CPAP Thoughts

Two days ago when I had my nine month follow up with the surgeon who rearranged my digestive system one of the things we talked about was the state of my sleep apnea. Am I still using the CPAP machine? Am I still showing symptoms of sleep apnea? Am I going to have my sleep study redone?

I am still using the CPAP machine, and as a result I don’t know if I am still showing symptoms or not. I haven’t really thought about getting the sleep study redone. I feel like the CPAP machine is still helping me get better sleep. Now I have some evidence.

Last night I didn’t use it. I set it up and filled up the water tank and was ready to go, and then I just didn’t use it. I wanted to see what would happen. I never woke Jen with loud snoring, so that’s a plus. The numbers on the Apple Watch app I use to track sleep looked pretty good. I didn’t feel like I had a bad night’s sleep at all. Good news, right?

Maybe not. I am super tired this afternoon. I still have two hours worth of work day to go, but I am ready for a nap. I am willing to believe that what I am feeling today is all in my head, but regardless I think I am going to keep using the CPAP for a while. Maybe we’ll reevaluate in May.


The CPAP machine has been cleaned like crazy and it has a new air filter. Here’s hoping we get a good night’s sleep tonight. If not I might change the mask, but I’m sure I’ll sleep like a baby tonight.


Sleep Apnea Thoughts

I was tested for Sleep Apnea because I couldn’t get a good nights sleep to save my life and I was snoring so loud that I couldn’t stay in the room with Jen anymore.

When I started looking into Gastric Bypass I was told that the surgery would result in enough weight loss to cure my apnea. That sounded good to me.

101 pounds later I’m trying to decide how I’ll know when my apnea is cured if I never stop using the CPAP machine. It seems the only course of action is to just stop using it and see what happens.

But when? I asked Jen what she thought, given that my snoring keeps her awake even more than it keeps me awake. We were both on the same page. If I lose 30 more pounds I’ll do an experiment where I don’t use the machine for a night and see what happens. I’ll be curious how it affects Jen’s sleep, and what the sleep numbers my AppleWatch records look like.

At this rate that will be 4-5 weeks from now. Until then I’ll keep sticking that mask over my face.

Distilled Water Update

This one is just for my future reference. You can ignore this one.

I’m going to start a new gallon of distilled water tonight. It’s been 22 days since I opened a bottle.

I expected missing a couple of days would stretch things out a bit but sleeping longer most days has actually burned through it faster. Who knew?

The results so far:
23 22

Boy, am I Tired

A little less than six hours of sleep two nights ago. A little less than five hours of sleep last night.

It is catching up to me. Yikes, friends and neighbors.

I cleaned all of the pieces of my CPAP machine today in the hopes of karmically getting myself some good sleep tonight. Yes, that use of the word “karmically” doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t apply to this situation at all. I used it ironically to point out how mentally exhausted I am. It’s the English Language, boys and girls. It’s like jazz, you can use the rules of the language to justify and legitimize all sorts of mistakes. Dig that crazy sound, man.

What the heck was I talking about before I stopped making sense? Huh… I should really give Talking Heads another look one of these days. If Adrien Belew liked them then maybe my 80’s ambivalence was misdirected.

Does any of this make sense? I don’t know if I got this point across or not, but I am really tired.

Distilled Water Update

You all can ignore this. This one is just for me.

I am going to open a new bottle of distilled water tonight. The last time I opened one was March 30. 23 days ago. A new record. Granted, not sleeping at all one night skewed the numbers a smidge.

The results so far:

No Sleep Tonight

I went to bed at 11:30.

I woke up at 1:00 because my CPAP mask came unsealed.

I woke up at 2:00 because my CPAP mask came unsealed again. I replaced the whole effing harness.

I woke up at 3:30 because one of the smoke detectors started the low battery chirp thing. It’s 4:15 and I haven’t fallen back to sleep yet.

It’s like the pre-CPAP days all over again.

CPAP Parts

I put a new mask and a new hose on my CPAP machine this morning. Two nights in a row it just wouldn’t stay stuck to my face. The mask would spring a leak in one place, I’d push it back in and it would spring a leak somewhere else. It woke me up twice.

I don’t have any actual evidence to support the theory that changing the mask improves the seal during use, but it worked the last time I had a problem so fingers crossed that’s a trend. A boy can hope, right?

On the weight loss front, I think my personal facebook ban will be coming to an end. The doctor suggested a join a particular facebook group and I can’t really say no to that. I’ll probably log in and leave most of the groups I follow so that the weight loss group is the only non-person left. We’ll see. I might just say fuck it and go back to how I used to be. I don’t know.

Distilled Water Watch

The saga continues. I’m using blog posts to keep track of how long my CPAP machine takes to go through a bottle of distilled water. The first two jugs I tracked took 18 days. The current jug is almost empty. There isn’t enough to fill the tank tonight so I’ll be opening another bottle.

How long did it last? Was it 18 days again? Nope. Today is day 20.


How long will the next guy last? Let’s find out together.