics tomorrow. Maybe Salisbury Beach. Also maybe spend 10-15 minutes shooting the boardwalk and some of the surrounding neighborhood. We’ll see. I might also hit a spot or two in Lowell on the way home. Again, we’ll see. I need a new tripod (I’ve mentioned that, right?) but fortunately the one I have broke while in the correct position to take sunrise pics and it remains in that position to this day. Cute, eh?

As Traffic once said (on John Barleycorn, I think), “who knows what tomorrow may bring?” I really don’t care at this point so long as the furniture delivery goes off without a hitch today… and they come after my scheduled meeting.

Right on.



Best. Rug. Ever. Why yes, Virginia, those are X-Wing Fighters.

We have something being delivered tomorrow so I needed to have the rug cleaned and put in place before then. It came out of the wash yesterday and I was able to lay it onto it’s velcro/grippy base today (mostly straight, I think) and put it back into place under the edge of the couch. Success, babie! Now the chair on the right needs to move to it’s new home, and there’s a few things on the floor next to it that need to move too. Then we’ll be ready for tomorrow.

Hopefully the delivery doesn’t happen while I’m in the meetings from 10:30-12:30 tomorrow… which I think is exactly when they said they were coming. Oh boy.

Delivery Window

We have a furniture delivery scheduled for tomorrow. They are bringing us a couch and a chair for the cellar.

The gave us a window of time when we can expect the delivery. Guess what time the window opens.

Go on, guess.

How’s 6:30 am sound?

I think I need to go to sleep now. The alarm clock will go off in six hours and six minutes.


Tough Weekend

Going back to Friday, my mother went back into the hospital again, though she was discharged quickly. I put new blinds and curtains onto the dining room window. Saturday included a trip to IKEA at the crack of dawn and a whole entire day of assembling and hanging a big ass cabinet/counter thing in the kitchen. Sunday saw us putting another, smaller, piece of IKEA furniture together along with a little time at my parents place. My mother was having a tough time and I was able to help a little. At least I hope I was helpful.

I’m a big, fat, severely out of shape, hurtin’ red head today.

This week is going to be nuts too. We have some organizing in the kitchen to do before the contractor comes back for the next step in the project. By the weekend the kitchen should be wrapped up, but then I have to start looking to the cellar. We’re not entirely redoing the cellar, but we were talking about it while the contractor was here last week and he asked if he could give it a shot. Fine by me! He’s going to try and fix the floor first. That would be huge.

Also, work. Also, my second dietician appointment. I haven’t been the best at what I’m trying to do over the last two weeks. I need to straighten my dietary shit out.

Right. Off to work now. Have a good one, folks.


There are changes coming to the kitchen. This box is part of it. It wasn’t supposed to be delivered until next week. It is the heaviest thing I’ve ever had to lift on my own (not really, it just feels that way).

Holy crap it’s heavy.