New Stuff

They are gone. We can relax now. Well, now that everything has been thoroughly disinfected and all.

They used a couple of our pans to empty out the drain hose from the old washer. Those pans are now test driving the new dishwasher. They also told us that the metal rack in the microwave oven is safe because it’s a single, continuous piece of metal and there are no arc points. I’m sure that’s true, but I’m still removing it.

One thought on “New Stuff

  1. WOW that is a pretty huge microwave! (I’d get rid of the metal too, but maybe hang onto it and when the microwave gets old – maybe 7 or 8 years from now – try cooking something in there with the metal rack, just to see…) Dishwasher looks good too, I like the stainless steel. Congrats on the new appliances!

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