CPAP Maintenance

Every time I change something on my CPAP machine I say to myself that I should note the date somewhere and keep track of how long things last.

Somehow I never do it.

Or do I? I also somehow never think to look for the notes to myself.


Hey moron, you just changed the filter and the mask. It’s 9/13/21 at 9:33pm.


I’m really tired right now and it might be my CPAP machine’s fault. Well… my fault, but related to my CPAP machine.

I turned in around 11:30 last night… I think. (We’re using lots of ellipses in this post already. We might be shooting for a… world record) My watch told me I was asleep around midnight, which seems a bit later than I remember, but whatever. I woke up at about 1:30am (the watch didn’t catch that though) and realized I didn’t have my mask on. I laid down on the couch, expecting to spend some time reading before I went to sleep, and next thing I know it’s like two hours later.

Now if I fell asleep while reading, I would expect my iPad would have fallen out of my hands, right? Given how I was laying on my back and holding it in front of me, I could reasonably expect that it would have actually bashed me in the face. Nope. It was actually laying down next to me with the alarm clock app open and the alarm set for 6:30am. Did I set the iPad up the way I always do when I sleep on the couch (thanks to the CPAP machine that is a super rare occurrence now) in my sleep? Because I don’t remember doing it. I remember setting the alarm, but not putting it down with the clock app having focus and the screen turned off.

So I realized what was going on and put the mask on and switched on the CPAP machine and had a decent night’s sleep for the remainder of the night… but that whole experience was just… weird.

I mean… weird.

Now it’s 2:00pm and I am wrapping up my lunch break and I am seriously ready to go back to bed. Go figure.

Long Day

I’ve been tied to my desk pretty much all day. I did do a shit load of laundry and I cleaned up lake asshole. It’s currently small puddle asshole but the floor in the main cellar still has water under the tiles that bubbles up when you step on the right spots. The water is still coming in from somewhere. I’m guessing the water heater is leaking somewhere but I need a plumber to take a look. With yesterday’s Covid scare we won’t be inviting anyone into the house for a week or so, so the clean up will continue unabated. At least I won’t be out of the house for 24 hour stretches so I will be able to keep on top of things… in theory, at least.

Tomorrow will likely be the same deal. Lots of shit going on that I have to keep up with. Opportunities to stray from my desk are likely to be few and far between. I need to get a good nights sleep. I need to do the exact opposite of what I did last night. With the Covid semi-quarantiney we’re doing around these parts it means I am couch bound. Last night I forgot my CPAP machine. That plus the uncomfortable sectional left me with not a lot of sleep, and the sleep I had was pretty awful. I’ll have the CPAP tonight so what sleep I get should be better. I’m hoping being exhausted yet again might mean that I’ll sleep no matter how uncomfy the couch is.

What other unimportant thing can I write about? Last night I posted a blurb saying that when I start working from Harry’s desk we can expect more time lapse candle videos. Well I worked from Harry’s desk today and my iPad is taking a time lapse as I type this. The thing is, I can’t remember when I started it. I want to say it was 11:00am, which is 11 hours ago. It might have been more like 12noon. Either way… that’s a long ass time to shoot a time lapse. I want to let it run until just before I go to bed, so that will probably be around 11:00pm, maybe 45 minutes from now. I’m sure you’re over come with anticipation.

Okay. I’m watching the last episode of season two of Titans right now. I’m going to wrap this up so I can watch that. Then I am going to upload that time lapse to youtube. I know, I know, you can’t wait. I promise you’ll have that adrenaline rush before I sleep tonight.

Probably Jinxing Myself

It’s been quiet here tonight. Dad has been okay. He hasn’t gotten out of bed which is good for my stress level but not so good for his recovery. He needs to get some strength back in his legs and staying in bed is not going to get him there. I’ll see if I can coax him up during the odd coffee break tomorrow.

My mother was in a lot of pain when I got here, but after her last round of meds she went to bed and has been sleeping soundly ever since.

I got a jump on the work day by setting up my computer and everything I need for tomorrow tonight. The last blog post was written on my MacBook while sitting in the living room. This one is being written on my work issued HP while sitting at the workspace in the dining room. That cheap little USB fan is running and as always it is glorious.

I still need to set up my CPAP machine in the living room. I will have to do it in the dark as dad is in there sleeping. I’ve heard the odd snore, so he’s definitely asleep. Mostly I am sitting here writing this because I am waiting for my iPhone and my Apple Watch to charge before I turn in. On previous trips here I would setup a power strip near the couch I sleep on and plug everything in there. It’s not easy to do now as we had a hospital bed setup in that room yesterday and all of the places I would sit things on while they charged have been replaced with piles and piles of stuff. I don’t want to sit a power strip or a laptop on top of that stuff as I’m not sure if any of it might be a fire hazard or not. Shoot me for being extra cautions. So now I’ll just use one plug for the CPAP machine and keep my phone next to the machine with an alarm set. Of all the times I’ve been here over the last couple of months, I have never actually needed the alarm. I’ve always managed to be up long before it goes off. That’s not necessarily a good thing.

I thought about trying to write a little music while I sit here waiting. I have the MacBook and GarageBand with me after all. No… I can’t get into it. I feel too uncomfortable with headphones on.

Okay. I am going to start the turning in process now. Wish me luck.

Time for Overtime!

The Bruins were down 3-2 late in the third. I forgot that my CPAP machine was still in the trunk of the Kia. I went out to get it, came back in and hooked it up, and in that short space of time the Bruins tied the game at three and sent it to overtime!

The mighty CPAP demands that the Bruins win this game in the first OT period. They demand it!

Call it a Night

It’s 1:30am. My mother is still asleep. She woke up enough to get under the covers, but that’s it. Fingers remain fully crossed. My alarm is set. My CPAP machine is plugged in and the tank is full of distilled water. I think I’m good to go to sleep.

Wish me luck.

CPAP Supplies

Every time I do this I tell myself to write it down somewhere and then I never do.

I got a delivery of supplies for my CPAP machine this week and today was the day I put the new parts on.

  • New filter
  • New hose
  • New harness
  • New mask

The only thing I didn’t replace was the water tank. That will happen next time.

There, I wrote it down.

The CPAP Helped

I went to bed a little before midnight last night with my alarm set for 6:00. I woke up before it went off and couldn’t fall back to sleep. I had the CPAP machine on the whole time. I figured it would help, but I was still a 6.5 foot tall guy sleeping on a two seater couch and looking like a full sized person living on dollhouse furniture. How do my sleep numbers look?

Five hours and 25 minutes of sleep.
83% of that being restful! Holy Crap, that percentage is gigantic for me!
32% Heart Rate Dip! Holy Crap, that percentage is gigantic for me!

So I guess using the machine was a good move, for last night at least. The only downside is that I had to wait an hour before I could pack it up because that’s how long it takes to upload all of the data to the server. I can deal with that.

For some reason, I cannot get to the editor on my Vivaldi browser on my work laptop. I can do it if I open a private window and re-log in, but I can’t get to it from the main window. Weird. Maybe I’ll try logging out and logging back in again.

Sunday night television… one of the infuriating things about hate watching Fear the Walking Dead is that every once in a while they put out an episode that doesn’t suck ass. Last night’s was okay, assuming you ignore the idiotic coincidence of that character meeting that other character out of the blue. For the most part it wasn’t so bad. I almost wish it had been terrible. It’s like Lucy and Charlie Brown and the football. Uh.. uh.. we’re getting good again… here it comes… we’re getting good agai… Nope. Back to the same old awful.

Okay, it’s Monday morning. I have to finish packing up the stuff I had out last night that I don’t need during work, get my mother her 8:00am pills, and punch into work.

Have a good one, folks. May your Monday not blow chunks.

I Brought It

I brought the CPAP machine with me. It’s in its case…

I think I’m afraid to use it though. My mother has been having a really bad night. She finally fell asleep a little while ago, but I’m afraid if I use the machine, the background noise it makes plus the deeper sleep it brings I won’t hear her if she wakes up.

Catch 22, yeah?

CPAP Blues

I didn’t want to do it, but I’ve made a command decision. From now on, when I stay at my parents house I am taking the CPAP machine with me. If I’m only going to get three hours of sleep at least it will be decent sleep. Part of avoiding it was because I didn’t want to lug a jug (hehe, lug a jug, that rhymes) of distilled water back and forth. So I filled up the tank and then dumped it into a water bottle. I’ll take one night’s worth of water at a time. Ugh.

I’m doing it, damn it.