One Tiny Missing Detail

It just dawned on me that Covid-19 has taken something away from me that I used to look forward to. It’s a teeny tiny detail, but I didn’t get to experience it this year. Note: this is not a complaint at all, just a comment.

I’ve mentioned on this blog (one or two thousand times) that I have a long, painful commute to work. Thanks to the Covid lock down I haven’t had to make that commute in over nine months. This is a good thing. The silver lining to our personal Covid nightmare, if you will.

Traditionally speaking, there is only one day each year in which my horrid commute is actually pleasant. One day out of the roughly 260 business days over the course of a year where I don’t really mind the drive to and from work.

That one day is the last business day before Christmas. On that day, there is never any traffic. I get in the car, hit the highway, and I’m in the parking lot in record time. It’s brilliant.

Today is the last business day before Christmas. Again, I’m not complaining. It’s just another little thing that I always looked forward to (on the rare moments that I actually thought about it) that I don’t get this year. Obviously my commute today was better than any other year. I just sat down and started working. I’m just saying, okay?

So Close

I left the driveway at 7:20 this morning and pulled into a parking spot in Westwood at 9:34.  Two hours and fourteen minutes.  Only one minute shy of the Methuen->Westwood record.  So close!

Again, any of you singing the praises of September can kiss my enormously fat ass.

The Same Old Frustrations

Every time I hear some one say how much they love Autumn I want to just scream at them.  “You wouldn’t love it so much if you needed an hour and 50 minutes to drive 30 miles!”

Maybe I should just relax.  Maybe I shouldn’t let it bother me.  I was actually doing okay with it until today.  Something changed this morning.  I don’t know what, but I went from passive resignation to teeth grinding frustration.  Damn you, traffic.  Damn you to hell!

The really pathetic thing is that it always feels like it’s as bad as it could possibly be.  “I’ve never seen it this bad” is a thought that runs through my noggin’ a few times each morning.  But when I stop and think clearly, I remember that I said the same thing over and over again last year.  I also begin to recall multiple days with two hour drives.  There was even a two hour and fifteen minute drive once last year.

So while it’s soul crushing to have to drive half way from New Hampshire to Rhode Island at an average speed of less than 20 miles per hour.  I cannot make myself feel better by thinking it’s as bad as at gets…

Because I’ve actually seen it worse.

Summer can’t get here fast enough.

Commuter Math

My car has a gauge that measures both distance and time. I zeroed it when I left this morning and that allows me to do a little commuter math.

When the clock hit 30 minutes I had traveled 23.5 miles. That’s an average speed of 47 miles per hour. That’s pretty fantastic for a Wednesday morning.

When the clock hit 60 minutes I had traveled 29 miles. That means my average speed over the second 30 minute time period was 11 miles per hour. My average speed for the entire trip dropped from 47 miles per hour to 29 miles per hour.

I stopped keeping track after that. The traffic broke at 63 minutes. I forgot to check the total time for the drive, but it was less than an hour and 20 minutes. Over all the time was about average. It was a pretty normal morning drive. The first 30 minutes seemed pretty fast, and the second 30 minutes felt pretty slow, but it all sort of evened out in the end.

You are all looking completely fascinated right now. You should see your faces.

A New World Record

Remember last week when I posted a picture of the timer on my car’s dashboard and said I set a new record for longest Methuen to Westwood morning commute? I think it was two hours and 12 minutes, but it might have been 2:15. Something like that at least.

I smashed that record today. I didn’t have the timer running so I don’t have a picture, but I left the house at 7:30 and got to work at 9:49.

Two hours and 19 minutes.


Oh happy world record setting day.

Winter sucks. Mightily.

One Last Morning Commute Post

On Monday I drove to Canton and it took more than two hours.  On Tuesday I drove to Westwood and it took a smidge under two hours.  On Wednesday I drove to Westwood and it took 90 minutes on the nose.  On Thursday I worked from home and breathed a massive sigh of relief.  Today I am in Foxoborough* and it took an hour and 10 minutes.


Why oh why can’t our Boston area traffic just be a little bit predictable?  Why??

*When did the spelling stop being Foxboro and start being Foxborough?  I passed a sign on route 95 this morning that said, “Entering Foxboro” but if you Google Foxboro it sends you to Foxborough.  Also, all of our company documentation on this building (it’s brand new and quite swanky) says Foxborough.  What is wrong with this world?  What is happening?  I mean, I knew things were going to start falling apart after the cancelled Dead Like Me without giving us a third season.  I saw this coming miles away.

What a Let Down

Wow, was that ever disappointing.  My morning commute only took an hour and a half, falling well short of the two hour average for the week so far.  90 measly minutes to go 46 miles.  Talk about a let down.  Well, maybe Friday’s commute will be two and a half hours and bring my average back up to two hours where it belongs.

This post contains 100% unfiltered, twice distilled sarcasm.  If Friday’s commute tops two hours I might go postal.


My average morning commute this week is just over two hours. I am so excited to get out on the road today and see how much of my day will get pissed down the toilet while I cruise along at less than five miles per hour in the 65 miles per hour speed zone. I feel like I could break some sort of Land Slow Record or something. It’s going to be so great! I can’t wait!

This post has been brought to you by the letter Sarcasm.