Milestone Achieved

Last night, as expected, I achieved another post-weight loss surgery milestone.

I ate pasta.

Oh the glory! I only ate a tiny bit. 1.5 ounces to be exact. There was a little red sauce and about four ounces of meatballs as well. Protein, dontchaknow. No stomach issues. No nausea. No anything but happiness. Tiny amounts of pasta are back on the menu, boys!

In today’s episode of That Pedal Show, which was almost exactly the length of time I needed for my morning walkies, Dan buys a new Telecaster and gets it refretted, rewired, and has a pickup respun.

Oh, has that lit me up or what. Both of my 70’s Gibsons needs to be refretted, one needs to be rewired, and one is in line to get new pickups. I want to sell my USA Stratocaster to pay for some, if not all, of this work but I’ve been afraid to actually list the guitar anywhere. After watching today’s show… the guitar might go up for sale this weekend. We’ll have to see. There’s a distinct possibility that today’s photo-a-day submission might be for-sale pics of the Strat. I am equal parts excited about this and really scared to do it. I honestly have no clue how much I should ask for.

Speaking of this coming weekend (eight hours and 11 minutes to go!), the agenda includes hanging new curtains in the living room and getting a flu shot and the new Covid booster. I expect to be wiped out for at least some of the weekend. We’re trying to arrange things so that the worst of the vaccine push back will happen over night while we’re sleeping… or at least trying to sleep. I’ll let you know how that goes. My first three shots didn’t really affect me. The fourth did. It wasn’t terrible, but I definitely felt ill the next day. Fingers crossed.

Wordle Stats

The first time I got the Wordle word in three tries I got all proud and stuff and posted it to Twitter. The first time I got it in two tries I got super proud and stuff and posted it to Twitter and Facebook. A workflow patter was thus created. That was during a brief period where I was feeling okay about going to Facebook again, entirely due to the weight loss surgery support groups. Now I am feeling down on the whole thing again so I need a new Wordle workflow.

Wordle 474 2/6


That’s right, boys and girls. Now when I get it in two tries, like I did today, it’s going to Twitter and The Blog. Enjoy!

In the immortal words of Barnie Stinson, “this is so going in my blog!”

Last night I was put in command of the television remote control and managed to get caught up on every show I’m currently following. There were three shows that I was one episode behind. I watched ’em all. Andor, Rick and Morty, and The Handmaids Tale. Andor has been my main focus, but after the cliff hanger in Handmaid I might be watching the next episode of that show first.

The plan for tonight is to do something with dinner that I haven’t done since the surgery. We’re going to have some spaghetti. I’ve made spaghetti since the surgery, for Jen and Harry, but I haven’t eaten any of it. Pasta, bread, rice, and rice-like things were the last items to come off of my do-not-eat-these list. Well, sugar is eternally on that list but as of now it’s the only thing left.

Pasta has been off of the do-not-eat list for over a month, I just haven’t felt confident enough in the universe and my tiny, rebuilt, mangled stomach to give it a go. I haven’t had bread or rice or quinoa either. I can if I want, I just haven’t. Tonight I am going to have a tiny little serving of spaghetti. Cross your fingers that it doesn’t make me sick. I expect it is going to be friggin’ epically delicious. I hope so, at least.

Tough Morning So Far

I went to sleep really late last night. It was almost 1:00am. I slept for less than six hours and it was pretty crummy quality. I got out of bed a little before 7:00am and started my 30 minute exercise only to have to stop after 10 minutes because we had an air conditioner tech coming out to service our central air and our mini-split. He left just as I was starting work so it didn’t interfere with anything in a problematic way, it just messed with my routine. At least I was able to put the laundry away and do the dishes and setup the PlayStation 4 in the rearranged living room. There will be surround sound Rush blu rays spinning in the near future.

My stomach is a bit of a mess today. I was short on my protein counts yesterday so about an hour before I went to bed I had about an ounce of peanuts to get myself over the 60 gram goal. I finished over an hour before I conked out for the night, but my stomach still feels off. Maybe peanuts late at night is a bad idea. I did eat some scrambled eggs for breakfast this morning and boy am I gassy now. The burps are seismic. Let’s keep an eye on this today, shall we?

Speaking of Rush, today would have been Neil Peart’s 70th birthday. His brother asked fans to wear Rush t-shirts today in his memory. I am partaking, but should I need to join a conference call with a customer I’ll change into a collared shirt.

On the topics of weight loss and collared shirts, I bought some new clothes on Saturday. Two office appropriate shirts and two pairs of jeans. The shirts are one “X” size smaller than what I bought pre-surgery. The jeans are four inches smaller on the waist than the last time I bought jeans, and eight inches smaller than what I was wearing pre-surgery. I’m wearing new jeans right now and boy does it feel nice to wear clothes that fit. Oh, yes.

Okay, back to work. Talk to you later, kids.

Bad Lunch

I made some mistakes with my lunch today. I took a little chicken and a few grapes. Probably a little too much of each. Then when I was getting near the end of the chicken I guess I was biting off too much and along came the stomach discomfort. I don’t really think I was nauseous, maybe a bit, but not really. No, it was mostly just discomfort. It didn’t feel good. I got up and walked around and ended up in the backyard where I saw this:


I didn’t finish the last 0.2 oz of the chicken, and I haven’t touched the grapes. I might, but probably not for another half hour or so. I need to make sure I recover before I try to eat anything else.

I need to be smarter about stuff like this. If I had been in the office… that would be tough to deal with.

Weird Feeling

Maybe it’s because I’ve been thinking about my follow up appointment next week with the surgeon who carved up my innards but I’ve been dealing with a weird feeling much of the day today.

It started before lunch. Maybe 15-20 minutes before.

I’ve been feeling…


Ever since the surgery I’ve almost never felt full. I dish out a small amount of food and eat it all. When I’m done I’m so tired of all the work that I don’t eat anymore. I don’t stop because I’m full, I stop because I’m finished and just don’t wanna do it anymore.

Today though… I was full. I feel full right now.

How weird is that?


Today has been a day. Meetings and more meetings. I had seven on my schedule but I punted one of them off until tomorrow so I ended up with six. I just got out of the last one. I was able to sneak in about half an hour for food and that was only enough time to eat half of what I brought with me. I got through all of the protein but none of the fruit. Last night’s dinner was similar. I got through all of the protein but none of the vegetables. Today the issue was time. Last night the issue was nausea, but the end result is the same. Uneaten food. I might try to snack on a few grapes while driving home, but only if I’m feeling okay on the hydration front. I have been feeling super dried out pretty much all day today. I have 45 minutes to go before quitting time and my water bottle is full. Let’s see how I feel.

Also, it just started pouring out here. Fingers crossed it stops before I have to walk out to my car. A working boy can hope, right?

Experimental Dinner Food

Back before the pandemic, my step son was working at a restaurant and we went there all the time in order to leave him huge tips. This summer he’s been working at a different restaurant but because of our Covid nerves we haven’t gone to visit at all.

Today we changed that. We got a take out order, left a munga tip, and I went in to pick it up. He’s at his dad’s this week so my visit was sort of like bonus time.

I ordered two things I haven’t had since the surgery. Chicken fingers and fries. I’ve had a metric tonne of chicken over the last 3+ months, but these chicken fingers are breaded. I haven’t had anything breaded yet. As for the french fries, well, I haven’t been in the same room as fries since May. I was concerned about trying both things. I measured out a little more than three ounces of chicken and another three ounces of fries.

I was pleased with the way the chicken went. It tasted good and it didn’t have any negative effects. It took me a long time to get through it, but I did and all was well. I looked at the fries, which were next on the menu agenda and… chickened out. I really want to be able to eat french fries. I’ll try it, just not tonight. I swapped them out for some grapes.

And all was right with the world, and my stomach.

Where’s My Film?

Hey CVS… 13 days… where’s my roll of film, bro?

I posted on an analog photography Reddit forum the other day asking for suggestions for film labs that operate online. Meaning, I ship my film to them, they develop it and send me scans of the images, or send scans and ship back prints (if I pay a little extra).

I book marked a few sites and made accounts at some of them. One had a page dedicated to expired film. There 30+ year old example was super dark. That’s what I expect the first of the two rolls at CVS to look like. My zeroth roll, if you will. The second roll and all that follow should be okay. I don’t really care about that. I just want to see some results. I want to know that the camera and the light meter and all of the stuff work.

I also spent some time recently looking for camera clubs to join. There’s one based in Andover that would be fun to check out but they are shut down for the summer. Thanks a bunch. There are some others in the general Eastern Massachusetts area, but they are kinda far away. Oh well.

My last research topic was free online photography classes. I found one through the Harvard Extension School! Awesome! I tried to sign up for it but when I clicked the “start class” button the link was broken. Sonofabitch! I’ll try again later. No biggie.

Unrelated note: Dinner tonight was 4.2 ounces of deli roast beef. It was delicious. When I was done I set a timer for one hour so that I could know when I would be clear to drink water again. 40 minutes later I changed my mind and went looking for a couple of ounces of grapes. I ended up with 2.5 ounces. Want to know how much that is in practical terms? It was 11 grapes. My dessert tonight is 11 grapes. This is a pretty goofy looking new world, ain’t it?