Week 51 Weigh In

Well, wouldn’t you know it? I have three sick days in a row followed by a fourth day that wasn’t sick but was too busy/exhausted to hit my food and water goals and then I have a fantastic weigh in. Did we all see that coming?

If my goal is to get my BMI below 25, then my goal is to get my weight below 205, and if that is the case then I am sooo freakin’ close. After missing my food goal twice in the last three days and being sick to my stomach two of the last four days my weight this week is down a whopping four pounds to 205.6. Sooo freakin’ close.

My total since the surgery, which will celebrate it’s first anniversary eight days from now, is up to 225.8. My total since the first weigh in is up to 246.4. Amazing. I can’t even believe it. My BMI is exactly 25, which means I am right on the line between normal weight and overweight. Granted, I am just barely on the wrong side of the line, but I can still say I’m right on the line.

According to this list of weight equivalences, my total weight loss (since the first weigh in) is slightly more than one Arnold Schwarzenegger (235 pounds / 106.6 kilo). I am less than four pounds away from one male cougar.

Next Wednesday will be the week 52 weigh in, and the day after that will be the one year since surgery weigh in on May 4th. If I can somehow manage to lose 0.7 pounds before next week… I don’t even know what will happen. I might explode. Literally.

On a somewhat related health note, my stomach issues over the last few nights have made it impossible for me to wear my CPAP mask when I sleep. I think I had it on for a while on Sunday but I took it off when I started feeling nauseous. I had it on for a couple of hours on Monday but once things started going bad I ended up in the living room curled up in a ball on the floor. When I was able to sleep I was on the living room couch with Mr. CPAP still in the bedroom.

I went to sleep super early last night, a little after 9:00pm. I put the CPAP mask on, but woke up with a mild case of foamies about half an hour later. Once that cleared I didn’t put the mask back on because I was kind of afraid I’d spit up into the mask and then choke on it or something. My sleep numbers were pretty great last night but they would have been a lot better if I had the machine strapped to my head all night. I got nearly nine hours of sleep but I am still a little tired. The mask would have maybe fixed that. Here’s hoping I have better luck tonight.

So next week will be the big anniversary. Here’s hoping I don’t get sick again before then, and still somehow manage to get down that extra 0.7 pounds to hit that basically unattainable weight loss goal. Good luck, everyone!