Not Freaking Out Yet

I’m not freaking out yet, but I will probably start to any minute now.


We’re getting a new dishwasher delivered today. In normal life, that would be something to be excited about. Instead we live in coronavirus world where the idea of having a team of delivery people (three are expected) coming into my house for literally any amount of time is panic inducing, never mind that they will be staying here long enough to remove our old dishwasher and then install and test the new one.

The delivery window is 7:00am to 1:00pm and we were told we are the first delivery. We were also told not to expect anything until after 9:00 as they have to make some stops to load up their truck before they come here.

It is currently 8:33am. I won’t begin the official freak out countdown until we get the phone call telling us they are 30 minutes out. Once that call comes I expect to start sweating and maybe getting chills and mild shivers.

Coronavirus can suck my fat ass.

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