Home Recording Rig Changes

I spent my lunch break moving stuff around. The Fender Bassbreaker 18/30 is way too loud to play at home with other people in the house. At the last gig, back on Feb 1st, it was EPIC. At home it’s just too much. For the last 2 months it’s been used as a table to hold my Bassbreaker 15 which has been the only amp I’ve used since RPM ended on Feb 29.

I brought the 18/30 down cellar and stored it off the floor as we’ve had some moisture issues. It should be safe. At the moment, the 15 is sitting alone in my music nook in my bedroom.


However, changes will continue. The Vox AC15 is on a UPS Brownie and it is scheduled to be delivered by 9:00PM.

I don’t want to wait until 9:00. I want it now. NOW!


Ugh… patience, Robert. Patience.

Screw that, I WANT IT NOW!

15 Watts of Yes, Please!

Picked up my new stay-at-home amplifier today. A Fender Bassbreaker 15. First impression? Yes, Mr Amplifier, may I have some more?

Here is a quick video of me noodling around each of the three gain stages. Honestly, I will probably keep it clean (although it doesn’t get all that clean) and use pedals for the dirt and fuzz, but I sure like what the dirtier settings have to offer.

(also, one of these little noodles is probably going to show up in my RPM music at some point. It is February after all)