Kitchen Lights

The two electricians had to run out to pick up a part. I took the opportunity to see what they’ve done so far. We have a light over the kitchen sink again! Oh, it’s been so long! Happy, glorious day!

Looks like the dining room, the mud room, and the front porch (sorry, birds) are all done, I think. The kitchen has one more thing to finish and then I think we’re all set for today.

I’m not going to make it to my meeting, but that’s okay. I told my manager and he was cool with it. He’ll catch me up when I get back.

Now the next question is this: When they are done and all of this is wrapped up… do I go and get a haircut?

Not Double Booked

Turns out I was not double booked. The doctors appointment is in fact tomorrow and not today. The electricians are here and for the first time in ages the lights in the kitchen and the dining room are going to work correctly. If they are done by 10:30, or even if they just don’t turn off the internets, then I may be able to attend that work meeting. I’m on vacation though, so I’ll be all incognito like. Hi everyone, I’m not actually here. Ha! I’m so professionally funny.

The best part of all of this is that I have 24 hours left before I have to lose my head being afraid of another doctors appointment. Hooray and all that happy crappy*.

*That’s a Stephen King reference, from too many books to count. I think. Maybe he only used it in one book and I just read that book more than once. Who knows.

Lights Out

We had a black out tonight. The lights flickered once and then went out. It only lasted about a minute and then everything came back on.

I don’t know if it was just our house or the whole neighborhood. I wonder what happened? Do you think we will find the crispy remains of a squirrel on the street? A squirrel that had a low IQ and gnawed on the wrong power line?


No Electrical Fun Today

Jen was going to rewire the light switch in the dining room today because she’s absolutely amazing. She was doing a little research last night and found that our switch contains some stuff that we weren’t prepared to deal with, so we gave it a miss and are looking to have an electrician come in. That means one of the two main projects on the agenda for today didn’t happen. The other main project is my super hero wife making spaghetti sauce from scratch. It’s on the stove right now and it smells so good.

You would think that I would have used this extra time to record guitars. Nope. Not yet. Maybe after dinner. That seems like a decent plan. If not, tomorrow. Instead of guitars I worked on drums. Not literally, more like I worked on GarageBand functions that simulate drums.

GarageBand has a tool called Session Drummers. There are a bunch of different “drummers” to choose from, all with different styles and different quirks. I tend to bounce back and forth between two. One that is pretty straight ahead rock and another that is more R&B. For the last two (I think) Quarantine projects I only used the rock drummer. I was planning on sticking with the R&B drummer for RPM but, with eight songs underway, I changed my mind. I went through a bunch of the options available today and picked a different Rock thing. I then changed the drummer on all eight songs.

Will the listener be able to tell the difference? Nope. Not likely.

Does it matter to anyone on the planet Earth other than me? Nope. Not at all.

Damn if that sauce doesn’t smell gooooood.

Lunch Break

I started my lunch break a little late today. It’s now almost over. I need to dump the brain droppings so that I can get through the afternoon.

Eternals is out on Disney+. Hopefully we’ll get to watch it with Harry before he goes back to school. Did I mention that Harry’s going back to school? With all the drama over Bellana going to The Netherlands, I feel like we’ve been giving Harry the short end of the stick. We are driving him back to school on Sunday. Another drive to Vermont and back. I really enjoy that drive. I just wish he was coming with us for the return drive.

He did well in his first semester, obviously. He’s spent the last few weeks working for an internet based delivery company who shall remain nameless as he tries to build up his bank account while he still can. I remember those days. There was never enough money. I also remember trying to stretch $5.00 worth of gas across a full week so that I could stay on my budget. Ah, college life.

I am going to miss him, of course, but unlike his sister he is still close enough to us that if we need to get to him for whatever reason we can. It’ll take 3-4 hours, but we’ll get there. The Atlantic Ocean and the circumference of the Earth make that really tough in Bellana’s case.

What else is going on? I mentioned Jen going crazy in her office and in the living room by re-doing all of the plugs and extension chords and stuff. Basically she rewired half the house. It was amazing. This weekend… maybe… I will do the same to my office nook in the bed room. I have a big power strip that will replace all of the little once I have daisy chained in here. I’m going to have to take down the whole desk and start from scratch. Unlike Jen, I don’t mind working at a cluttered desk, but even I have my limits. I won’t say it will be neat when I am done, but maybe it will be a little more logical, and electrically safer. All of that because the love of my life inspired me.

What else? Car music tomorrow? Maybe. Depends on the weather. I would take a minute to check the forecast, but I have to get back to work instead.

May your afternoon be happy and productive and free of fascism and shit like that.

Like a Great Ball of Anti-Fire

Jen came up with a project today, and like all times when Jen comes up with a project she kicked it’s ass back to the stone age like the Boss Queen that she is.

She decided her office and the living room had too many power strips and extension chords. They don’t any more. She rearranged all of the wiring everywhere and when she was done we have the same number of things plugged in but with one power strip and two big extension chords left over. It was pretty amazing to watch. She’s pretty amazing in general, but this was really cool.

You should be in awe of my wife, just like I am.

Changing the subject, did the Flickr iOS app go screwy for anyone else today? The auto upload stopped working. I think it was because I took a slow mo video this morning. The same video file made YouTube act weird too. I cleared out my phone’s photo album (everything is backed up), logged out of Flickr, took a new picture, logged back in, and everything was okay again. Weird.

Power Outage

We woke up a few minutes ago to find that our power is out. Bummer. One forgets how much one relies on electricity until one tries to go pee in the dark. Fortunately, iPads, like the one I’m using to write this post, make passable flashlights.