Guess Who Hasn’t Shown Up

It’s been 8.5 hours since my package was put into Out for Delivery status. A full business day.

Guess what isn’t here.

Go on.


We did get a package from Amazon today. I didn’t see it. If I find out it came in a UPS truck I am going to be steaming mad. Jen has a couple of packages that are supposed to be delivered today and they aren’t here. I got a text from Fed Ex saying I was supposed to get something today and it’s not here.

I don’t want to start taking this personally, but I might need to.

Give me my stuff.

UPS Update

For those who put bets on what time UPS would change my estimated delivery to Monday, it happened just after 9:30. That was half an hour after the estimated delivery time.

The status changed again. We are once again showing in transit to Chelmsford, MA even though the package has been scanned into that very location at least four times over the last week, including twice today. The best part is the latest activity. “Delay: Emergency Situation or Severe Weather.”

Are you fucking kidding me here?

I’ll Stop Bitching About UPS

  • June 22, 2020
    • Out for Delivery, estimate 6/22 by 9:00PM
  • June 23, 2020
    • Out for Delivery, estimate 6/23 by 9:00PM
  • June 24, 2020
    • In Transit to Chelmsford
    • Most recent activity: Delivery will be delayed by one business day.
    • Come back later for estimated delivery date.

In other words, they haven’t a clue where my package is. Okay. From now on I will reserve all of my bitching about this subject for phone calls to UPS customer service. You folks won’t have to listen to me anymore.

New Stuff

They are gone. We can relax now. Well, now that everything has been thoroughly disinfected and all.

They used a couple of our pans to empty out the drain hose from the old washer. Those pans are now test driving the new dishwasher. They also told us that the metal rack in the microwave oven is safe because it’s a single, continuous piece of metal and there are no arc points. I’m sure that’s true, but I’m still removing it.

Not Freaking Out Yet

I’m not freaking out yet, but I will probably start to any minute now.


We’re getting a new dishwasher delivered today. In normal life, that would be something to be excited about. Instead we live in coronavirus world where the idea of having a team of delivery people (three are expected) coming into my house for literally any amount of time is panic inducing, never mind that they will be staying here long enough to remove our old dishwasher and then install and test the new one.

The delivery window is 7:00am to 1:00pm and we were told we are the first delivery. We were also told not to expect anything until after 9:00 as they have to make some stops to load up their truck before they come here.

It is currently 8:33am. I won’t begin the official freak out countdown until we get the phone call telling us they are 30 minutes out. Once that call comes I expect to start sweating and maybe getting chills and mild shivers.

Coronavirus can suck my fat ass.