Things I Actually Said Today

Here are a couple of things I actually said today…

  • “Huh… 22 – 19 = oh crap.”
  • While humming a happy little melody to myself I started singing an improvised lyric about my feelings at that moment. The lyric was one line, repeated endlessly. It was, “I gotta go pee, really bad.”

Aren’t you glad you came here today? Isn’t this the best post in blogging history? Start reading backwards, kids. There are 13 years worth of these masterpieces.

Last night, before going to sleep and getting a less than stellar night’s rest, I made a command decision to temporarily suspend all Intermittent Fasting proceedings. The estimated date to restart the Intermittent Fasting process is January 3, 2022. That is not set in stone though. I could change my mind and start again tomorrow. I could also just do it without tracking it. I didn’t set the timer running last night, but I still haven’t eaten anything yet today. So maybe it’s second nature or something? No, it’s not. It’s just going to take one M&M before 1:00pm today and I will be back to normal.

Wasting Away

The last week or so… what a waste.

Have I given up on the November Music thing? A few days ago I would have said no, but over the last couple of days I have had a ton of time to work on things but instead I just sat on my ever expanding ass, eating junk food and watching TV (Foundation on Apple TV+). Literally the only thing I have accomplished this week is gaining weight. The last two nights I’ve gotten to bed time, right around now, and realized that I still have exercise to do to close my Activity rings. Instead of going to bed and getting a good night’s sleep I am about to march around trying to close the rings. About two minutes in my back is going to start screaming at me. I don’t know if I can keep it up with things hurting as much as they are. Failure, thy name is Robert. Crud.

How do I motivate myself again? I don’t know. Was I ever honestly motivated or was I just fooling myself somehow. I hate feeling like this!

On the upside, having never read Foundation I can say that I am enjoying the show. From what I’ve heard, the TV show has absolutely nothing to do with the book apart from a few character names. So I guess that’s a thing.

Ugh… what the hell is wrong with me?

I’m Not a Vegetarian

On Thursday we had veggie burgers for dinner. Tonight we had a quinoa dish that Jen found that used tofu instead of meat.

Two out of the last three nights we’ve had a veggie dinner.

And I would have them both again. I’m not going vegetarian or anything, but every now and then I’m definitely open to dipping my toe into that pool.

You heard it here first.

Intermittent Fasting Fails

My intermittent fasting goal is 16 hours. 9pm to 1pm. Roughly. Sometimes I start early but I rarely finish early. I just go for a smidge longer than 16 hours. The goal though, is always 16 hours. If I fail to reach the goal it is because something came up. We had lunch plans with the kids, or someone was nice and made brunch. Stuff like that.

Yesterday I stopped an hour early. I didn’t have a reason. I was just hungry and really wanted some lunch. It was one of those times where I felt uncomfortably hungry. Not quite sick, just not right. Every time that happened previously I stuck it out and was proud of myself when I hit the goal and was clear to eat. Yesterday I more or less chose to fail.

It hasn’t happened yet today, but it’s going to happen again. I am going to eat breakfast this morning. I just hit the 12 hour mark a few seconds ago (8:45am) and I have decided to make some eggs. I am choosing to fail for the second day in a row.

I’m not sure if this is a trend or not. The more stress I feel right now the harder it is to stay on the plan, and I have been feeling the stress ramp up to hitherto unknown levels (hehe, he said hitherto like some smarty pants). I didn’t exercise this week either. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done that. It is effecting everything. I need to get back to marching in place for 30 minutes a day. That helps my appetite, my sleep, my energy levels, and sometimes even my back and leg pain levels. I think if I can get back to exercising a little each day I can get back into the intermittent fasting swing of things.

I’m sure I’ll let you all know all about it.

Intermittent Fasting

I just started my lunch break and in doing so I just ended last night’s intermittent fasting fast. I started the process 162 days ago. I haven’t missed a day. My Zero app tells me I missed a day, but that was due to a sync mess up when I tried to track a day on my iPad instead of my iPhone.

For the most part, the process has been pretty easy for me. I stop eating at 9:00PM and don’t start again until 1:00PM. There have been a few days where I had to end the daily fast a little early for whatever reason, and there have been a ton of days where the fast went long. The longest was a touch less than 24 hours. The shortest was… about 14 hours, I think. Over the last few days though it has not been easy. I don’t know what changed, but I have found myself bordering on ravenous at about 8:50 each night this week and have had to start my night’s fast 10-15 minutes late. Then the next day, by 10:00AM I am hungry enough that I am feeling a little sick.

Why? What’s different? My stress level is through the roof, but it’s been like that for three weeks. Why did the hungries start three days ago? I don’t know. It’s a mystery.

I haven’t gotten to the point where I am going to skip a day, or even stop all together. I’m thinking about it. I have come close to ending a night’s fast early, or start it an hour or two later instead of just a few minutes. I also haven’t exercised this week, and I didn’t weigh in on Tuesday. I don’t know what to do. I would like to ride this out and get back into the groove, as it were. I just don’t know. I told myself I wouldn’t do it if it made me feel sick, and it’s starting to make me feel sick.

We’ll see.

Did I Screw Up?

Last night Jen, Harry, and I were completely wrapped up in Cobra Kai season 2. We were watching, discussing, laughing, and snacking. Later, as I was getting ready for bed, I realized I forgot to set the timer for my fast. It was after 11:00. The fast was supposed to start at 9:00.

That’s when I asked myself, were you munching on those peanuts after 9:00? I can’t say one way or the other. I set today’s fast at 10-2 instead of 9-1. If I had an extra hour yesterday, I’ll short myself an hour today.

It’s been 10 days. You’d think it would be routine by now. Apparently not.


Well isn’t this a fine how do you do?

Yesterday my wife worked from home because she wasn’t feeling well. She went to bed really early and was feeling a little better this morning. Unfortunately, my step son woke up with a head cold and a low fever. He’s staying home from school and he’s asleep in his room as I type this. Today is my telecommuting day so it worked out well. Unfortunately again, now I am coughing and my nose is running.



At least I spent 10 minutes on the treadmill. I got that done at least. Also, no cheating last night. Dinner was big, but everything else was small. A decent weight watchers day at least.

Not Great but Okay I Guess

Wednesday was a good day weight loss wise.  I had a big dinner, but not nearly as much snacks as the previous couple of days.  Thursday was… eh.  I had the usual lunch and the usual breakfast.  Dinner was tiny.  Why was dinner tiny?  Because of all the between meal snacking I did in the afternoon.  Some fruit, but mostly little low-cal snack packs.  I had way to much.  Hopefully my small dinner evened everything out.

I mentioned the other day that I won’t be going to my normal early morning weight watchers meeting tomorrow.  I haven’t really looked for an alternative for this week.  I’ll probably just have my first post-holiday meeting next week.  Maybe two weeks of good behavior will wipe out the damage from two weeks of bad behavior.  Not likely.

We’ll see.


This morning I had a little you’re-going-to-lose-weight breakfast.


This afternoon I had a little you’re-going-to-lose-weight lunch.


Right now I am cooking a little you’re-going-to-lose-weight dinner.






I was only off the wagon for a week and a half.  It’s not like I changed my routine that much either.  I just allowed christmas themed candy and maybe an extra serving at dinner.  That’s all.  Today though… it’s like torture.  I need to eat eat eat eat.

I’ll get past this though.  I am strong.  I am red head, hear me roar!