I just stepped outside for two seconds. I wanted to bring in the mail.

It’s so cold out, how cold is it? It’s so cold out that I instantly froze solid from head to toe. Imagine if the Greek myth of Medusa was real but instead of her glance turning you to stone it turned you to ice. That’s what it’s like outside right now. It’s like locking eyes with Medusa.

Luckily I got better.

I just thought you should know.

I Don’t Like Winter

It’s cold out tonight. I need to take the trash barrels out to the street for pick up tomorrow. I can do it tonight before bed, or I can get up a few minutes early tomorrow and do it then. I looked at the weather complication on my watch and it told me it was 24 degrees out. Damn, that’s cold. I hate cold. I looked up the forecast for the morning and… took the barrels out tonight.

It’s going down to single digits tonight. The forecast is calling for seven degrees at 8:00am tomorrow.

Hot damn, that’s cold.

Winter Bites Back

Winter is not going away without a fight.

I walked out my front door this morning at about 7:30.

My car was covered in ice.  The temperature was 31 degrees.  The forecast for today has a high temp of 41.  It’s April 8th and we can barely get to the 40’s.  So what if the Red Sox are 1-0 on the season.  Spring is never coming.  Never.  NEVER.